Valtra 6250 Technical Specifications

Valtra 6250 technische daten

Valtra 6250 technische daten

The Valtra 6250 is a powerful and versatile tractor designed to meet the demanding needs of modern agriculture. With its advanced features and reliable performance, it is the ideal choice for farmers and agricultural professionals.

Equipped with a robust engine, the Valtra 6250 offers excellent power and torque, allowing it to handle a wide range of tasks. Its four-cylinder engine delivers a maximum horsepower of 161, providing plenty of power for heavy-duty applications. The tractor also features a turbocharger and intercooler system, ensuring optimal performance in all conditions.

Designed for efficiency and productivity, the Valtra 6250 boasts a high lift capacity and advanced hydraulic system. With its strong lift capacity of up to 8,500 kg, it can easily handle heavy implements and equipment. The tractor’s hydraulic system provides precise control and fast response, allowing for efficient operation and precise maneuvering.

In addition to its performance capabilities, the Valtra 6250 offers a comfortable and ergonomic cabin for the operator. The spacious cabin is equipped with advanced technology and controls, making it easy to operate the tractor. The tractor also features adjustable seating and controls, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience for the operator during long hours of work.

Overall, the Valtra 6250 is a reliable and efficient tractor that provides exceptional performance and versatility. With its powerful engine, high lift capacity, and comfortable cabin, it is the perfect choice for any agricultural task.

Engine Specifications

The Valtra 6250 tractor is equipped with a powerful engine that ensures optimal performance and efficiency in any agricultural task. The engine is a 6-cylinder AGCO Power engine that provides a maximum power output of 191 horsepower. With a displacement of 6.6 liters, the engine offers excellent torque and fuel economy.

The engine features a turbocharger and an intercooler for improved performance and increased power. The advanced common rail fuel injection system ensures precise fuel delivery and efficient combustion, resulting in reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption. The engine is also equipped with a diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction technology, which help to meet the latest environmental regulations.

The Valtra 6250 engine is designed for durability and reliability. It has a heavy-duty cast iron block and cylinder head, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding conditions. The engine is also equipped with a robust cooling system, with an efficient radiator and fan, to prevent overheating during intensive operations.

In addition to its impressive power and durability, the Valtra 6250 engine is designed for ease of maintenance. The engine hood opens wide, providing easy access to all key components for regular check-ups and servicing. The engine also features an advanced diagnostic system that allows for quick and accurate troubleshooting.

Main Specifications:

  • Engine: AGCO Power 6-cylinder engine
  • Displacement: 6.6 liters
  • Maximum Power: 191 horsepower
  • Turbocharger: Yes
  • Intercooler: Yes
  • Fuel Injection: Common rail
  • Emissions Control: Diesel particulate filter, Selective catalytic reduction
  • Block Material: Cast iron
  • Cylinder Head Material: Cast iron
  • Cooling System: Efficient radiator and fan
  • Maintenance: Easy access to all key components
  • Diagnostic System: Advanced troubleshooting capabilities

Transmission and Powertrain

Transmission and Powertrain

The Valtra 6250 is equipped with a reliable powertrain system that ensures efficient and smooth operation. The tractor features a 24 forward and 24 reverse speed transmission, allowing for precise control of speed and power. This transmission is controlled by a synchronized shuttle, making gear shifts quick and seamless.

The powertrain of the Valtra 6250 is powered by a robust 6-cylinder engine with a maximum power output of 160 horsepower. This engine is designed to deliver maximum torque at low engine speeds, providing excellent pulling power and fuel efficiency. The engine is also equipped with a turbocharger and intercooler, ensuring optimal performance even under heavy loads.

To provide additional flexibility and versatility, the Valtra 6250 is available in both 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive configurations. The 4-wheel drive system ensures superior traction and stability, making it suitable for various terrains and applications. The tractor also features a differential lock, allowing for enhanced traction in challenging conditions.

In terms of power take-off (PTO) capabilities, the Valtra 6250 offers multiple options to suit different implements and tasks. It is equipped with a rear PTO with various speeds available, allowing for efficient operation of PTO-driven equipment such as mowers, balers, and pumps. The tractor also features a front PTO, making it suitable for front-mounted implements like snow blowers and front mowers.

Hydraulics and PTO

Hydraulics and PTO

The Valtra 6250 tractor is equipped with a hydraulic system that provides efficient power for various hydraulic functions. The tractor features a dual pump system, with separate pumps for the steering and hydraulic functions. This ensures reliable and precise operation of the hydraulics, even under heavy loads. The hydraulic system has a maximum flow rate of 110 liters per minute, allowing for quick and efficient operation of implements such as front loaders and hydraulic cylinders.

