Which tomato varieties are best suited for outdoor cultivation and why?

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. In this article, we will focus on the best tomato varieties suitable for outdoor cultivation and explain why.

Why is choosing the right tomato variety important for outdoor cultivation?

Tomatoes bred specifically for outdoor cultivation tend to be more resistant to diseases and pests than varieties bred for greenhouse cultivation. Outdoor tomatoes must also have special characteristics in order to be able to withstand different climatic conditions, such as heat, rain and wind.

The best tomato varieties for outdoor cultivation

Early varieties

Early tomato varieties are ideal for outdoor cultivation as they usually ripen faster and are therefore exposed to the elements before they are attacked by diseases or pests. Here are some of the best early tomato varieties for outdoor cultivation:


‘Matina’ is a precocious, small tomato with excellent resistance to late blight and other diseases. She produces an abundance of sweet, aromatic fruits that are ideal for salads and eating fresh.


Garden Pearl

‘Gartenperle’ is a very early ripe tomato with a high resistance to diseases. It produces small, sweet and juicy fruits that are particularly good in salads or as a snack.



‘Philona’ is a precocious tomato with a high tolerance to cold and rain. It produces a large number of medium-sized fruits that have a mild and sweet taste.


Medium grades

Medium tomato varieties ripen a little later, but they often produce larger fruits and have a longer harvest period. Here are some of the best medium tomato varieties for growing outdoors:

Resin Fire

‘Harzfeuer’ is a medium-ripening tomato with excellent resistance to late blight. It produces large, juicy fruits with a mild flavor that can be used in both salads and sauces.

Resin Fire

San Marzano

‘San Marzano’ is an Italian tomato variety known for its use in sauces and preserves. It is medium-ripening and produces elongated, fleshy fruits with an intense flavor.

San Marzano
San Marzano


Tomato variety Recommended planting date
Matina mid-April
Garden Pearl early May
Philona late April to early May
Resin Fire mid-May
San Marzano late May to early June


As an experienced tomato grower, I can say that choosing the right tomato variety for outdoor cultivation is crucial. Early varieties are particularly recommended as they mature faster and are therefore less susceptible to diseases and pests. However, if you prefer larger fruits and a longer harvest period, medium varieties are a better choice.

The best early tomato varieties for outdoor cultivation include ‘Matina’, ‘Gartenperle’ and ‘Philona’. If you choose medium varieties, I recommend ‘Harzfeuer’ and ‘San Marzano’. Of course, choosing the right tomato variety can vary by region and climate, so it’s important to take the time to consider the conditions and choose the best variety for your growing space.

It is also important to properly prepare and fertilize the soil to ensure your tomato plants receive enough nutrients. Be sure to choose a sunny and well-ventilated location for your tomato plants and to water and care for the plants regularly.

With these tips and recommendations, you should be able to successfully grow tomatoes outdoors and get a bounty harvest.

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