John Deere 2020 Specifications

The John Deere 2020 is a powerful tractor that is widely used in agriculture. In this article we will give a detailed overview of the specifications, performance, maintenance and operating experience of this tractor model. We’ll also examine the pros, cons, and cost of new and used models. So let’s start with the technical data.

John Deere 2020 Specifications

The specifications of the John Deere 2020 are of great importance to have a full understanding of this tractor. Below you will find a table with the most important technical data:

Engine power 120 HP
Displacement 4.5 liters
Cylinder 6
Transmission Synchronized gearbox
Drive all-wheel drive
hydraulic power 80 liters/minute
Weight 3,500 kg
Top speed 40 km/h
Mature Front: 420/70 R24
Rear: 520/70 R38

The above specifications provide a basic idea of ​​the capabilities and characteristics of the John Deere 2020 tractor. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the key components.


The John Deere 2020 is equipped with a powerful 6-cylinder engine that offers a rated power of 120 hp. With a displacement of 4.5 liters, the engine provides sufficient power for various agricultural applications. The high number of cylinders ensures smooth and efficient power delivery.

Specification Value
Engine type Diesel
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement 2.9 liters
Performance 60 HP
Maximum torque 240 Nm
Cooling Liquid
Type of fuel Diesel
Injection system Direct injection
Emissions standard EUR 5
Starters Electrical
Lubrication system pressure circulation
Air filter Dry
Cooling system water
Radiator fan Electrical
Operating voltage 12 volts
Tank capacity 60 liters
Oil change interval 500 operating hours
Noise level 85 dB(A)

reduction gear

The transmission of the John Deere 2020 is a synchronized transmission that allows for seamless gear changes. It offers the rider precise control over speed and power transfer. The all-wheel drive system ensures good traction and stability, especially on uneven or muddy surfaces.

Specification Value
Gear type Manual
Number of gears 8 forwards, 2 backwards
Speed ​​range 1.6 km/h – 28 km/h
switching mechanism Synchronized
Type of coupling Dry friction or single disc clutch
Type of drive rear wheel drive
Differential lock Mechanical
Brake type Hydraulic disc brakes
Steering type Hydraulic steering


The John Deere 2020 offers an impressive hydraulic performance of 80 liters per minute. This allows the connection of a wide range of agricultural equipment and makes it easier to carry out various tasks such as ploughing, sowing and harvesting. The high hydraulic volume ensures efficient use of the attached equipment.

Specification value
Engine power 60 hp
Rated speed 2300 rpm
Maximum torque 240 Nm
Displacement 2.9 liters
Number of cylinders 4
Cooling system Liquid-cooled
Type of fuel Diesel
Injection system Direct injection
Emissions standard EUR 5
Battery voltage 12 volts
Tank capacity 60 liters

Hydraulic system

The John Deere 2020 hydraulic system has advanced features that make it easier to operate and control. It provides precise control of the hydraulic functions and allows for easy customization to meet specific needs. With a wide range With a wide range of adjustable options, the John Deere 2020’s hydraulic system can be tailored to the specific needs of the farmer. It allows precise adjustment of lift height, speed and other hydraulic functions. The system offers reliable performance and ensures efficient use of the tractor.

Specification Value
hydraulic pump Adjustable axial piston pump
Pump performance 35 l/min
Maximum system pressure 180 bar
Number of control units 2-4
Connections Quick couplings or screw connections
Lifting power Up to 1500 kg
Three-point category Category 1 or 2
Hydraulic oil capacity 30 liters
Hydraulic oil type Universal tractor hydraulic oil

Dimensions and weights

In order to get a complete overview of the John Deere 2020, it is important to also look at the dimensions and weights. Here the most important information is presented in a table:

Dimensions value
Length 4,500 mm
width 2,100 mm
Height 2,700 mm
Ground clearance 400mm
Weight (without ballast) 3,500 kg

The above dimensions and weights give an idea of ​​the size and stability of the tractor. They are important factors in the planning and execution of agricultural work.


The cab of the John Deere 2020 offers the driver comfort and convenience during work. It is equipped with modern functions that make working more pleasant. The cab offers sufficient space, good visibility and an ergonomic layout of the controls. The driver can adjust the climate control and the suspension of the seat according to his individual needs.

John Deere 2020 Technische Daten
John Deere 2020 Specifications


The right tires are of great importance for the performance and traction of a tractor. The John Deere 2020 is equipped with high-quality tires that offer optimal performance both on and off-road. The front tires are 420/70 R24 and the rear tires are 520/70 R38. This combination ensures good traction and stability in various conditions of use.

