Kubota B1181 Specifications

The Kubota B1181 is a powerful tractor specially designed for use in agriculture. In this article, all the technical characteristics of the tractor are detailed in order to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview.

Technical data

Below is a table with all the technical characteristics of the Kubota B1181.

property value
Engine power 18 HP
Displacement 1,001 cm³
Transmission Hydrostat
Top speed 23 km/h
hydraulic system 19.5 l/min
Power lift 540 rpm
weight 850 kg
Dimensions 2.92m x 1.16m x 2.26m


The Kubota B1181 is equipped with a powerful 18 hp engine with a displacement of 1,001 cm³. The engine features electronic fuel injection that ensures high fuel efficiency.

Technical data Value
Engine model Kubota B1181
Engine type Diesel, 4-stroke
Number of cylinders 3
Displacement 1.123L
Rated power 18.5 hp / 13.6 kW
Max. torque 51.6 Nm at 1,800 rpm
Cooling Liquid-cooled
Starters Electrical
Air filter Dry air filter
Emissions standard Tier 4 Final / EU Stage V
Weight 137 kg


The Kubota B1181’s hydrostatic transmission enables smooth and precise control of the tractor. It is particularly suitable for applications that require stepless speed control.

Technical data Value
Gear type hydrostatic transmission
Number of forward gears Infinite (stepless)
Number of reverse gears Infinite (stepless)
Top speed 18 km/h
Brakes Oil-immersed disc brakes
Steering Hydraulic power steering
Differential lock Mechanical differential lock
PTO type Independent rear PTO
PTO power 15.7 HP / 11.6 kW
Three-point hitch Category 1
lifting capacity 615 kg


The Kubota B1181 is a powerful tractor with a maximum speed of 23 km/h and a hydraulic system with a capacity of 19.5 l/min. The tractor hitch can be operated at a speed of 540 rpm.

Performance data Value
Engine model Kubota B1181
Rated power 18.5 hp / 13.6 kW
Max. torque 51.6 Nm at 1,800 rpm
Gear type hydrostatic transmission
PTO power 15.7 hp / 11.6 kW
Lifting power 615 kg

hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the Kubota B1181 has a capacity of 19.5 l/min and offers high performance when performing applications that require high hydraulic power.

Technical data Value
hydraulic pump Double-acting piston pump
Delivery rate 23.8 l/min
Control units 1 double-acting control unit (rear)
Hydraulic oil quantity 17.0 l
three-point hitch Category 1
Lifting power 615 kg
Max. working pressure 175 bar
Hydraulic oil cooler standard equipment

Dimensions and weights

The Kubota B1181 is 2.92 m long, 1.16 m wide and 2.26 m high. The weight of the tractor is 850 kg.

Dimensions and weights value
Length (with three-point hitch) 2,790mm
width (with wheel tires) 1,235mm
Height (to center of steering wheel) 2,030mm
Wheelbase 1,500mm
Ground clearance (under front axle) 270mm
Weight (without ballasting) 920 kg
Max. permitted total weight (incl. trailer) 1,505 kg


The Kubota B1181 is equipped with a comfortable cab that provides the operator with a comfortable working environment. The cab is spacious and offers a good view of the work surface.

Kubota B1181 Specifications


The Kubota B1181 is equipped with robust and durable tires that ensure optimal traction on any terrain. The tires are available in different sizes to meet the needs of different applications.

Tire data Front tires rear tires
Tire size (standard) 6-12 8.3-20
Tread depth (standard) 22.0 mm 22.0mm
Tire pressure (standard) 1.0 bar (approximately 14.5 psi) 0.6 bar (about 8.7 psi)
Optional tire sizes 5-12, 6-14, 7-14 9.5-20, 11.2-20, 12.4-20


The Kubota B1181 requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Key maintenance items include regular oil changes, filter changes and inspections of the air filter and spark plugs must also be checked and replaced regularly. The Kubota B1181 features an easy-to-maintain design that allows for quick servicing and repairs.

Prices for spare parts

Below is a table showing the prices of spare parts for the Kubota B1181.

spare part Price
Air filter €25
Oil filter €15
spark plug €10
V-belt €30
hydraulic oil 50 €/10L

Operating experience

As an experienced farmer, I can say that the Kubota B1181 is an excellent tractor that fully meets my needs. The tractor is easy to operate and offers high performance when performing various agricultural applications. The performance of the engine is particularly impressive, offering high fuel efficiency and high performance.

Comparison with other models

Below is a table comparing the main technical characteristics of the Kubota B1181 with four other models of this brand.

Make and model Engine power Transmission hydraulic system Weight
Kubota B1181 18 hp Hydrostat 19.5 l/min 850 kg
Kubota B1241 24 hp Hydrostat 27.7 l/min 940 kg
Kubota B2150 21 HP Mechanical 25.5 l/min 970 kg
Kubota L2402DT 24 HP Mechanical 25.8 l/min 1130 kg
Kubota M4062 42 hp Mechanical 44 l/min 2350 kg

Disadvantages and advantages

The Kubota B1181 offers a variety of advantages, including high performance, ease of operation and maintenance, and a comfortable cabin. The disadvantages include the comparatively high price compared to other tractors on the market.

Advantages of the Kubota B1181 tractor:

  • Compact and manoeuvrable: the Kubota B1181 is a small tractor that is ideal for working in tight spaces.
  • Powerful: With a rated power of 18.5 hp and a PTO output of 15.7 hp, the B1181 can handle a wide range of tasks.
  • Stepless speed control: The stepless hydrostatic transmission enables precise speed control, which is particularly advantageous when working with attachments.
  • Easy to operate: The tractor is easy to operate and has a good view of the working field.
  • Reliability: Kubota is known for its reliable engines and technologies.

Disadvantages of the Kubota B1181 tractor:

  • Weight: With a weight of 920 kg, the B1181 is relatively heavy for its size.
  • Limited number of spool valves: The tractor has only one double-acting spool valve at the rear, which can limit the number of attachments that can be used at the same time.
  • Price: Kubota tractors are often more expensive than competing models from other manufacturers.


The cost of buying a new Kubota B1181 tractor varies by equipment and dealer. The price of a new tractor is usually between €10,000 and €15,000. Used models are usually cheaper and can cost between €5,000 and €8,000.


1. How much does it cost to service the Kubota B1181?

The cost of servicing the Kubota B1181 depends on the type of service performed. The cost of a simple oil change and air filter change is around €100. More extensive maintenance can cost up to €500

2. Is the Kubota B1181 suitable for use in agriculture?

Yes, the Kubota B1181 is specially designed for use in agriculture and offers high performance when performing various agricultural applications.

3. What is the warranty period for the Kubota B1181?

The Kubota B1181 is typically guaranteed for two years or 2,000 hours of use, whichever comes first.

4. Can the Kubota B1181 be used in forestry?

Although the Kubota B1181 was developed for use in agriculture, it can also be used for light forest work, such as cutting bushes and small trees.

5. What type of fuel is recommended for the Kubota B1181?

The Kubota B1181 runs on diesel fuel. It is recommended to use only high quality diesel fuel to ensure optimal engine performance.


The Kubota B1181 is a powerful tractor specially designed for use in agriculture. With its high performance, easy operation and maintenance and comfortable cab, it is an excellent choice for farmers looking for a reliable and efficient tractor. While the price of the Kubota B1181 is slightly higher than other tractors on the market, it still offers excellent value for money.

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