Valtra N121 Technical Specifications

Valtra n121 technische daten

Valtra n121 technische daten

The Valtra N121 is a powerful and versatile tractor that is designed to meet the demands of modern agricultural operations. With its advanced technology and robust construction, the N121 offers exceptional performance in a wide range of applications.

Powered by a 4-cylinder engine, the Valtra N121 delivers a maximum output of 130 horsepower, making it suitable for a variety of tasks, from ploughing and planting to towing heavy loads. The engine is equipped with a turbocharger and an intercooler, ensuring efficient power delivery and improved fuel economy.

The Valtra N121 features a 12-speed transmission with a shuttle function, allowing for easy and quick gear changes. It also offers multiple power take-off options, including mechanical, hydraulic, and front PTO, to accommodate different implements and machinery.

Equipped with a spacious and ergonomic cabin, the Valtra N121 provides a comfortable working environment for the operator. The cabin is designed to reduce noise and vibration levels, and it offers excellent visibility in all directions. The tractor also features a user-friendly control panel, with intuitive controls and a clear display for monitoring and adjusting various settings.

With its exceptional power, versatility, and operator comfort, the Valtra N121 is a reliable and efficient tractor that can handle the toughest tasks in modern agriculture. Whether it is ploughing fields, tilling soil, or hauling heavy loads, the N121 is up to the challenge and is sure to deliver impressive results.


The Valtra N121 is equipped with a powerful engine that ensures excellent performance and efficiency. The tractor is equipped with a 4.4-liter, 4-cylinder AGCO Power engine. This engine provides a maximum power output of 120 horsepower.

The engine features a turbocharger and an intercooler, which optimize the combustion process and improve fuel efficiency. This allows the Valtra N121 to deliver high torque at low engine speeds, making it ideal for both heavy-duty tasks and light agricultural work.

For improved fuel economy, the Valtra N121 features an electronic fuel injection system. This system controls the fuel injection timing and amount, ensuring precise fuel delivery and minimal wastage. The engine also meets the latest emission standards, thanks to the use of advanced exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalytic reduction technologies.

The Valtra N121 offers excellent versatility in terms of power take-off (PTO) options. It is equipped with a 540/1000 rpm PTO, which allows for the use of a wide range of implements and attachments. The PTO is engaged and disengaged by a simple push-pull lever, making it easy to operate.

To ensure smooth operation, the Valtra N121 is equipped with a 24-speed transmission. This transmission provides a wide range of gears, allowing the operator to select the most appropriate speed for any task. The transmission also features a synchronized reverse shuttle, which makes it easy to change direction without stopping the tractor.

In summary, the engine of the Valtra N121 tractor is powerful, efficient, and designed to meet the demands of modern agriculture. Whether it’s pulling heavy loads or performing light tasks, the engine delivers reliable performance and excellent fuel economy.


The Valtra N121 is equipped with a reliable transmission system that offers excellent performance and efficiency. The tractor is equipped with a 16-speed synchronized shuttle transmission, which allows the operator to easily shift gears and control the tractor’s speed. The transmission has four ranges and four gears within each range, providing a wide range of speed options to suit different applications and terrains. Additionally, the tractor features a power shuttle, which enables quick and smooth shifting between forward and reverse gears.

The transmission system also includes a dual-clutch system, which allows for seamless shifting between gears without interrupting the power flow. This ensures smooth and efficient operation, even during heavy-duty tasks. The dual-clutch system also helps to reduce fuel consumption and maximize productivity.

The Valtra N121 offers multiple driving modes, including eco mode and power mode, which allow the operator to optimize fuel efficiency or maximize productivity, depending on the task at hand. This flexibility makes the tractor suitable for a wide range of applications, from field work to transportation.

Furthermore, the tractor is equipped with a multi-speed power take-off (PTO) system, which enables the use of various implements and attachments. The PTO can be engaged and disengaged smoothly, allowing for precise control and easy operation. The tractor also features an automatic PTO function, which engages and disengages the PTO based on the current load, further enhancing efficiency and reducing operator fatigue.

In summary, the Valtra N121’s transmission system is designed to deliver superior performance, efficiency, and versatility. With its range of speeds, dual-clutch system, driving modes, and PTO capabilities, the tractor provides the operator with complete control and flexibility to tackle any task with ease.



The Valtra N121 is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system that provides efficient operation and versatility. The tractor features a closed-center, load-sensing hydraulic system, which ensures precise control and optimal performance. The hydraulic system has a maximum oil flow rate of XX l/min, allowing it to handle demanding tasks with ease.

The tractor is equipped with XX hydraulic outlets, which can be used for various attachments and implements. The hydraulic outlets provide a consistent oil flow and pressure, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. The operator can easily control the hydraulic functions using the conveniently located joystick or buttons.

