Valtra 6350 Technical Specifications

Valtra 6350 technische daten

Valtra 6350 technische daten

The Valtra 6350 is a versatile tractor that combines power and efficiency to meet the needs of modern agriculture. With its robust design and advanced features, this tractor is ideal for both field work and transportation tasks.

Powered by a reliable engine, the Valtra 6350 offers impressive performance with its maximum horsepower of XXX. This ensures that the tractor can handle demanding tasks such as plowing, harrowing, and seeding with ease. The engine is also fuel-efficient, providing cost savings for farmers in the long run.

The Valtra 6350 features a spacious and ergonomic cabin, designed with the operator’s comfort in mind. With a quiet and air-conditioned environment, the cabin provides a pleasant working space even during long hours in the field. The controls are intuitive and easy to use, allowing for precise operation of the tractor.

Equipped with advanced technology, the Valtra 6350 offers a range of features to enhance productivity and efficiency. This includes a GPS system for accurate guidance and mapping, as well as an automated transmission for seamless gear shifting. The tractor also has a hydraulic system with multiple functions, allowing for easy attachment and operation of various implements.

In conclusion, the Valtra 6350 is a reliable and powerful tractor that meets the demands of modern agriculture. With its advanced features and ergonomic design, it provides a comfortable and efficient working environment for operators. Whether it’s field work or transportation tasks, this tractor is a valuable asset to any farm.

Engine Specifications

Engine Type

The Valtra 6350 is equipped with a powerful diesel engine. It features a 6-cylinder engine, which provides reliable performance and ample power for various agricultural tasks. The engine is designed to be highly efficient, ensuring maximum productivity without compromising fuel economy.


The engine has a displacement of 7.1 liters, allowing it to generate a significant amount of torque. This displacement ensures that the Valtra 6350 has the power required to handle heavy loads and tough terrain with ease. The engine’s large displacement also contributes to its overall durability and longevity.


The Valtra 6350 engine delivers an impressive horsepower rating of 125 HP. This horsepower enables the tractor to effortlessly tackle a wide range of agricultural tasks, including plowing, tilling, and hauling. The engine’s power output ensures that the Valtra 6350 can handle demanding applications in various operating conditions.

Fuel System

The engine is equipped with a modern fuel injection system, which ensures precise fuel delivery for optimal performance. This system enhances fuel efficiency and reduces emissions, making the Valtra 6350 an environmentally friendly choice. The fuel system also allows for easy starting, even in cold weather conditions.

Cooling System

To prevent overheating, the Valtra 6350 features a robust cooling system. This system consists of a radiator, fan, and coolant, which work together to regulate engine temperature. The cooling system ensures that the engine operates at optimal temperature levels, enhancing performance and extending its overall lifespan.


The Valtra 6350 is equipped with a reliable transmission system. It features a synchronized shuttle transmission with 16 forward gears and 12 reverse gears. This versatile transmission allows for smooth and precise gear changes, making it easy to match the engine’s power to specific tasks and operating conditions.

  • Engine Type: Diesel
  • Displacement: 7.1 liters
  • Horsepower: 125 HP
  • Fuel System: Fuel Injection
  • Cooling System: Radiator, Fan, Coolant
  • Transmission: Synchronized Shuttle Transmission with 16 Forward Gears and 12 Reverse Gears

Transmission Specifications



The Valtra 6350 is equipped with a range transmission. This type of transmission allows the operator to select the appropriate gear for the desired speed or task.


The transmission system of the Valtra 6350 consists of 24 forward gears and 24 reverse gears. This wide range of gears allows for precise control over the tractor’s speed and power, ensuring efficient operation in various working conditions.



The tractor is equipped with a hydraulically operated wet clutch. This type of clutch provides smooth engagement and disengagement of the transmission, allowing for easy shifting of gears without causing damage to the internal components.

Power Shuttle

A power shuttle is included in the transmission system of the Valtra 6350. This feature allows for quick and easy direction changes without the need to declutch or stop the tractor. The power shuttle enhances productivity and maneuverability, especially during tasks that require frequent forward and reverse movement.

Creeper Gear

To further enhance the versatility of the transmission, the Valtra 6350 is equipped with a creeper gear. This gear provides an extremely low speed range, allowing the tractor to perform tasks that require precise and slow movements, such as seeding or spraying.

Power Take-Off (PTO)

The transmission system of the Valtra 6350 is designed to accommodate various power take-off (PTO) options. The tractor can be equipped with a rear PTO, a mid-mounted PTO, or both, depending on the specific requirements of the tasks to be performed.

In conclusion, the transmission specifications of the Valtra 6350 tractor provide a wide range of gears, a smooth-operating clutch, a power shuttle for quick direction changes, a creeper gear for precise and slow movements, and versatile power take-off options. These features enable the tractor to efficiently handle a variety of tasks in different working conditions.

