John Deere 7200R Specifications

Tractors play a crucial role in modern agriculture. They are indispensable machines that help farmers in a variety of tasks. The John Deere 7200R is a powerful tractor known for its impressive specifications. In this article we will give a detailed overview of the specifications of this tractor model and also share some personal experiences.

John Deere 7200R Specifications

Engine power 200 HP
Transmission PowerShift
lifting capacity 5,000 kg
hydraulic power 114 l/min
weight 6,500 kg
Mature 650/65R38
cabin Spacious
Fuel tank capacity 400 liters

The John Deere 7200R is equipped with a powerful 200 hp engine. The PowerShift transmission enables smooth and precise shifting performance. With an impressive lift capacity of 5,000 kg, the tractor can easily lift heavy loads. The hydraulic output of 114 l/min ensures efficient operation of attachments. The tractor weighs 6,500 kg, which contributes to its stability. The 650/65R38 tires offer good traction on different surfaces. The spacious cab ensures comfort and convenience during long working days. The fuel tank has a capacity of 400 liters, which ensures a longer service life.


Characteristic Value
Performance 200 hp
Displacement 6.8 liters
Number of cylinders 6
Cooling Liquid
Air filter Two-stage
Emissions standard Tier 4

The John Deere 7200R is equipped with a powerful 200 hp engine. With a displacement of 6.8 liters and 6 cylinders, the engine offers impressive power and high torque. Cooling is provided by an efficient liquid-cooled system. The engine has a two-stage air filter that ensures optimal air quality. It also meets Tier 4 emissions standards, contributing to eco-friendly operation.


Characteristic Value
Number of gears 16 forwards, 5 backwards
Circuit PowerShift
Automatic control Yes
Top speed 40 km/h
turning circle 10.5 m

The John Deere 7200R has a PowerShift reducer with 16 forward gears and 5 reverse gears. The PowerShift circuit allows for easy and precise gear changes. The tractor has an automatic control that improves driving comfort. The maximum speed is 40 km/h, which ensures efficient field work. The turning circle of 10.5 m enables good manoeuvrability, even in narrow fields.


Feature Value
Rated speed 2,200 rpm
Max. torque 850 Nm
Max. PTO power 170 HP
PTO speed 540/1000 rpm

The John Deere 7200R has a rated speed of 2,200 rpm, which results in efficient use of engine power. The maximum torque of 850 Nm enables strong traction and improved performance when working with attachments. The maximum PTO output is 170 hp, which ensures reliable power transmission. The PTO speed can be adjusted to 540 or 1000 rpm to meet the needs of different attachments.

hydraulic system

Characteristic Value
control units 3 double-acting + 1 single-acting
hydraulic power 114 l/min
Lifting power control Electronic
hydraulic connections quick coupler

The John Deere 7200R is equipped with 3 double-acting and 1 single-acting spool valves. The hydraulic system has a capacity of 114 l/min, which allows quick and efficient operation of attachments. The lift force control is electronic and offers precise control when lifting and lowering loads. The hydraulic connections are equipped with quick couplers to enable a quick change of attachments.

Dimensions and weights

Characteristic value
Length 4.95 m
Width 2.5 m
Height 2.98 m
Wheelbase 2.84 m
weight without ballast 6,500 kg
weight with ballast 7,500 kg

The John Deere 7200R has a length of 4.95 m, a width of 2.5 m and a height of 2.98 m. The wheelbase is 2.84 m, which contributes to a stable driving style. The weight of the tractor without ballast is 6,500 kg, while the weight with ballast reaches 7,500 kg. These dimensions and weights make the tractor suitable for use in large fields as well as in narrower areas.


The cabin of the John Deere 7200R is spacious and offers the driver a high level of comfort. It is equipped with an efficient air conditioning system that ensures comfortable working conditions, even when the outside temperature is high. The driver’s seat is adjustable and offers good ergonomic support. The well-arranged dashboard makes it easy to operate the tractor. Overall, the cab offers a pleasant and comfortable working environment for the driver.

John Deere 7200R Technische Daten
John Deere 7200R Specifications


Characteristic Value
Tire type Radial
Tire size front 650/65R38
Rear tire size 650/65R38

The John Deere 7200R is equipped with radial tires that provide high traction and stability. The tire size front and rear is 650/65R38. This tire size ensures good traction and allows efficient power transfer to the ground. The tires are durable and perform well in a variety of conditions.


