John Deere 8360R Specifications

John Deere 8360R is a powerful tractor widely used in agriculture. With its impressive specifications and reliability, it has earned its place as one of the best tractors on the market.

John Deere 8360R Specifications

model John Deere 8360R
engine power 360 HP
engine 9.0 liter 6-cylinder diesel engine
Transmission PowerShift transmission with 16 forward and 5 reverse gears
PTO power 290 HP
hydraulic system Closed-Center Load Sensing (CCLS) with a flow rate of 227.1 l/min
lifting capacity 10,940 kg
Weight 12,000 kg
Tire size front 600/70R30
Rear tire size 710/70R42
Width 2,950mm
Length 6,100 mm
Height 3,490mm

In this article we will delve deeply into the specifications, engine, transmission, power, hydraulic system, dimensions and weight, cab, tires, maintenance, parts prices, operating experience as well as deal with the advantages and disadvantages of the John Deere 8360R. Without further delay, let’s dive in!


The John Deere 8360R is equipped with a powerful engine. Here are some of the most important characteristics of the engine:

property Value
Engine power 360 HP
Displacement 9.0 liters
cylinder 6 cylinders
Fuel Diesel
Cooling Liquid-cooled
Air filter Dry

The engine of the John Deere 8360R is powerful and efficient. With an output of 360 hp, it offers enough power to handle demanding agricultural work.


The John Deere 8360R’s transmission offers smooth and precise performance. Here are some of the main characteristics of the gear:

property Value
Gear type Powershift
Number of gears 16 forwards, 5 backwards
Speed ​​range 2.1 to 26.4 km/h
All-wheel drive Yes
Differential lock Electronic

The John Deere 8360R transmission offers a wide range of gears for different requirements. With its all-wheel drive and electronic differential lock, the tractor is able to adapt to different terrain conditions.


The performance of the John Deere 8360R is impressive. Here are some of the key features:

property Value
PTO power 290 hp
Hydraulic power 115 l/min
lifting capacity 8,480 kg
Max. speed 50 km/h
Fuel tank 677 liters

With a PTO output of 290 hp and an impressive hydraulic capacity of 115 l/min, the John Deere 8360R is able to handle demanding jobs efficiently. The high lift capacity of 8,480 kg enables the tractor to lift and transport heavy loads.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the John Deere 8360R is powerful and versatile. Here are some of the key features of the hydraulic system:

property value
Control units 4 double-acting valves
Rear linkage Electronic
Hydraulic control unit Load sensing
Trailer brake valve Yes

The hydraulic system of the John Deere 8360R offers precise control and allows the use of various attachments. With four double-acting valves and an electronic rear linkage, the tractor offers a wide range of options for agricultural work.

Dimensions and weight

The dimensions and weight of the John Deere 8360R are as follows:

property value
Length 5,355mm
Width 2,964 mm
Height 3,207 mm
Wheelbase 3,005mm
curb weight 11,350 kg
Permissible total weight 17,000 kg

The John Deere 8360R has a compact size that is well suited for use in narrow fields. With an unladen weight of 11,350 kg and a gross vehicle weight of 17,000 kg, the tractor offers solid construction and stability.


The cab of the John Deere 8360R was designed to offer the driver maximum comfort. Here are some of the features of the cabin:

  • Spacious driver’s cab with ergonomic design
  • Comfortable driver’s seat with suspension
  • Air conditioning for an optimal working atmosphere
  • Low vibration and noise level
  • Intuitive controls for easy handling

The John Deere 8360R cab provides the operator with a comfortable working environment that reduces fatigue and increases productivity. With its advanced functions, it is suitable for long working days.

John Deere 8360R Technische Daten
John Deere 8360R Specifications


The John Deere 8360R is equipped with high-quality tires suitable for various operating conditions. Here are some of the characteristics of the tires:

property Value
Front tires 600/70R30
rear tires 710/70R42
Tire type Radial
Rim size 20.00
Tire pressure system Yes

The tires on the John Deere 8360R offer excellent traction and grip. With their radial design and tire pressure system, they can be adjusted to different ground conditions to ensure optimal performance.


