John Deere 5515 Specifications

In order to give a brief description of the tractor, it is necessary to provide some basic information about the John Deere 5515. This tractor is a high-quality agricultural vehicle that has been developed for a wide range of agricultural applications. With powerful engines, a robust build and advanced features, the John Deere 5515 offers reliable performance and efficiency in the field.

John Deere 5515 Specifications

The John Deere 5515 is characterized by a multitude of technical features. Here you will find a comprehensive table with all important technical data:

Engine power 115 HP
Displacement 4.5 liters
Transmission 12 forward and 4 reverse gears
hydraulic power 80 l/min
Weight 3,500 kg
Mature Front tires: 420/70 R24; Rear tires: 520/70 R34


The John Deere 5515 is equipped with a powerful engine that offers a rated power of 115 hp. The displacement is 4.5 liters, which gives the tractor impressive performance and pulling power. The engine is also characterized by its high reliability and fuel efficiency.

property Specification
engine John Deere 5515
Engine power 75 HP
Displacement 4.5 liters
Number of cylinders 4 cylinders
Transmission Synchronized gearbox
Transmission type 9 forward gears, 3 reverse gears
Top speed 40 km/h
PTO speed 540/1000 rpm
Hydraulic system Single acting hydraulic system
Lifting power 2500 kg
Steering Hydraulic steering
Brakes Wet disc brakes
Tires Front: 7.50-16, Rear: 16.9-30
Weight 3100 kg
Dimensions length: 4150 mm, width: 2040 mm, height: 2600 mm


The John Deere 5515 transmission offers 12 forward gears and 4 reverse gears. This versatility allows the operator to set the optimal speed and torque for different applications. Shifting is precise and smooth, ensuring comfortable and efficient operation.

property Specification
Type of gear Synchronized gearbox
Number of gears 9 forward gears, 3 reverse gears
Top speed 40 km/h

hydraulic system

The John Deere 5515 has a powerful hydraulic system with a pump capacity of 80 liters per minute. This system enables trouble-free operation of hydraulic attachments, providing quick responsiveness and precise control.

property Specification
Hydraulic system Single acting hydraulic system
Lifting power 2500 kg

Dimensions and weights

The dimensions and weights of the John Deere 5515 are as follows:

Dimension Value
Length 4.50 m
Width 2.30 m
Height 2.80 m
Weight 3,500 kg


The cab of the John Deere 5515 offers the driver a high level of comfort and an excellent view of the working environment. With an ergonomic design, air conditioning and a spacious interior design, the cab ensures a pleasant working environment, even during long working days.

John Deere 5515 Technische Daten
John Deere 5515 Specifications


The John Deere 5515 is equipped with high quality tires. The front tires are 420/70 R24, while the rear tires are 520/70 R34. These tires provide optimal traction and grip on various surfaces, allowing the tractor to work efficiently and safely.

property Specification
Front tires 7.50-16
Rear tires 16.9-30


When servicing the John Deere 5515, there are a few important points to consider. Here are the main aspects to look out for:

  • Regular check of engine oil and replacement if necessary
  • Checking and adjusting the air filter for optimal engine performance
  • Checking the hydraulic fluid and replacing it if necessary
  • Checking tire pressures for optimal traction and stability
  • Inspection of the brakes and replacement of wearing parts if necessary

Prices for spare parts

There are a variety of spare parts for the John Deere 5515 that you can purchase if you need them. Here is a table with some price examples for spare parts:

spare part Price
Oil filter 20 euros
Air filter 25 euros
hydraulic pump 300 euros
Brake pads 50 euros

Operating experience

As a user of the John Deere 5515, I can say from my own experience that this tractor offers excellent performance and reliability. Its powerful engine power allows you to pull heavy loads and work efficiently in the field. The precise control and comfortable driving experience make the John Deere 5515 an excellent choice for agricultural applications.

Comparison with other models

In order to allow a comprehensive comparison, I have made a table with the main technical characteristics of four other models of the brand. Here are the models and their characteristics:

model Engine power Weight
John Deere 5015 100 HP 3,200 kg
John Deere 5615 120 HP 3,600 kg
John Deere 5715 130 HP 3,800 kg
John Deere 5815 140 HP 4,000 kg

The John Deere 5515 offers a good balance between engine power and weight, making it a versatile option for various agricultural applications.

Disadvantages and advantages

The John Deere 5515 has both advantages and disadvantages that should be considered. Here are some of the key points:


  • High engine power for demanding tasks
  • Robust design for a long service life
  • Comfortable cab for the driver
  • Good maneuverability even in tight spaces
  • Good value for money


  • Relatively high fuel consumption
  • Maintenance can be expensive
  • Spare parts can be expensive


The cost of new and used John Deere 5515 tractor models varies by condition and equipment. Here is an overview of the price range:

  • New model: from 70,000 euros
  • Used model: from 40,000 euros, depending on mileage and condition


Which attachments can be used with the John Deere 5515?

The John Deere 5515 is compatible with a wide range of attachments, including ploughs, mowers, front loaders and dump trailers.

What is the maximum speed of the John Deere 5515?

The maximum speed is about 40 km/h.

Is the John Deere 5515 also approved for road use?

Yes, the tractor meets all legal requirements for road traffic and can be used on public roads.

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