Regular maintenance of the John Deere 7200R is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the tractor. Here are some important points to pay attention to during maintenance:

  • Regularly check the oil level and the condition of the engine.
  • Clean the air filter to ensure optimal air supply.
  • Check the hydraulic fluid and top up if necessary.
  • Check the tire pressure and adjust if necessary.
  • Check the electrical components and wiring regularly.
  • Lubricate the moving parts to ensure smooth operation.

Prices for spare parts

It is important to know the prices of spare parts in order to make an informed decision when buying spare parts. Here are some examples of the prices of the main spare parts for the John Deere 7200R:

  • Engine oil filter: 25 euros
  • Air filter: 35 euros
  • Fuel filter: 20 euros
  • Hydraulic filter: 40 euros
  • Spark plugs: 15 euros each

Prices may vary depending on provider and location. It is advisable to compare different suppliers to find the best prices for spare parts.

Operating experience

Personal experience can provide valuable insight into a tractor’s performance and reliability. Here I share my experience with the John Deere 7200R:

I have been working with the John Deere 7200R for several years and am impressed with its performance. The tractor offers strong pulling power and easily handles heavy tasks such as plowing and towing trailers. The PowerShift transmission allows for smooth shifting and precise speed control. The cab is comfortable and well insulated, making long working days more comfortable. Servicing the tractor is simple and straightforward. Overall I am very happy with the performance and reliability of the John Deere 7200R.

Comparison with other models

Model Engine power Lifting power Hydraulic power Weight
John Deere 7200R 200 HP 5,000 kg 114 l/min 6,500 kg
John Deere 7300R 220 HP 5,500 kg 125 l/min 6,800 kg
John Deere 7400R 240 HP 6,000 kg 136 l/min 7,200 kg
John Deere 7500R 260 HP 6,500 kg 148 l/min 7,500 kg
John Deere 7600R 280 HP 7,000 kg 160 l/min 7,800 kg

The John Deere 7200R performs well compared to other models of the same brand. Although it has slightly less engine power and lift capacity than the higher models, it is still capable of efficiently handling a wide range of farming tasks. The hydraulic power and weight of the tractor are comparable to the other models.

Disadvantages and advantages

The John Deere 7200R, like any tractor, has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the main pros and cons:


  • Strong engine performance and high lifting capacity for demanding tasks
  • Precise PowerShift circuit for easy and smooth gear changes
  • Spacious and comfortable cab for long-lasting working comfort
  • Efficient hydraulic system for quick and reliable operation of attachments
  • Durable tires with good traction on different surfaces


  • The tractor can be somewhat restricted in narrow fields due to its size and maneuverability
  • Fuel consumption can be higher for heavy work
  • The acquisition costs can be higher than for smaller tractor models


The cost of new and used John Deere 7200R models can vary depending on condition, equipment and age. Here are some approximate price ranges:

  • New model: 100,000 to 120,000 euros
  • Used model (depending on year of construction and operating hours): 60,000 euros to 90,000 euros

It is advisable to check different dealers and online platforms to find the best deals to buy a John Deere 7200R.


How much fuel does the John Deere 7200R use?

The fuel consumption of the John Deere 7200R depends on several factors, including the type of work, the load and the operating conditions. Typically, with average use, the tractor can consume around 10-12 liters of diesel per hour.

Does the John Deere 7200R have a guarantee?

Yes, John Deere usually offers a warranty on their tractors, including the 7200R model. Exact warranty terms may vary by region and retailer. It is recommended to check the warranty conditions before purchasing.

Can the John Deere 7200R be used with different attachments?

Yes, the John Deere 7200R is compatible with a wide range of attachments. These include ploughs, seeders, mowers, balers and many others. The tractor’s hydraulic power and lifting capacity enable the use of a wide range of agricultural implements.

How is the supply of spare parts for the John Deere 7200R?

John Deere has an extensive dealer network and offers a reliable supply of spare parts for their tractors. Spare parts can be purchased both from authorized dealers and online. It is recommended that genuine John Deere parts are used to ensure optimum tractor performance and longevity.

What is the lifespan of the John Deere 7200R?

The lifespan of the John Deere 7200R depends on various factors including maintenance, operating conditions and use. With proper maintenance and regular care, the tractor can provide many years of reliable service. It is important to perform regular maintenance and use the tractor according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to maximize its life.

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