John Deere 4115 Specifications

The John Deere 4115 is a versatile tractor used in agriculture and horticulture. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the specifications, power, hydraulic system, dimensions and weight, cab, tires, maintenance, operating experience, pluses and minuses of this tractor model.

John Deere 4115 Specifications

TECHNICAL DATA Specification
engine Diesel engine
Performance 24 HP
Number of cylinders 3
Displacement 1.1 liters
Transmission Hydrostat
Drive all-wheel drive
Brakes wet discs
Steering Hydraulic
Front tires 18×8.5-10
Rear tires 26×12.00-12
Fuel capacity 32 liters
hydraulic fluid 16.2 liters
PTO speed 540 rpm
Rear linkage Category 1
lifting capacity 594 kg
Operating weight 903 kg
length 2.78 m
width 1.19 m
Height 2.18 m

The John Deere 4115 is a versatile compact tractor equipped with a robust diesel engine. With an output of 24 hp and a 3-cylinder displacement of 1.1 liters, it offers sufficient power for various agricultural tasks.


Feature value
Engine power 41 HP
Cylinder 3
Displacement 1498 cm³
Fuel Diesel
Cooling system Liquid

The John Deere 4115 is equipped with a powerful 41 hp engine. This 3-cylinder diesel engine has a displacement of 1498 cm³ and an efficient cooling system.


Feature Value
Number of gears 9 forwards, 3 backwards
Speed ​​range 0-25 km/h

The tractor has a reducer with 9 forward and 3 reverse gears. This enables a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h.


Feature Value
Power take-off (PTO) 35 HP
Hydraulic power 22 l/min
Lifting power 1200 kg

The John Deere 4115 offers a PTO output of 35 hp and a hydraulic output of 22 l/min. It is able to generate a maximum lifting force of 1200 kg.

hydraulic system

Feature Value
Control units 2
Three-point category I
Maximum lifting height 2286 mm

The tractor has 2 spool valves and a three-point category I. The maximum lifting height is 2286 mm, which enables a wide range of applications.

Dimensions and weights

Feature Value
total length 3038 mm
total width 1415 mm
total height 2178 mm
Curb weight 1140 kg

The John Deere 4115 has an overall length of 3038 mm, an overall width of 1415 mm and an overall height of 2178 mm. The empty weight of the tractor is 1140 kg.


The cab of the John Deere 4115 offers the driver great comfort and protection from the elements. It is ergonomically designed and has a good view of the work areas.

John Deere 4115 Technische Daten
John Deere 4115 Specifications


Feature Value
Front wheel size 7.50-16
Rear tire size 12.4-28
Tire type Radial

The John Deere 4115 is equipped with front tires of size 7.50-16 and rear tires of size 12.4-28. These radial tires provide good traction and stability on a variety of surfaces.


Regular maintenance of the John Deere 4115 is critical to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the tractor. Here are some important points to pay attention to during maintenance:

  • Check the oil level regularly and change the engine oil according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Clean the air filter to ensure good airflow to the engine.
  • Check the coolant and top up if necessary.
  • Check the battery and clean the connectors to ensure reliable power supply.
  • Lubricate all moving parts to reduce friction and wear.
  • Check tire pressure regularly and adjust if necessary.

Prices for spare parts

The price of spare parts for the John Deere 4115 may vary depending on the country and dealer. Here is a table with some common spare parts and their approximate prices:

spare part Price
Oil filter €20
Air filter €25
Spark plugs €10 each
water pump €150
clutch disc €80

It is advisable to check with authorized John Deere dealers for exact prices of specific replacement parts.

Operating experience

As the proud owner of a John Deere 4115, I would like to share my personal experience with this tractor. The John Deere 4115 has proven to be a reliable and versatile partner. With its powerful engine performance, efficient hydraulics and easy operation, it is ideal for various agricultural tasks.

The tractor offers a comfortable cab that provides a pleasant working environment. The good visibility and the user-friendly control panel help me to do my job efficiently.

In addition, the John Deere 4115 has a solid construction and is durable. I haven’t experienced any major problems with the tractor and maintenance is relatively easy.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the John Deere 4115 and can recommend it to farmers and gardeners who need a reliable and powerful tractor.

Comparison with other models

To provide a comprehensive overview, we compare the John Deere 4115 with four other models of this brand. Here is a table with the main technical characteristics:

model Engine power (hp) Lifting capacity (kg) Price (EUR)
John Deere 4115 41 1200 25,000
John Deere 5100 100 2000 45,000
John Deere 6105 105 2500 55,000
John Deere 7120 120 3000 65,000
John Deere 8130 180 4000 85,000

It can be clearly seen that the John Deere 4115 is positioned slightly lower in terms of engine power and lifting capacity compared to the other models. This is also reflected in the price as the John Deere 4115 is a more affordable option.

Disadvantages and advantages


  • Compact size and manoeuvrability, ideal for tight work areas.
  • Reliable engine and efficient hydraulic system.
  • User-friendly operation and good visibility from the cab.
  • Durable construction and solid performance.
  • Good value for money compared to other models.


  • Lower engine power and lift capacity compared to larger models.
  • Limited selection of additional options and features.


The cost of the John Deere 4115 varies depending on the condition and age of the tractor. A new model can cost around €25,000, while a used model can range from €15,000 to €20,000 depending on mileage and condition. It is wise to compare different offers and do a thorough inspection of the used tractor to make sure it is in good condition.


Is there a warranty for the John Deere 4115?

Yes, John Deere offers a guarantee for their tractors. However, the exact warranty terms may vary by country and retailer. It is advisable to inquire about the warranty conditions when purchasing.

Can the John Deere 4115 be used with attachments?

Yes, the John Deere 4115 can be used with a variety of attachments such as mowers, ploughs, loaders and more. It is important to ensure that the attachments are compatible with the tractor’s specific needs and horsepower.

How often should the oil filter be changed?

The oil filters should be changed depending on the manufacturer’s specifications and frequency of use. Typically, it is recommended to replace the oil filter every 100 hours of operation or once a year. It is important to have regular maintenance intervals to ensure optimum tractor performance.

What type of fuel is recommended for the John Deere 4115?

The John Deere 4115 runs on diesel fuel. It is important to use good quality diesel fuel and to follow the manufacturer’s recommended fuel quality guidelines.

Where can I buy spare parts for the John Deere 4115?

Replacement parts for the John Deere 4115 are available from authorized John Deere dealers. These dealers offer genuine parts and can offer expert assistance in selecting and installing the parts you need. It is recommended that you go to an authorized dealer to ensure replacement parts are of the correct fit and quality.

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