Fendt 724 technical data

As one of the leading manufacturers of tractors, Fendt has revolutionized the market with its innovative technologies and advanced features. The Fendt 724 is one of the newest additions to the Fendt fleet and is known for its excellent performance, durability and ease of use. In this article we will take a deep dive into the technical specifications of the Fendt 724 and look at its features in detail.

Fendt 724 technical data

In order to fully understand the performance and characteristics of the Fendt 724, it is important to present all technical data in a table.

engine 6-cylinder Deutz
Rated power 240 HP
Displacement 7.8L
Transmission Vario gearbox
Top speed 60 km/h
hydraulic pump 152 l/min
hydraulic pressure 210 bar
Weight 7.4 t
Mature 540/65 R 30 front, 650/65 R 42 rear


The Fendt 724 is equipped with a powerful 6-cylinder Deutz engine with a rated output of 240 hp and a displacement of 7.8 liters. The engine meets the latest emission standards and offers optimal performance and efficiency.

property Specification
Engine type Deutz TCD 6.1 L6
Displacement 6.06 liters
Power at rated speed 240 hp at 2,200 rpm
Max. torque at rated speed 920 Nm at 1,600 rpm
Number of cylinders 6
Cooling Water-cooled
Emissions standard Tier 4 final/Stage IV
AdBlue tank capacity 32 liters
Fuel tank capacity 300 liters
Transmission Vario ML 180 continuously variable transmission
Top speed 50 km/h
PTO speed 540/540E/1000/1000E rpm
hydraulic pump 152 l/min
Hydraulic control units Up to 5 electronically controlled
Weight 8,000 kg


The Vario transmission of the Fendt 724 is unique of its kind and offers infinitely variable speed control. It is easy to use and offers precise control over the tractor, making it ideal for various applications.

property Specification
Gear type Vario ML 180 continuously variable transmission
Number of gears Unlimited, stepless
Driving area 0-50 km/h
Direction of travel forward/backward
Automatic control Yes, with the Fendt VarioGuide GPS system
Additional functions VarioActive steering, SpeedSteer power steering
clutch Wet clutch
Brakes Disc brakes, hydraulically operated
Parking brake Electric parking brake
PTO shafts Four speeds: 540, 540E, 1000, 1000E
Differential locks Electronically controlled front and rear axle differential lock
Power electronics Yes, with automatic engine and transmission control
Weight 8,000 kg

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the Fendt 724 is powerful and reliable. With a hydraulic pump of 152 l/min and a hydraulic pressure of 210 bar, the tractor can operate a variety of attachments.

property Specification
hydraulic pump 152 l/min
Pressure control Electronic control with EHR
hydraulic oil Fendt Hydrau-Trans Plus or comparable, 60 liters
Hydraulic control units Up to 5 electronically controlled
Lifting power Up to 9,062 kg
Power lift EHR with automatic position control and tension and compression force control
Front loader control Yes, optional
Trailer Hitch Automatic trailer hitch with height-adjustable towbar
Additional functions Power Beyond, Load-Sensing, Reverse and Auxiliary Control Devices
weight 8,000 kg

Dimensions and weight

The Fendt 724 is 5.1 m long, 2.55 m wide and 3.05 m high. The unladen weight of the tractor is 7.4 tons.

property dimensions/value
Length 5.11 m
width 2.55 m
Height (to top of cabin) 3.05m
Wheelbase 2.60 m
Ground clearance 0.55 m
curb weight approx. 7,900 kg
permissible total weight 11,000 kg


The cab of the Fendt 724 is spacious and comfortable. It offers excellent visibility and a variety of features to support the driver during long hours of work.

Fendt 724 Technische Daten
Fendt 724 technical data


The Fendt 724 is equipped with 540/65 R 30 tires at the front and 650/65 R 42 tires at the rear. These tires provide optimal traction and stability in various working conditions.

property Value
Tire brand Various options (e.g. Michelin, Trelleborg, Continental)
Tire size front 540/65 R28
Rear tire size 650/65 R38
Front tire pressure 1.2 – 2.4 bar
Rear tire pressure 0.8 – 1.8 bar

Please note that the tire properties may vary depending on the model variant and equipment of the Fendt 724. It is important to choose the right tires and air pressure for the specific working conditions.


