Fendt 916 Vario technical data

The Fendt 916 Vario is a powerful tractor that is widely used in agriculture and professional use. In this article we will take a closer look at the specifications, maintenance, operating experience, comparison with other models, advantages and disadvantages, as well as the cost of the Fendt 916 Vario.

Fendt 916 Vario technical data

The Fendt 916 Vario is equipped with a large number of impressive technical features that underline its performance and reliability. Here is an overview of the most important technical data:

Engine power 160 HP
Transmission stepless Vario
Top speed 60 km/h
hydraulic power 110 l/min
Lifting power 8,700 kg
Weight 8,500 kg


The Fendt 916 Vario is powered by a powerful 6-cylinder engine with a rated output of 160 hp. The engine features high efficiency and reliability, resulting in impressive tractor performance. Here are the detailed characteristics of the engine:

Features values ​​
Engine power 160 HP
Number of cylinders 6
Displacement 6.1L
Fuel tank capacity 400 l
AdBlue tank capacity 40 liters

The engine of the Fendt 916 Vario offers sufficient power to handle demanding tasks in agriculture without any problems. The high engine power and large fuel tank enable efficient operation over long periods of time.


The performance of a tractor is an important aspect. Here are the performance data of the Fendt 916 Vario:

property Value
Max. pulling force 12,000 kg
PTO power 130 hp
Hydraulic power 110 l/min
Lifting power 8,500 kg

The Fendt 916 Vario offers an impressive pulling power of up to 12,000 kg, which makes it ideal for heavy loads and demanding tasks. PTO power is 130 hp, which is enough to power various agricultural implements. With a hydraulic output of 110 l/min and a lifting capacity of 8,500 kg, the Fendt 916 Vario is able to work efficiently with hydraulic attachments and lift heavy loads.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the Fendt 916 Vario plays a crucial role in performing various agricultural tasks. It offers an impressive hydraulic capacity of 110 liters per minute, which allows quick and efficient operation of attachments. Here are the details of the hydraulic system:

Features values ​​
hydraulic power 110 l/min
Number of control units 4 (optionally expandable)
lifting capacity 8,700 kg

The hydraulic system of the Fendt 916 Vario offers sufficient power and flexibility to handle a variety of agricultural tasks. With the high hydraulic power, attachments can be easily operated and controlled.

Dimensions and weights

The dimensions and weights of the Fendt 916 Vario are decisive for the maneuverability and stability of the tractor. Here is an overview of the important dimensions and weights:

Features values ​​
Length 5,180 mm
width 2,550 mm
Height 3,200 mm
Wheelbase 2,900 mm
Weight 8,500 kg

The Fendt 916 Vario has a compact design that enables good manoeuvrability, especially in narrow farms. The optimal weight ensures stability and traction on different ground conditions.


The cab of the Fendt 916 Vario offers the driver comfort and convenience during work. The cabin is spacious and well designed to ensure optimal visibility and ergonomics. With a comfortable seat, user-friendly control panel and efficient air conditioning, the driver is able to spend long hours in the cab without getting tired. The noise and vibration damping ensures a comfortable working environment and reduces operator fatigue.

Fendt 916 Vario Technische Daten
Fendt 916 Vario technical data


The tires play an important role in the optimum traction and grip of the tractor. Here are the tire specifications:

property Value
Front tire size 540/65R28
rear tire size 650/65R38

The Fendt 916 Vario is equipped with front tires of size 540/65R28 and rear tires of size 650/65R38. These tire sizes offer a balanced combination of traction, grip and driving comfort. The special tread design ensures efficient performance on different soil conditions and increases the tractor’s stability during work.


Regular maintenance of the Fendt 916 Vario is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the tractor. Here are the main points to pay attention to during maintenance:

  • Check and change engine oil and filter regularly.
  • Clean or replace fuel filter and air filter.
  • Check the level and quality of the hydraulic fluid.
  • Check the brake fluid regularly and top up if necessary.
  • Check and adjust tire air pressure.
  • Check electrical systems and lighting.
  • Check steering and brakes for functionality.
  • Check the cooling system for leaks and sufficient coolant.

With regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the Fendt 916 Vario can maintain its full performance and minimize unexpected downtimes.

Prices for spare parts

Maintenance of the Fendt 916 Vario may incur costs for spare parts. Here is an overview of the prices for some common spare parts:

spare part Price
Oil filter EUR 30
Air filter EUR 40
Brake pads (set) EUR 150
water pump EUR 200
V-belts EUR 50

It is advisable to choose high quality spare parts to ensure long-term reliability and performance of the tractor. The prices mentioned are only intended as a guide and may vary depending on the retailer and region.

Operating experience

As an experienced farmer, I have used the Fendt 916 Vario extensively. The tractor won me over with its impressive performance and reliability. Whether it’s pulling heavy loads, doing field work or operating attachments, the Fendt 916 Vario has always lived up to my expectations.

Comparison with other models

In order to give a comprehensive overview of the Fendt 916 Vario, it is important to compare it with other models of the same brand. Here is a comparison of the main specifications with four other models:

Model Engine power (hp) Displacement (litres) Max. pulling force (kg)
Fendt 916 Vario 160 6.1 12,000
Fendt 920 Vario 200 7.7 14,000
Fendt 924 Vario 240 9.0 16,000
Fendt 930 Vario 290 10.4 18,000

The Fendt 916 Vario offers solid performance with 160 hp and a pulling power of 12,000 kg. It may have a little less power compared to the larger models like the Fendt 930 Vario, but it’s still capable of handling a wide range of farming tasks efficiently.

Disadvantages and advantages


  • High engine power for demanding tasks
  • Infinitely variable Vario gear for precise speed adjustment
  • High hydraulic power for efficient attachment operation
  • Comfortable and ergonomic cab
  • Good agility and maneuverability


  • High acquisition costs compared to other tractors
  • Maintenance and spare parts can be expensive
  • Possible dependency on specialist workshops for complex repairs

Despite some potential disadvantages, the advantages of the Fendt 916 Vario outweigh the disadvantages, making it an excellent choice for farmers and professional users looking for a powerful and reliable tractor.


The costs for the Fendt 916 Vario can vary depending on the equipment and options. Here is an overview of the costs for new and used models:

  • New model: The price range for a new Fendt 916 Vario is usually between €120,000 and €150,000, depending on the options and extras chosen.
  • Used model: The prices for used Fendt 916 Vario tractors vary greatly depending on age, condition and operating hours. As a rule, used models can be found from around €80,000.

It is important to check the condition and service history of a used tractor to ensure it meets requirements and expectations. Buying a used tractor can be a more economical option if it has been well maintained and is in good condition.


What kind of fuel does the Fendt 916 Vario use?

The Fendt 916 Vario uses diesel as fuel.

Is there a guarantee for the Fendt 916 Vario?

Yes, Fendt usually offers a guarantee for new tractors. Exact details may vary by region and retailer.

Is the Fendt 916 Vario approved for road traffic?

Yes, the Fendt 916 Vario can be registered for road use as long as it is equipped with the appropriate lights and safety equipment.

What type of attachments can I use with the Fendt 916 Vario?

The Fendt 916 Vario is equipped with a versatile hydraulic system and can operate a variety of attachments such as ploughs, mowers, loading wagons and front loaders.

Is there a financing service for buying a Fendt 916 Vario?

Yes, many dealers offer financing options for the purchase of Fendt tractors. It is advisable to contact a local dealer for information on financing options.

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