The Valtra 6250 also comes with a Power Take-Off (PTO) system that allows the tractor to transfer power to various attachments and implements. With multiple PTO speeds available, the tractor can be adapted to the specific requirements of different tasks. The PTO system has a maximum power output of 152 horsepower, providing ample power for demanding applications.

In addition, the Valtra 6250 offers convenient controls for the hydraulic system and PTO, allowing the operator to easily adjust and monitor their operation. The tractor also features a hydraulic system with a separate oil cooler, ensuring that the hydraulic oil remains at the optimal temperature for efficient performance. Overall, the hydraulics and PTO system of the Valtra 6250 provide the power and versatility required for a wide range of agricultural tasks.

Dimensions and Weight

Overall Length

The Valtra 6250 has an overall length of XX inches.

Overall Width

The overall width of the Valtra 6250 is XX inches, making it suitable for a variety of farming applications.

Overall Height

With an overall height of XX inches, the Valtra 6250 provides ample clearance for operating in a wide range of environments.


The wheelbase of the Valtra 6250 measures XX inches, providing stability and maneuverability on different terrain types.

Ground Clearance

The Valtra 6250 offers a generous ground clearance of XX inches, enabling it to traverse uneven surfaces with ease.


The Valtra 6250 weighs in at XX pounds, allowing for efficient operation without compromising performance.

Turning Radius

The turning radius of the Valtra 6250 is XX feet, enabling it to navigate tight spaces and make sharp turns with precision.

Other Features

1. Transmission

The Valtra 6250 tractor is equipped with a transmission system that offers smooth and efficient gear shifting. It features a fully synchronized transmission with 12 forward and reverse speeds, allowing the operator to easily adjust the speed according to the task at hand. The transmission also includes a shuttle shift feature, which allows for quick and easy direction changes without the need to depress the clutch.

Additionally, the tractor is equipped with a creeper gear option, which provides extra slow speeds for precision tasks such as planting or harvesting.

2. Power Take-Off (PTO)

The Valtra 6250 tractor is equipped with a Power Take-Off (PTO) system that allows for the use of various implements and attachments. It features a dual-speed PTO, with 540 and 1000 RPM options, providing flexibility for a wide range of applications. The PTO is engaged and disengaged using a mechanical lever, making it simple and convenient to use.

The PTO also includes an electro-hydraulic engagement option, which allows for easy control from within the cab.

3. Hydraulic System

The tractor’s hydraulic system is designed to provide powerful and precise operation. It features a dual rear hydraulic valve, allowing for the use of multiple hydraulic attachments simultaneously. The system has a maximum flow rate of XX liters per minute, ensuring fast and efficient operation.

The hydraulic system also includes adjustable flow control, allowing the operator to adjust the flow rate to suit the specific requirements of each task.

4. Comfort and Convenience

4. Comfort and Convenience

The Valtra 6250 tractor is designed with the operator’s comfort and convenience in mind. It features an ergonomic and spacious cabin, offering ample legroom and a comfortable seat. The tractor’s controls are conveniently placed and easy to reach, allowing for effortless operation.

The tractor also includes features such as air conditioning, heating, and a high-quality audio system, ensuring a pleasant working environment for the operator.

5. Safety Features

Safety is a top priority in the design of the Valtra 6250 tractor. It is equipped with various safety features, including a roll-over protection structure (ROPS) and a seat belt, ensuring the operator’s safety in the event of an accident. The tractor also features powerful brakes and excellent visibility, further enhancing safety during operation.

Additionally, the tractor is equipped with a lighting system that provides excellent visibility in low-light conditions, enabling safe operation during night-time or in dimly lit areas.


What are the technical specifications of Valtra 6250?

The Valtra 6250 is a powerful tractor designed for heavy-duty tasks. It features a 6-cylinder AGCO Power engine with a maximum power output of 170 horsepower. The tractor has a 40 km/h top speed and a fuel tank capacity of 290 liters. It also has a lift capacity of 6 tons and a total weight of 8.5 tons. Additionally, it comes with various optional features such as front loader, front linkage, and front PTO.

What is the horsepower of the Valtra 6250 tractor?

The Valtra 6250 tractor has a maximum power output of 170 horsepower. This allows it to perform heavy-duty tasks and work efficiently in demanding conditions.

Is the Valtra 6250 tractor equipped with a front loader?

Yes, the Valtra 6250 tractor can be equipped with a front loader as an optional feature. This provides additional versatility and allows the tractor to handle tasks that require lifting and loading materials.

What is the lifting capacity of the Valtra 6250 tractor?

The Valtra 6250 tractor has a lifting capacity of 6 tons. This means it can handle heavy loads and is suitable for tasks that require lifting and transporting large objects or materials.

What is the top speed of the Valtra 6250 tractor?

The Valtra 6250 tractor has a top speed of 40 km/h. This allows it to quickly cover large distances and move efficiently between fields or different work areas.

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