Hydraulic Specifications

Hydraulic Specifications

Hydraulic System

The Valtra 6350 is equipped with a hydraulic system that provides efficient power and control for various hydraulic functions. The hydraulic system operates at a maximum pressure of 207 bar to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

Hydraulic Pump

The tractor is equipped with a dual-circuit hydraulic pump that delivers a maximum flow rate of 90 liters per minute. This high flow rate allows for quick and efficient operation of hydraulic attachments.

Hydraulic Remotes

The Valtra 6350 is equipped with two hydraulic remotes, allowing for easy connection of hydraulic attachments. The hydraulic remotes provide a maximum flow rate of 45 liters per minute each, ensuring sufficient power for demanding hydraulic applications.

Hydraulic Lift Capacity

The tractor’s hydraulic system has a maximum lift capacity of 5500 kg, allowing for the operation of heavy implements and attachments. The hydraulic system provides precise control over the lift movements, ensuring accurate positioning of the implements.

Hydraulic Valves

The Valtra 6350 features four hydraulic valves, providing flexible control over hydraulic functions. The hydraulic valves are operated using the tractor’s control levers, allowing for easy and convenient adjustment of hydraulic settings.

Hydraulic Oil Capacity

The hydraulic system of the Valtra 6350 has a total oil capacity of 100 liters. This ample oil capacity ensures sufficient lubrication and cooling of the hydraulic components, optimizing their performance and longevity.

Hydraulic Filter

Hydraulic Filter

The tractor’s hydraulic system is equipped with a replaceable hydraulic filter that ensures clean hydraulic oil and prevents contamination of the system. Regular maintenance and replacement of the hydraulic filter is essential to maintain the performance and reliability of the hydraulic system.

PTO Specifications

Power Take-Off

The Valtra 6350 tractor is equipped with a Power Take-Off (PTO) system that allows for the transfer of power from the engine to various attached implements. The tractor is equipped with a rear PTO, which is commonly used for powering implements such as mowers, balers, and spreaders.

PTO Speed

The Valtra 6350 tractor offers multiple PTO speed options to suit different implement requirements. The tractor’s rear PTO operates at a speed of 540 revolutions per minute (rpm) or 1000 rpm, depending on the implement being used. This allows for versatility in powering a wide range of implements with varying power needs.

PTO Engagement

The PTO engagement on the Valtra 6350 tractor is controlled using a dedicated lever or switch. This allows for easy operation and adjustment of the PTO engagement, ensuring that the power is transferred to the implement smoothly and efficiently. The PTO can be engaged and disengaged without stopping the tractor, providing convenience and flexibility during operation.

PTO Shaft

The Valtra 6350 tractor is equipped with a PTO shaft that extends from the rear of the tractor and connects to the implement. The PTO shaft transfers power from the engine to the implement, allowing it to perform its intended function. The PTO shaft is securely connected to the tractor and can withstand the torque and power requirements of different implements.

PTO Control Options

The Valtra 6350 tractor offers multiple PTO control options for easy operation. The PTO can be controlled using a lever or switch located within reach of the operator, allowing for quick and convenient engagement and disengagement. Some models may also offer electronic controls, which offer precision and accuracy in PTO engagement.

PTO Safety Features

The Valtra 6350 tractor is equipped with safety features to ensure the safe operation of the PTO system. These may include a PTO clutch or brake, which allows for quick and safe disengagement of the PTO. Additionally, the tractor may be equipped with a PTO shield or guard, which helps prevent contact with rotating PTO components and reduces the risk of accidents.

Dimensions and Weight Specifications


The Valtra 6350 tractor has the following dimensions:

  • Length: 4.83 meters
  • Width: 2.49 meters (including the wheels)
  • Height: 2.84 meters (with the cabin)

These dimensions make the Valtra 6350 suitable for a variety of farming and agricultural tasks.


The weight of the Valtra 6350 tractor depends on the configuration and additional attachments. Here are some weight specifications:

  • Operating weight (without ballast): 5,180 kilograms
  • Maximum permissible weight: 10,000 kilograms
  • Maximum front axle load: 4,500 kilograms
  • Maximum rear axle load: 6,500 kilograms

These weight specifications provide a sturdy and stable base for the Valtra 6350 tractor, allowing it to handle heavy loads and challenging terrain.


What are the dimensions of Valtra 6350?

The Valtra 6350 has the following dimensions: length of 4.8 meters, width of 2.6 meters, and height of 2.9 meters.

What is the engine power of Valtra 6350?

The Valtra 6350 is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine that has a power output of 143 horsepower.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Valtra 6350?

The Valtra 6350 has a fuel tank capacity of 200 liters, allowing for long work periods without the need for frequent refueling.

What is the maximum lifting capacity of Valtra 6350?

The Valtra 6350 has a maximum lifting capacity of 6600 kilograms, making it suitable for handling heavy loads in agricultural and construction applications.

What is the top speed of Valtra 6350?

The Valtra 6350 has a top speed of 40 kilometers per hour, allowing for efficient transportation between work sites.

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