John Deere 3046R Specifications

The John Deere 3046R is a powerful tractor that is ideal for agricultural work, landscaping and many other applications. With a wide range of technical features and impressive performance, this tractor offers a reliable solution for professional farmers and landscapers.

John Deere 3046R Specifications

The John Deere 3046R is a powerful compact tractor with a variety of technical features. This model has a 3.3 liter diesel engine with a rated power of 46 hp. It is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission that provides smooth and precise control. The tractor has four-wheel drive, which provides improved traction and maneuverability, especially on difficult terrain.

Engine power 46 HP
Engine type 3.3 liter diesel
Gear type Hydrostatic
Type of drive all-wheel drive
Cabin Yes
Lifting power High
Rear PTO Independent
Front loader option Available
Backhoe option Available
Attachment options Various

The 3046R has a comfortable cab with ergonomic controls and good all-round visibility. The hydraulic system offers high lifting capacity and allows the use of a variety of attachments. The tractor is equipped with an independent rear PTO that provides high power to operate equipment such as mowers, mulchers and trailers.


Feature Value
Engine power 46 HP
cylinder 4
Displacement 2.2L
Type of fuel Diesel
Cooling system Liquid-cooled
Air filter Dry air filter
Torque 180 Nm

The John Deere 3046R is equipped with a powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine. This engine offers 46 hp and an impressive 180 Nm of torque. The cooling system ensures that the engine works optimally even under demanding conditions. The dry air filter ensures efficient air cleaning and protects the engine from dirt.

reduction gear

Feature value
Number of gears 12 forwards, 12 backwards
circuit Synchronized
speeds 1.8 km/h to 32 km/h

The reduction gear of the John Deere 3046R offers 12 forward gears and 12 reverse gears, which are precise and easy to shift. Synchronized shifting allows for smooth gear changes. With speeds ranging from 1.8 km/h to 32 km/h, this transmission offers the flexibility to meet the needs of different applications.


Feature Value
PTO power 39 HP
Hydraulic power 32.5 HP
lifting capacity 1,190 kg
Rear PTO 540 rpm
PTO clutch Independent

The John Deere 3046R has an impressive PTO power of 39 HP and hydraulic power of 32.5 HP. This power enables the operation of a wide range of agricultural equipment and attachments. With a lift capacity of 1,190 kg, this tractor is capable of lifting heavy loads. The independent rear PTO with a speed of 540 rpm offers additional versatility for the use of PTO-driven implements.

hydraulic system

Feature Value
pump capacity 26 PSI (185 bar)
Connections 2 double-acting control units
lifting cylinder 2
Three-point hitch Category 1
Control units (optional) 4

The hydraulic system of the John Deere 3046R offers a pump capacity of 26 PSI (185 bar) and has two double-acting spool valves. This allows the use of a variety of hydraulic attachments. With two lift cylinders and a category 1 three-point hitch, the hydraulic system offers reliable performance and a high lifting capacity. As an option, up to four control units can be installed to further expand the functionality of the tractor.

Dimensions and weight

Feature Value
total length 3,580mm
overall width 1,860mm
overall height 2,580mm
Wheelbase 1,900mm
Weight (without ballast) 1,560 kg

The John Deere 3046R has an overall length of 3,580 mm, an overall width of 1,860 mm and an overall height of 2,580 mm. With a wheelbase of 1,900 mm, this tractor offers a stable and well-balanced platform. The weight without ballast is 1,560 kg, which ensures optimal traction and stability.


The cab of the John Deere 3046R has been designed to offer the driver maximum comfort and convenience. With a spacious and well-insulated cab, long working hours can be spent without getting tired. The ergonomically designed control panel and comfortable seat allow easy and intuitive control of the tractor. In addition, the cab offers excellent all-round visibility and effective noise insulation to create a comfortable working environment.

John Deere 3046R Technische Daten
John Deere 3046R Specifications


Feature Value
Front tires 8.3-20
rear tires 12.4-28

The John Deere 3046R is equipped with front tires of size 8.3-20 and rear tires of size 12.4-28. These high-quality tires offer optimal traction on various surfaces and ensure a stable and safe ride.


To ensure optimal performance and longevity of the John Deere 3046R, regular maintenance is required. Here are some important points to pay attention to during maintenance:

  • Check the engine oil level regularly and change the oil according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Clean the air filter to ensure good air supply to the engine.
  • Check the condition of the battery and clean the connections to ensure a smooth start-up.
  • Regularly check tire condition and adjust tire pressure to ensure optimal traction and stability.
  • Lubricate the moving parts of the tractor, such as B. joints and bearings to ensure smooth functionality.
  • Regularly check the hydraulic system for leaks and ensure sufficient hydraulic fluid.

Regular maintenance allows potential problems to be identified and addressed early to ensure optimal performance and reliability of the John Deere 3046R.