The hydraulic system of the Valtra N121 is designed to handle a wide range of tasks. It has a maximum lift capacity of XX kg, allowing it to lift heavy loads with ease. The tractor is also equipped with a hitch control system, which enables precise and efficient operation when attaching and detaching implements.

The hydraulic system of the Valtra N121 is also equipped with various safety features. It has a safety valve that prevents overloading and damage to the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system also has a hydraulic lock, which ensures that the implements remain in position even in case of a hydraulic failure.

In addition, the hydraulic system of the Valtra N121 is designed to be easy to maintain. It has a removable oil filter that allows for easy cleaning and replacement. The tractor also has a hydraulic oil cooler, which helps to prevent overheating and extends the lifespan of the hydraulic system.


The Valtra N121 tractor is equipped with a Power Take-Off (PTO) system that allows the tractor to power various types of implements and attachments. The PTO is located at the rear of the tractor and is driven by the engine through a shaft.

The Valtra N121 offers a dual-speed PTO, which means it can operate at two different speeds: 540 rpm and 1000 rpm. The two speeds allow the tractor to work with a wide range of implements, such as mowers, balers, and spreaders, that require different PTO speeds for optimal performance.

The PTO on the Valtra N121 can be engaged and disengaged using a simple lever or switch, depending on the model. When the PTO is engaged, power is transferred from the engine to the PTO shaft and then to the implement. When the PTO is disengaged, the power flow to the implement is cut off, allowing the implement to be safely connected or disconnected.

In addition to the standard rear PTO, the Valtra N121 can also be equipped with a front PTO. This allows the tractor to power front-mounted implements, such as snow blowers or front mowers. The front PTO operates at a speed of 1000 rpm and can be engaged and disengaged independently of the rear PTO.

Overall, the PTO system on the Valtra N121 tractor offers flexibility and versatility, allowing the tractor to efficiently power a wide range of implements and attachments for various agricultural tasks.

Cab and Controls

Cab and Controls

Ergonomic Design

The Valtra N121 tractor is equipped with a spacious and ergonomic cab, designed to ensure optimal comfort and productivity for the operator. The controls are strategically positioned and easy to reach, allowing for smooth and effortless operation. The seat is fully adjustable, providing excellent lumbar support and ensuring the operator can maintain a comfortable and ergonomic seating position throughout the day.

Intuitive Control Panel

The control panel in the Valtra N121 tractor is designed with user-friendly features that enhance the operator’s productivity and convenience. The controls are intuitive and clearly labeled, allowing for quick and easy access to the tractor’s various functions. The instrument cluster provides all the necessary information at a glance, ensuring the operator can monitor the tractor’s performance without distraction.

Climate Control

The cab of the Valtra N121 tractor is equipped with an efficient climate control system that ensures a comfortable working environment in all weather conditions. The temperature and airflow can be easily adjusted to suit the operator’s preferences, enabling them to work comfortably and efficiently throughout the day. Additionally, the cab is well-insulated to minimize noise levels, further enhancing the operator’s comfort and reducing fatigue.


The Valtra N121 tractor is designed with excellent visibility in mind, ensuring the operator has a clear view of the working area and surroundings. The large windows and strategically positioned mirrors provide an unobstructed view, allowing for safe and efficient operation. The cab also features powerful LED lights that illuminate the working area, ensuring optimal visibility even in low-light conditions.

Storage Space

Storage Space

The Valtra N121 tractor offers ample storage space within the cab, allowing the operator to keep essential items within easy reach. The cab is equipped with multiple storage compartments, including a glove box, cup holders, and a document holder. These storage solutions ensure that the operator can keep their personal belongings, drinks, and important documents organized and easily accessible throughout the workday.


What are the technical specifications of Valtra N121?

The technical specifications of Valtra N121 include a maximum power output of 115 horsepower, a displacement of 4.4 liters, a torque of 540 Nm, a weight of 5,455 kilograms, and a fuel tank capacity of 130 liters.

What is the engine type of Valtra N121?

The engine type of Valtra N121 is a four-cylinder Agco Power engine with common rail fuel injection and turbocharging.

What is the maximum speed of Valtra N121?

The maximum speed of Valtra N121 is 40 kilometers per hour.

What is the lifting capacity of the front loader on Valtra N121?

The lifting capacity of the front loader on Valtra N121 is approximately 2,400 kilograms.

What are the dimensions of Valtra N121?

The dimensions of Valtra N121 are as follows: length – 4,420 millimeters, width – 2,420 millimeters, height – 2,740 millimeters, and wheelbase – 2,420 millimeters.

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