Kubota B2350 Specifications

When it comes to powerful tractors tailored to the needs of farmers and contractors, Kubota is a brand that cannot be ignored. One of the brand’s most popular models is the Kubota B2350. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the Kubota B2350 specifications, features, pros and cons, operating experience and cost.

Kubota B2350 Specifications

The Kubota B2350 is equipped with a 4-cylinder diesel engine that reaches a rated power of 23 HP and a maximum power of 25 HP. The tractor has a clutch that is a wet multi-plate type and has a hydrostatic transmission with a creeper function. The maximum lifting capacity on the ball head is 615 kg, while the maximum oil flow from the hydraulic pump is 20.4 l/min.

engine 4-cylinder diesel engine
Rated power 23 HP
Maximum power 25 HP
clutch Wet multi-plate clutch
Transmission Hydrostatic transmission
Lifting force at ball head 615 kg
Maximum oil flow of the hydraulic pump 20.4 l/min

The Kubota B2350 is packed with a variety of features that allow it to perform a wide range of tasks. The tractor has a differential lock that provides high traction on uneven ground and a two-speed PTO (540 and 1,000 rpm). In addition, the tractor is equipped with an independent PTO, which allows it to operate a variety of attachments.


The Kubota B2350 has a reliable 4-cylinder diesel engine. The engine is durable and provides sufficient power to operate the tractor. The engine air filter is easily accessible and easy to service.

engine VALUES
Engine type 4-cylinder diesel engine
Displacement 1,001 cm³
Rated power 23 HP
Maximum power 25 HP
Cooling Water-cooled
Fuel tank capacity 23 liters

reduction gear

The Kubota B2350 is equipped with a reliable transmission that offers excellent performance and reliability. The hydrostatic transmission has a creeper function that allows the tractor to drive on uneven ground.


The Kubota B2350 is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system that offers a maximum oil flow rate of 20.4 l/min and a maximum lifting capacity of 615 kg at the ball head. The tractor also features an independent two-speed PTO (540 and 1,000 rpm) and a three-point hitch, allowing it to operate a variety of attachments.

Hydraulic system VALUES
Maximum oil flow rate 20.4 l/min
Maximum lifting force at the ball head 615 kg
Independent PTO shaft Yes
three-point hitch Yes

Dimensions and weights

The Kubota B2350 is a compact tractor that is easy to manoeuvre. The wheelbase of the tractor is 1.60 m while its overall length is 2.81 m. The tractor has a width of 1.25 m and a height of 1.37 m. The empty weight of the tractor is 980 kg.

Dimensions and weights VALUES
Wheelbase 1.60 m
total length 2.81 m
width 1.25 m
Height 1.37 m
Curb weight 980 kg


The cab of the Kubota B2350 offers the driver a high level of comfort during work. The cab is equipped with air conditioning that allows the driver to work in a comfortable environment. In addition, the cab has excellent soundproofing that reduces engine noise and provides the driver with a comfortable working environment.

Kubota B2350 Technische Daten
Kubota B2350 Specifications


The Kubota B2350 is equipped with tires suitable for a wide range of applications. The front tires are sized 20×8-10 while the rear tires are sized 27×12-15. The tractor’s tires are sturdy and provide excellent traction on uneven ground.

Front tires 20×8-10
rear tires 27×12-15


Maintaining the Kubota B2350 is simple and straightforward. The tractor is equipped with a simple maintenance system that allows the driver to carry out all important maintenance work himself. In addition, spare parts for the Kubota B2350 are easy and inexpensive to obtain.

Prices for spare parts

The prices for spare parts for the Kubota B2350 are comparatively cheap. Most replacement parts are easy to obtain and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

  • Oil filter: 10-20 euros
  • Air filter: 20-30 euros
  • Fuel filter: 10-20 euros
  • V-belt: 30-50 euros
  • Spark plugs: 5-10 euros each
  • Water pump: 100-200 euros
  • Clutch kit: 200-500 euros
  • Injectors: 50-100 euros each
  • Starter: 150-300 euros
  • alternator: 100-200 euros

Operating experience

The Kubota B2350 is a reliable and powerful tractor, ideal for a variety of tasks. The tractor offers excellent performance and is easy to operate. The tractor is also very agile and easy to manoeuvre, making it an ideal tractor for working on smaller farms.

I have been using the Kubota B2350 for some time and I am very satisfied with its performance and reliability. The tractor has proven itself in all situations and is an indispensable tool on my farm.

Comparison with other models

To get a better idea of ​​the performance characteristics of the Kubota B2350, it is worth comparing the tractor with other models of the brand. In the comparison below, we compared the Kubota B2350 to the B2320, B2620, B2920 and B3200 models.

model Kubota B2350 Kubota B2320 Kubota B2620 Kubota B2920 Kubota B3200
Rated power 23 HP 23 HP 26 HP 30 hp 32 hp
Displacement 1,001 cm³ 1,001 cm³ 1,318 cm³ 1,496 cm³ 1,499 cm³
Transmission Hydrostatic transmission Hydrostatic transmission Hydrostatic transmission Hydrostatic transmission synchro shuttle gearbox
Lifting force at ball head 615 kg 600 kg 615 kg 615 kg 615 kg
Hydraulic pump oil flow rate 20.4 l/min 20.4 l/min 23.3 l/min 26.4 l/min 28.4 l/min
Air conditioning Yes No Yes Yes Yes

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Compact design
  • Powerful engine
  • Easy to use
  • High lifting power
  • Easy maintenance
  • Inexpensive spare parts


  • No fully independent PTO
  • No synchro shuttle transmission
  • Could have more hydraulic power


The Kubota B2350 is a relatively affordable tractor. The price of a new model varies by region and retailer, but typically ranges from €15,000 to €20,000. Used models are also available and can be purchased at a lower price.


How much oil does the Kubota B2350 need?

The Kubota B2350 requires 4.1 liters of engine oil.

What is the maximum driving speed of the Kubota B2350?

The maximum driving speed of the Kubota B2350 is 20 km/h.

Can the Kubota B2350 be equipped with a front loader?

Yes, the Kubota B2350 can be equipped with a front loader to handle a variety of tasks.

How big is the fuel tank of Kubota B2350?

The fuel tank of the Kubota B2350 has a capacity of 23 liters.

How often does the oil in the Kubota B2350 need to be changed?

The oil in the Kubota B2350 should be changed every 200 hours of operation or once a year, whichever comes first.

Where can I buy spare parts for the Kubota B2350?

Kubota B2350 spare parts are available from authorized dealers and online retailers.

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