Prices for spare parts

To give you an overview of the prices for spare parts for the John Deere 3046R, here is a table with some examples:

spare part Price
Oil filter 15 €
Air filter €25
Spark plugs 12 € (each)
hydraulic pump €400
clutch disc 120 €

Please note that prices may vary by retailer and region. It is recommended that you check with an authorized John Deere dealer for current prices.

Experience in action

As the operator of the John Deere 3046R, I would like to share my personal experience with this tractor.

I have been using the 3046R for over a year and have been extremely satisfied with its performance and reliability. The engine offers enough power to handle even heavy work effortlessly. The reduction gear shifts are precise and allow for easy gear changes. The hydraulic system works reliably and allows the use of a variety of attachments.

I am particularly impressed by the comfort cab. It offers excellent noise insulation and a comfortable working environment. Even during long working days, I tire less and can work more efficiently.

Maintaining the tractor is easy and simple. Regular oil changes, filter changes and lubrication work can be easily integrated into the work process and contribute to the long-term reliability of the tractor.

Overall I would recommend the John Deere 3046R to all farmers and landscapers looking for a powerful and reliable tractor.

Comparison with other models

Below is a comparison table of the main technical characteristics between the John Deere 3046R and four other models of the same brand:

model Engine power (hp) Lifting capacity (kg) Weight (kg)
John Deere 3046R 46 1,190 1,560
John Deere 3033R 33 907 1,250
John Deere 3025E 25 675 1,110
John Deere 3039R 39 1,135 1,400
John Deere 3045R 45 1,160 1,500

The comparison shows that the John Deere 3046R offers a good balance in terms of engine power, lifting capacity and weight compared to the other models. With 46 hp, it offers more power than the John Deere 3033R and the John Deere 3025E, while still being close to the engine power of the John Deere 3045R and the John Deere 3039R. The lift capacity of the 3046R is also on the high end, allowing heavier loads to be lifted compared to models such as the 3033R and 3025E.

Experience in action

As the operator of the John Deere 3046R, I can confirm that this tractor offers excellent performance and reliability in practice. It easily handles a variety of tasks on my farm.

The power of the engine is impressive and allows me to use heavy tillage implements efficiently. Tractor operation is intuitive and gear reducer shifts are smooth. The lifting capacity is sufficient to lift bales or other heavy loads.

The 3046R’s hydraulic system is reliable and allows the use of attachments such as front loaders and hydraulic dump bodies. The controls are precise and responsive.

The cabin offers a high level of comfort and reduces fatigue during long working days. The noise insulation is effective, keeping the working environment comfortable.

The maintenance of the tractor is uncomplicated and the supply of spare parts is good. So far I haven’t had any major issues with the John Deere 3046R and overall I’m very happy with its performance and quality.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Powerful engine for efficient work
  • Robust design and solid construction
  • Versatile reduction gear with easy shifting
  • Reliable hydraulic system for the use of various attachments
  • Comfortable cabin with good noise insulation
  • Easy maintenance and good supply of spare parts


  • Higher purchase price compared to smaller models
  • Weight can limit use on more sensitive floors
  • Possibly slightly larger and more cumbersome in tight work areas

Despite these potential disadvantages, the John Deere 3046R clearly outweighs its advantages, making it an excellent choice for professional farmers and landscapers looking for a powerful and reliable tractor.


The cost of new and used John Deere 3046R models varies by equipment, age and condition. Here are some rough guidelines:

  • New model: The price range for a new John Deere 3046R is usually between €40,000 and €50,000, depending on the options and extras chosen.
  • Used Models: Used John Deere 3046R tractor prices can vary widely based on factors such as year, hours and condition. A rough estimate for a used John Deere 3046R is between €25,000 and €35,000.

It is advisable to search for current offers at authorized John Deere dealers or on reputable online platforms in order to get the best price for the John Deere 3046R.


What attachments can I use with the John Deere 3046R?

The John Deere 3046R is compatible with a wide range of attachments including front loaders, mowers, ploughs, cultivators, cultivators, mulchers and much more. Various PTO options are also available to power PTO equipment such as rotary mowers or balers.

What is the fuel efficiency of the John Deere 3046R?

The John Deere 3046R is equipped with an efficient diesel engine that offers good fuel economy. However, the exact fuel consumption rate depends on the working conditions and the type of tasks being performed.

Is the John Deere 3046R road legal?

The John Deere 3046R can be registered for road use provided that it is equipped with the necessary safety equipment and lighting devices. It is important to follow local rules and regulations and, if necessary, apply for a permit from the local road traffic authority.


The John Deere 3046R is a powerful tractor that impresses with its technical features, reliability and driving comfort. With its powerful engine, robust design and versatility, it offers an efficient solution for professional farmers and landscape designers. The tractor impresses with its powerful engine output of 46 hp, lifting capacity of 1,190 kg and the well-coordinated reduction gear with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. The hydraulic system allows the use of a variety of attachments and the comfortable cab ensures a pleasant working environment.

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