Tomato Vesennij Michurinskij

The Vesennij Michurinskij tomato is one of the most popular cultivars in Russian cuisine. It is high in vitamin C and calcium, as well as minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. In addition, the tomato Vesennij Michurinskij ripens very quickly and has a pleasant taste, which makes it a food icon – not only in Russia.

What is the tomato Vesennij Michurinskij?

The tomato Vesennij Michurinskij is a wonderful variety that you should definitely try. It has been cultivated in Russia since the 1950s and can also thrive here in Germany. The fruits are slightly larger than normal tomatoes and have a particularly high content of vitamins C and A as well as carotenoids. Plus they taste great!

The name of the tomato means “summer sun”. That goes with this taste experience: The fruits are slightly sour with a fruity note – just the thing for every summer day!

Cultivation of the tomato Vesennij Michurinskij

The Vesennij Michurinskij tomato is a robust and very undemanding type of tomato that is often planted in garden or balcony boxes. The cultivation of this species is a bit more complex than with many other types of vegetables, but you can look forward to a rich harvest with a long shelf life.

The soil and climate requirements of the tomato Vesennij Michurinskij are very diverse and differ depending on the location and the season. When sowing, you should therefore always take the respective highest temperatures into account: In spring, a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius is available; in summer you can reach up to 32 degrees Celsius (in the tropical zones). The presence of good humus in the soil is also important – this releases nutrients and stabilizes soil fertility for many years!

T083Vesennij Michurinskij, Vesennij MieurinskijGrowth form: stick tomato, normal-leaved Origin: RussiaFruit type: cherry tomatoFruit color: redFruit shape: roundFruit size: Ø 3 – 4 cmFruit weight: up to 25 gMaturity time:50 – 60 days – earlyGrowth height: indeterminate, over 200 cmPlant fruit.Flavour: , outdoor under roof, pot yield: high

Sowing and planting

For sowing tomatoes, we recommend our “Tomato Tuber” seed mixture, which was specially developed for growing these plants and which, in addition to the seed material for the different varieties, also contains water

tomate vesennij michurinskij
tomato vesennij michurinskij

Harvesting and storage of the tomato Vesennij Michurinskij

The tomato variety Vesennij Michurinskij is a fairly new type of tomato that has only recently come onto the market. It comes from Eastern Europe and is grown in Russia, but you can also often find it on supermarket shelves in other countries such as Poland and Bulgaria. The special thing about the tomato is its sweet taste. It tastes very fruity and does not have the bitter aftertaste that is typical of many other tomatoes.

The plant of this variety has a high possibility of cultivation both outdoors and in a greenhouse or under a glass roof; it flowers early in the year (from mid-February) and can grow up to 40 cm high; the flowering period lasts about 10 days and the fruit ripens from the end of July to the beginning of August – depending on the weather conditions; in case of frost you should pick or cover the fruit!

Popular recipes with tomato Vesennij Michurinskij

The Vesennij Michurinskij tomato is one of the most popular varieties in Russia. It is used as a warmer recipe as it has a slightly sweet taste. The tomato variety has an intense color and the type of pulp is more compact than other types of tomatoes.

Most people use tomatoes in salads and dishes, but there are many other ways to use them! Here are some ideas for using the Vesenniy Michurinskiy tomato.


The Vesennij Michurinskij tomato is a new variety that was bred in the Krasnoyarsk region. It was developed by crossing a tomato variety with wild species and adapted to the harsh Siberian climate. The plants are very hardy to frost and can tolerate temperatures down to -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit).

The fruits have an intense flavor and are very juicy, making them perfect for eating fresh or cooking in soups, sauces and salads!


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