Regular maintenance of the John Deere 8360R is essential to maintain its optimal performance and reliability. Here are some of the main points to pay attention to when servicing the tractor:

  • Engine oil change according to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Checking and, if necessary, replacing air and fuel filters
  • Checking the cooling water and refilling if necessary
  • Checking and, if necessary, adjusting the belts and chains
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Checking the tires and adjusting the tire pressure
  • Checking of lighting and electrical systems

With regular maintenance and care, the John Deere 8360R can maintain its optimal performance over a long period of time.

Prices for spare parts

When procuring spare parts for the John Deere 8360R, it is important to look for quality and reliability. Here are some examples of spare parts prices:

spare part Price
Air filter 50 euros
Fuel filter 30 euros
toothed belt 80 euros
Oil filter 40 euros
Spark plugs 10 euros

The prices for spare parts may vary depending on the provider and region. It is advisable to use high-quality genuine parts to ensure optimum tractor performance and reliability.

Operating experience

As the proud owner of a John Deere 8360R, I would like to share my personal operating experience. The tractor has exceeded my expectations and has proven to be extremely reliable. Whether ploughing, sowing or harvesting, the John Deere 8360R has always put in an impressive performance. Its power and agility make it an ideal partner on the field. The comfortable cab offers a pleasant working environment, even during long working days. The controls are intuitive and easy to use, which further simplifies the work. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the John Deere 8360R and would recommend it to any farmer looking for a powerful and reliable tractor.

Comparison with other models

In order to allow a comprehensive comparison, here is a table with the main technical data of four other models of the brand:

Make/Model Engine power Gear type hydraulic power lifting capacity
John Deere 8360R 360 HP powershift 115 l/min 8,480 kg
John Deere 8295R 295 HP Powershift 100 l/min 7,255 kg
John Deere 8320R 320 HP Powershift 110 l/min 8,130 kg
John Deere 8345R 345 HP Powershift 110 l/min 8,130 kg

The John Deere 8360R surpasses its comparable models in terms of engine power, hydraulic power and lifting capacity. This makes it an excellent choice for demanding farm work.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • High engine power for demanding tasks
  • Powerful hydraulic system for a variety of applications
  • Comfortable cab for pleasant work
  • Reliable performance and durability
  • Good agility and maneuverability
  • High lifting capacity for handling heavy loads


  • Higher purchase price compared to other models
  • Larger dimensions can mean restrictions in narrow fields
  • Higher fuel consumption at maximum power

Despite some potential disadvantages, the advantages of the John Deere 8360R outweigh the disadvantages. Its impressive performance and reliability make it an excellent choice for professional farmers.


The cost of the John Deere 8360R can vary depending on the trim level and provider. Here are some estimated price ranges:

  • New John Deere 8360R: 200,000 to 250,000 euros
  • Used John Deere 8360R: 120,000 to 180,000 euros, depending on age and operating hours

It is important to check the condition and service history of a used tractor before making a purchase decision. New models come with a guarantee and the benefit of the latest technology, while used models may be less expensive.


What kind of fuel does the John Deere 8360R need?

The John Deere 8360R runs on diesel fuel.

Is the John Deere 8360R equipped with all-wheel drive?

Yes, the John Deere 8360R has all-wheel drive, which provides improved traction and off-road capability.

What is the maximum speed of the John Deere 8360R?

The John Deere 8360R can reach a maximum speed of 50 km/h.

What type of air conditioning does the cabin of the John Deere 8360R offer?

The cab of the John Deere 8360R is equipped with air conditioning, which ensures an optimal working climate.

Where can I buy spare parts for the John Deere 8360R?

Spare parts for the John Deere 8360R can be purchased from authorized dealers or online dealers. It is advisable to use quality original parts to ensure the best performance and reliability.

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