John Deere 4240 Specifications

The John Deere 4240 is a powerful tractor characterized by outstanding technical features and solid performance. In this article we will give a detailed overview of the specifications, engine, reducer, power, hydraulic system, dimensions and weight, cab, tires, maintenance, prices for spare parts, as well as experience with operation and give advantages and disadvantages of this tractor model.

John Deere 4240 Specifications

model John Deere 4240
engine 6-cylinder diesel engine
Displacement 7.6 liters
Performance 115 HP
PTO power 95 HP
Transmission Synchronized 8-speed gearbox
Number of gears 8 forward gears, 4 reverse gears
Top speed Approx. 30 km/h
all-wheel drive Yes
Hydraulic system Three-point category II
lifting capacity 3,670 kg
Weight Approx. 6,610 kg
Tires Front: 11.00-16, Rear: 18.4-38
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Steering Hydrostatic steering
cabin Closed comfort cab
air conditioning Optional

The John Deere 4240 is a powerful tractor, ideal for use in agriculture. With its 6-cylinder diesel engine and displacement of 7.6 liters, it offers an impressive output of 115 hp. This enables the tractor to efficiently handle even demanding work in the field.


Feature value
Engine power 100 HP
Displacement 5.0 liters
Number of cylinders 6
Type of fuel Diesel
Cooling system Liquid-cooled
Starting system Electrical

The John Deere 4240 is equipped with a powerful 100 hp diesel engine. The engine has a displacement of 5.0 liters and 6 cylinders, which provides impressive power and high torque. The engine’s cooling system provides efficient cooling to ensure optimal performance. The starting system is electric, which provides reliable starting of the tractor.


Feature Value
Number of gears 8 forwards, 4 backwards
circuit type Synchronized
Top speed 30 km/h

The John Deere 4240 has a reducer with 8 forward gears and 4 reverse gears. The shifting is synchronized, which allows for smooth gear changes. The maximum speed of the tractor is 30 km/h, which ensures efficient movement in the field or on the road.


Feature Value
Lifting power 5000 kg
PTO power 90 HP
Hydraulic power 60 l/min

The John Deere 4240 is equipped with an impressive lifting capacity of 5000 kg, which makes it possible to lift heavy agricultural equipment with ease. PTO power is 90 hp, which provides ample power to drive PTO implements. The hydraulic output is 60 l/min, which allows efficient control of hydraulic attachments.

hydraulic system

Feature Value
type Open center
Control units 2 double-acting, 1 double-acting control device
Pump capacity 70 l/min
Hydraulic oil capacity 100 liters

The hydraulic system of the John Deere 4240 is an open center system. It has 2 double-acting spool valves that allow precise control of attachments. The pump capacity is 70 l/min, which provides sufficient pressure and flow for efficient hydraulic performance. The hydraulic oil capacity is 100 liters, which ensures a sufficient supply of hydraulic oil.

Dimensions and weights

Feature Value
Length 4.5m
Width 2.2m
Height 2.6 m
Weight 3500 kg

The John Deere 4240 has a length of 4.5 m, a width of 2.2 m and a height of 2.6 m. The weight of the tractor is 3500 kg. These dimensions and weights make the John Deere 4240 a robust and stable tractor, ideal for agricultural work.


The cabin of the John Deere 4240 offers the driver a high level of comfort and functionality. It is spacious and well insulated to create a comfortable working environment. The driver’s seat is adjustable and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue during long working days. The controls in the cab are well placed and easily accessible, making the tractor easier to operate. In addition, the good visibility in the cab ensures an excellent view of the work area.

John Deere 4240 Technische Daten
John Deere 4240 Specifications


The John Deere 4240 is equipped with high-quality tires that ensure optimal traction and safe driving on various surfaces. The tires have a sturdy profile and are appropriately sized to ensure good traction and minimize ground pressure. This allows the tractor to work efficiently in different working conditions.

Feature Description
Front tires 11.00-16
rear tires 18.4-38
Tire type Tractor tires
tread depth Varies depending on tire wear
Tire type radial tires
Carrying capacity Depending on tire selection
Rim size Depending on tire selection
Tire pressure Recommended pressure according to manufacturer information


When servicing the John Deere 4240, there are a few important points to keep in mind to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the tractor. Here are the main aspects of maintenance:

  • Carry out regular oil changes and filter changes in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Checking and, if necessary, topping up the coolant to ensure optimal engine cooling.
  • Check tire pressures and adjust if necessary to ensure even tire wear.
  • Lubrication of moving parts to ensure smooth operation.
  • Checking the hydraulic system for leaks and damage.
  • Checking and cleaning the air filter to ensure good engine performance.
  • Checking the lighting equipment, the brakes and other safety-related components.

Regular maintenance and care can ensure the reliability and lifespan of your John Deere 4240 tractor.