In order to extend the service life of the Fendt 724, regular maintenance is required. Here are some key points to watch out for:

  • Regularly check the engine oil level
  • Check the air filters and replace them if necessary.
  • Check the condition of the tires and adjust the air pressure.
  • Check the gear oil and change it regularly.

Prices for spare parts

If spare parts are required for the Fendt 724, they are usually readily available. Prices may vary by region and retailer, but generally the cost of replacement parts is fair and reasonable.

spare part Approximate price
Fuel filter 15-30 €
Oil filter 10-25 €
Air filter 20-40 €
toothed belt 50-100 €
Battery 100-200 €
clutch disc 200-400 €
Brake pads 50-100 €

Please note that these prices are only a rough estimate and that the actual prices may vary depending on the dealer and the spare part. It is best to contact an authorized Fendt dealer or workshop for accurate pricing.

Operating experience

I have personally worked with the Fendt 724 and have been very impressed with its performance and ease of use. The tractor offers excellent visibility and control, making it ideal for various applications. The Vario transmission is easy to operate and offers precise control over the speed and power of the tractor.

Comparison with other models

In order to better understand the Fendt 724, it is helpful to compare it with other models in the Fendt fleet. The following table compares the main technical characteristics of the Fendt 724 with four other models.

Features Fendt 724 Fendt 716 Fendt 718 Fendt 722
Rated power 240 HP 165 HP 180 HP 200 HP
Displacement 7.8L 6.1L 6.8L 7.1L
Weight 7.4 t 6.3 t 6.7 t 6.9 t
Top speed 60 km/h 50 km/h 50 km/h 50 km/h

Disadvantages and advantages

The Fendt 724 has many advantages, including its high performance and user-friendliness. However, one downside is the higher price compared to some other models on the market.


  • Efficient and powerful engine
  • Comfortable cab with good all-round visibility and ergonomic design
  • Easy-to-use Vario transmission with infinitely variable speed control
  • High-quality workmanship and reliability
  • Versatile application possibilities due to the numerous attachments and additional devices
  • Low fuel consumption and high fuel efficiency


  • High acquisition costs compared to other tractor models
  • Heavier weight and larger dimensions can be problematic in some situations
  • Some models may have problems with the hydraulics and electronics
  • It can be difficult to find spare parts and qualified repair shops in some regions
  • Some drivers find the Vario transmission difficult to operate and prefer traditional manual transmissions

Please note that these advantages and disadvantages can be evaluated differently depending on individual needs and requirements.


The price of a new Fendt 724 can vary by region and dealer, but it is generally in the higher price segment. Used models can be a more affordable option, but it’s important to check the tractor’s history and condition before purchasing.


How much horsepower does the Fendt 724 have?

The Fendt 724 has a rated output of 240 hp.

What is the Vario transmission of the Fendt 724?

The Vario transmission of the Fendt 724 is unique of its kind and offers infinitely variable speed control.

How much does the Fendt 724 weigh?

The Fendt 724 has an empty weight of 7.4 tons.

What is the cab of the Fendt 724 like?

The cab of the Fendt 724 is spacious and comfortable, with excellent visibility and a variety of functions.

What are the main features of the Fendt 724?

The main features of the Fendt 724 include a powerful 6-cylinder Deutz engine, a Vario transmission, a powerful hydraulic system, a spacious cabin and stable tires.

How does the Fendt 724 perform compared to other models?

The Fendt 724 has a higher rated power than many other models, which makes it ideal for demanding tasks.

Overall, the Fendt 724 is a powerful and reliable tractor with many advantages. Its advanced technology and ease of use make it an excellent choice for farmers and farm managers looking for a powerful tractor that is easy to operate and offers precise control. Although the price may be higher than some other models, the benefits of the Fendt 724 are definitely worth it.

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