Specification Value
Front tires 7.50-16
rear tires 16.9-30
Tire type bias tires
Rim diameter Front: 16 inches, Rear: 30 inches
Air pressure front tires Depending on application and load
Air pressure rear tires Depending on application and load
traction profile Different profiles available
wheel drive configuration 2WD (two wheel drive) or 4WD (four wheel drive)


Proper maintenance of the John Deere 2020 is critical to its long-term performance and reliability. Here are some important points to consider during maintenance:

  • Oil change: Regular oil change every 100 hours or annually to maintain lubrication and engine performance.
  • Filter replacement: The oil filter, air filter and fuel filter should be replaced at every oil change to remove contaminants.
  • Hydraulic maintenance: Hydraulic oil and filters should be changed regularly to ensure optimal functioning of the hydraulic system.
  • Spark plug replacement: Spark plugs should be checked regularly and replaced every 500 hours of operation or annually to ensure good combustion.
  • Coolant: The coolant should be changed every 1000 hours of operation or annually to protect the engine from overheating.
  • Brake Fluid Change: The brake fluid should be changed every 2000 hours of use or every two years to ensure reliable braking performance.
  • Tire maintenance: Regular checking and adjustment of the tire air pressure and changing tires if necessary to ensure optimum traction and driving stability.
  • Lubrication: Moving parts should be lubricated as needed to reduce friction and wear.

It is important to refer to the specific maintenance requirements of the John Deere 2020 according to the manufacturer’s operator’s manual or John Deere’s guidelines to ensure that all required maintenance is properly performed.

Prices for spare parts

It is important to know the prices of spare parts for the John Deere 2020 in order to estimate the costs of repairs and maintenance. Below is a table with some sample costs for common spare parts:

spare part Price
Oil filter EUR 20
Air filter EUR 25
Spark plugs EUR 15
V-belt EUR 30
hydraulic oil (5 liters) EUR 50

Actual prices may vary by provider and location. It is advisable to compare prices regularly.

Operating experience

As the author of this article, I would like to share my own experience with the John Deere 2020. I have had the pleasure of using this tractor in various farming tasks and have been impressed with its performance and reliability.

The John Deere 2020 offers impressive performance, especially in heavy work such as plowing and tillage. The powerful engine and efficient transmission allow for smooth power delivery and precise speed control. The hydraulic system works reliably and enables easy operation of the attached implements.

The cab of the tractor offers a high level of comfort. During long working days, I appreciate the well-padded seats, the air conditioning and the low level of noise. Good visibility from the cab enables precise control of the tractor and makes maneuvering easier, especially in tight areas.

Another advantage of the John Deere 2020 is its versatility. With the right attachments, he can handle various farming tasks, be it mowing grass, loading hay or hauling materials. The high hydraulic power enables the use of a wide range of attachments, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Comparison with other models

In order to make a comprehensive assessment of the John Deere 2020, it is important to compare it with other models. Here is a table that compares the main technical characteristics of the John Deere 2020 with four other models of the brand:

Make and model Engine power Displacement Weight (without ballast)
John Deere 2020 120 HP 4.5 l 3,500 kg
John Deere 2030 110 HP 4.1L 3,200 kg
John Deere 2040 125 HP 4.6L 3,600 kg
John Deere 2050 135 HP 4.9L 3,800 kg
John Deere 2060 150 HP 5.3 l 4,000 kg

As can be seen from the table, the John Deere 2020 offers a good balance between power and weight. Depending on individual needs and conditions of use, one of the other models may be more appropriate.

Disadvantages and advantages

As with any tractor model, there are pros and cons to the John Deere 2020. Here are some important points to consider when evaluating:


  • High performance and efficiency in various farming tasks
  • Comfortable cabin
  • Comfortable cab with good visibility and ergonomic operation
  • Versatility through the use of different attachments
  • Reliable hydraulic system for precise control
  • Good traction and stability thanks to all-wheel drive
  • Robust construction for a long service life


  • Possibly higher acquisition costs compared to other models
  • Maintenance and repairs can be expensive
  • Large dimensions can limit maneuverability in tight areas
  • Higher fuel consumption for demanding work

Despite some potential disadvantages, the John Deere 2020 has advantages in terms of performance, comfort and versatility. It is important to consider these aspects when choosing a tractor and to consider individual needs and requirements.


The cost of new and used John Deere 2020 tractors varies by condition, equipment and dealership. Here are some rough estimates of the costs:

  • New model: The price range for a new John Deere 2020 is usually between EUR 80,000 and EUR 100,000, depending on the options and additional equipment chosen.
  • Used model: The price of a used 2020 John Deere depends on factors such as age, hours and condition. As a rule, used models can cost between EUR 40,000 and EUR 70,000.

It is important to carefully examine the condition of the used tractor and, if necessary, to carry out an inspection to ensure that it meets the requirements.


How much HP does the John Deere 2020 have?

The John Deere 2020 has an engine power of 120 hp.

What tires does the John Deere 2020 have?

The John Deere 2020 is equipped with front tires of size 420/70 R24 and rear tires of size 520/70 R38.

What is the weight of the John Deere 2020?

The weight of the John Deere 2020 is 3,500 kg (without ballast).

What maintenance work is required on the John Deere 2020?

The most important maintenance tasks include regular oil changes, replacing filters, checking hydraulic oil and inspecting attachments.

Is there a guarantee for the John Deere 2020?

Yes, John Deere usually offers warranty options for their tractors. It is advisable to ask the dealer about the exact guarantee conditions.


The John Deere 2020 is a powerful and versatile tractor that plays an important role in agriculture. With its impressive engine power, efficient transmission and reliable hydraulic system, it offers solid performance for various tasks. The comfortable cabin and good visibility ensure a pleasant driving experience.

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