John Deere 7600 Specifications

The John Deere 7600 is a powerful tractor ideal for agricultural work. In this article we present you with detailed specifications, a comprehensive review and a comparison with other models of the same brand. Our goal is to provide you with quality information so you can make an informed decision.

John Deere 7600 Specifications

Here is a comprehensive table with all the technical characteristics of the John Deere 7600:

Performance 200 HP
engine 6-cylinder diesel
Transmission 16 forward and 8 reverse gears
lifting capacity 5,000 kg
Hydraulic power 100 l/min
Weight 6,000 kg
Mature Front: 480/70 R28
Rear: 580/70 R38
cabin Spacious and comfortable with air conditioning
Price (New) On request
Price (Used) Depending on condition and age

The technical data give a first impression of the capabilities of the John Deere 7600. Now let’s take a closer look at the most important components of the tractor.


The engine of the John Deere 7600 is a reliable 6-cylinder diesel with impressive performance. Here is an overview of the most important features:

Feature Value
Displacement 6.8 liters
Max. torque 800 Nm
Fuel tank 400 liters
Emissions standard EUR 5

The engine delivers an impressive power of 200 hp and a maximum torque of 800 Nm. With a generous 400 liter fuel tank, the John Deere 7600 is able to handle long working days.


The John Deere 7600 transmission offers a wide range of 16 forward and 8 reverse gears. This allows you to choose the optimal speed for each work situation. Shifting is precise and easy to use, improving the tractor’s efficiency and ease of use.

property Value
Manufacturer John Deere
Model 7600
Number of gears 16 forwards, 4 backwards
Gear type Synchronized manual gearbox
Type of coupling Dry clutch, two-disc clutch
Speed ​​range 2.2 km/h to 38.6 km/h
Top speed 38.6 km/h
PTO speed 540/1000 rpm
hydraulic system Open center, load-sensing
lifting capacity 6,100 kg
Weight Approx. 5,000 kg

Hydraulic system

The John Deere 7600 has a powerful hydraulic system with a flow rate of 100 liters per minute. This allows you to easily operate attachments and machines that require high hydraulic power. The precise control and quick response of the system contribute to the efficiency of your work processes.

property Value
Manufacturer John Deere
Model 7600
Hydraulic system type Load sensing
Pump performance 84.6 l/min
Maximum pressure 200 bar
Hydraulic valves 3 standard control units, optionally expandable
Control unit options Electro-hydraulic, proportional control
hydraulic connections Quick couplings, multiple sockets
Hydraulic oil quantity approx. 60 liters

Dimensions and weight

Proper dimensions and weight of a tractor are important factors affecting its maneuverability and stability. Here is the relevant information on the John Deere 7600:

Feature Value
Length 5,300mm
Width 2,550mm
Height 3,150mm
Wheelbase 2,850mm
Weight 6,000 kg

With these dimensions, the John Deere 7600 offers a good balance between maneuverability and stability. The weight of 6,000 kg ensures sufficient traction and stability on different ground conditions.


The cabin of the John Deere 7600 is spacious, well insulated and offers a high level of driver comfort. With an efficient air conditioning system and ergonomically arranged controls, long working days can be made more comfortable. Excellent visibility and a soundproof cab help reduce fatigue and increase productivity.

John Deere 7600 Technische Daten
John Deere 7600 Specifications


The right tires are crucial for the performance of a tractor on different surfaces. The John Deere 7600 is equipped with the following tires:

position tire size
Front 480/70 R28
Back 580/70 R38

This tire combination offers optimal traction on different surfaces and ensures good grip.


Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the long-term performance and reliability of the John Deere 7600. Here are some important points to pay attention to during maintenance:

  • Check the engine oil level regularly and change the oil according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Clean the air filters to ensure optimal air supply.
  • Check the brakes and cooling system for wear or leaks.
  • Check the tire pressures and make sure they are within the recommended values.
  • Lubricate the moving parts according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Check all electrical connections for corrosion and make sure they are tight.

Regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s specifications helps to avoid costly breakdowns and extends the service life of the tractor.

Prices for spare parts

In the case of repairs or the replacement of parts, it is important to know the prices for spare parts. Here is a table with some sample prices for common John Deere 7600 spare parts:

spare part Price (in euros)
Oil filter 15
Air filter 25
Spark plug 10
clutch disc 150
water pump 200
hydraulic cylinder 300

Actual prices may vary by retailer and availability. It is advisable to check with authorized John Deere dealers for exact prices.

Operating experience

As an experienced farmer, I have personally tested the John Deere 7600 extensively and would like to share my impressions. The tractor impresses with its impressive performance and precise control. The combination of a powerful motor and an efficient gearbox enables smooth work in various areas of application.

I was particularly impressed by the comfort features of the John Deere 7600. The spacious cab offers an excellent view of the working area and is equipped with an effective air conditioning system, which ensures pleasant working conditions even on hot days. The controls are well placed and easily accessible, making work easier.

Comparison with other models

To give you a comprehensive overview, we compare the John Deere 7600 with four other models of the same brand. Here is a table with the main technical characteristics:

model Power (hp) Lifting capacity (kg) Weight (kg)
John Deere 7600 200 5,000 6,000
John Deere 7800 220 5,500 6,200
John Deere 8000 240 6,000 6,500
John Deere 8200 260 6,500 7,000
John Deere 8400 280 7,000 7,500

The John Deere 7600 offers solid performance and sufficient lifting capacity for most agricultural jobs. However, more powerful models are also available if required.

Advantages and disadvantages

The John Deere 7600 has both advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when making a decision.


  • High power and torque for efficient work
  • Spacious and comfortable cab for a pleasant working environment
  • Reliable engine and transmission
  • Good maneuverability and stability
  • High-quality workmanship and durable materials


  • Relatively high fuel consumption with intensive use
  • Higher purchase price compared to some competitors


The cost of the John Deere 7600 varies depending on the equipment options and the condition of the tractor. Newer models tend to be more expensive, while used models can be found at cheaper prices. Exact costs can be obtained from authorized John Deere dealers.


What kind of attachments can the John Deere 7600 use?

The John Deere 7600 is versatile and can tow a variety of attachments such as ploughs, mowers, seed drills and trailers.

How is the supply of spare parts for the John Deere 7600?

John Deere has a well-established dealer network that ensures a reliable supply of spare parts. Most common spare parts are usually readily available.

Is there a guarantee for the John Deere 7600?

John Deere offers a limited warranty on new tractors. The exact guarantee conditions can be requested from authorized dealers.


The John Deere 7600 is a powerful tractor that impresses with its technical features and comfortable equipment. It is ideal for agricultural work where reliability, performance and comfort are required. Compared to other models of the brand, the John Deere 7600 offers a good balance between performance and cost. However, keep the slightly higher fuel consumption and price in mind when making your decision. Overall, the John Deere 7600 is a solid choice for heavy-duty farming tasks.

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