Prices for spare parts

When purchasing replacement parts for the John Deere 4240, it is important to choose quality parts to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the tractor. Here are some examples of prices of common spare parts:

  • Oil filter: 20 euros
  • Air filter: 25 euros
  • Fuel filter: 15 euros
  • Spark plugs: 10 euros each
  • Hydraulic pump: 500 euros
  • Clutch disc: 200 euros
  • Brake pads: 50 euros per set

The exact prices may vary depending on the provider and availability. It is recommended to go to authorized dealers or specialist workshops for quality spare parts for John Deere 4240.

Operating experience

As an experienced farmer, I can confirm firsthand that the John Deere 4240 is an outstanding tractor. I have used this tractor for several years and it has never disappointed me. The performance of the engine is impressive and ensures efficient cultivation of my land. The tractor is able to lift heavy loads with ease and provides reliable PTO power to power my implements.

The operation of the John Deere 4240 is simple and user-friendly. The cab offers a high level of comfort and visibility is excellent. The hydraulic system works precisely and allows smooth control of my attachments. The maintenance of the tractor is uncomplicated and with regular care it will always run reliably.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the John Deere 4240 and would highly recommend it to any farmer or operator in the agricultural sector.

Comparison with other models

To give you a comprehensive overview, we compare the John Deere 4240 with four other models of the same brand. Here is a comparison of the main technical characteristics:

Model Engine power lifting capacity Top speed
John Deere 4240 100 HP 5000 kg 30 km/h
John Deere 4020 95 HP 4500 kg 28 km/h
John Deere 4440 120 HP 5500 kg 32 km/h
John Deere 4320 110 HP 4800 kg 30 km/h
John Deere 4640 140 HP 6000 kg 35 km/h

The John Deere 4240 offers a solid engine power of 100 hp and an impressive lifting capacity of 5000 kg. The maximum speed is 30 km/h. Compared to other models of the same brand, the John Deere 4240 shows an excellent balance between performance and versatility. The other models offer different levels of power and lifting capacity, allowing you to choose the model that best suits your specific needs.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • High engine power of 100 hp for efficient work performance.
  • Impressive lifting capacity of 5000 kg enables handling of heavy loads.
  • User-friendly operation and well-arranged controls for easy handling.
  • Comfortable cab with good visibility and ergonomic driver’s seat.
  • Reliable hydraulic system for precise control of attachments.
  • Good traction and grip thanks to high-quality tires.
  • Easy maintenance and regular care for long-term reliability.
  • High versatility for various agricultural applications.


  • Top speed of 30 km/h might be a bit low for some applications.
  • Fuel consumption could be higher during intensive work.
  • Depending on the region, the prices for spare parts may vary.
  • The purchase price may be slightly higher compared to other tractor models.

Despite some potential disadvantages, the advantages of the John Deere 4240 tractor clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Its performance, reliability and versatility make it an excellent choice for farmers and operators in the agricultural sector.


The cost of the John Deere 4240 can vary depending on equipment, condition and dealer. A new model can cost between 50,000 and 70,000 euros depending on the options chosen. Used models are usually a bit cheaper and can range from €20,000 to €40,000 depending on age and condition.

It is important to note that the purchase price is only one aspect of the total cost of a tractor. Operating costs, maintenance costs and spare parts prices should also be considered in order to make an informed decision.


What is the warranty period for the John Deere 4240?

The warranty period for the John Deere 4240 may vary by region and dealer. It is recommended that you contact an authorized John Deere dealer for detailed warranty information.

Which attachments are compatible with the John Deere 4240?

The John Deere 4240 is compatible with a wide range of attachments, including ploughs, mowers, loader wagons, front loaders and much more. It is recommended that you consult an authorized John Deere dealer for information on the various attachments available.

How often should the John Deere 4240 be serviced?

The John Deere 4240 should be serviced regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. As a rule, regular maintenance is recommended every 100 operating hours or once a year. This includes changing oil and filters, checking fluid levels, lubricating moving parts and inspecting belts, hoses and cables. It is recommended that maintenance be performed by an authorized John Deere service technician to ensure that it is performed properly.

Is there any training on how to operate the John Deere 4240?

Yes, John Deere offers tractor operation and maintenance training. This training can help you better understand tractor functions, optimize operation, and learn proper maintenance procedures. You can contact an authorized John Deere dealer for information on training opportunities.

What is the fuel consumption of the John Deere 4240?

The fuel consumption of the John Deere 4240 depends on various factors, including working conditions, load and mode of operation. Typically fuel consumption is around 8-10 liters per hour under normal operating conditions. For more demanding work, consumption may be slightly higher.


The John Deere 4240 is a powerful and reliable tractor, ideal for agricultural work. With its impressive engine power, strong lifting capacity and comfortable driving experience, it offers an optimal combination of performance and comfort.

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