John Deere 3036 Specifications

John Deere 3036 is a powerful tractor designed for various agricultural work. With its advanced specifications and features, it offers efficiency and reliability. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the specifications, maintenance, pros and cons, and cost of this model. Let’s dive into the world of the John Deere 3036 and discover its unique features.

John Deere 3036 Specifications

Engine power 36 HP
Transmission type Dubbed
Number of gears 8 forwards, 8 backwards
Lifting power 1000 kg
Hydraulic power 30 l/min
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3640mm x 1570mm x 2250mm
Weight 1700 kg
Front/rear tires 6.00-16/9.5-24

The John Deere 3036 is equipped with a powerful 36 hp engine that provides enough power for a variety of tasks. The synchronized transmission offers 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds to ensure precise control and ease of use. With a lifting capacity of 1000 kg and a hydraulic capacity of 30 l/min, this tractor is capable of lifting heavy loads and powering various attachments. The dimensions of the John Deere 3036 are 3640 mm in length, 1570 mm in width and 2250 mm in height, while the weight is 1700 kg. The front tires are 6.00-16 and rear 9.5-24, giving the tractor stability and traction.


property Value
Engine type 3-cylinder
Displacement 1643 cm³
Cooling Liquid
Fuel Diesel
Air filter Dry
Rated power 36 HP
Max. torque 130 Nm
Starter Electrical

The John Deere 3036 is equipped with a reliable 3-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1643 cm³. The engine runs on diesel and has efficient liquid cooling. A dry air filter ensures smooth combustion and protects the engine from contamination. The John Deere 3036 is equipped with a reliable 3-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1643 cm³. The engine runs on diesel and has efficient liquid cooling. A dry air filter ensures smooth combustion and protects the engine from contamination. The rated power of the engine is 36 hp, which provides enough power for various agricultural tasks. The maximum torque is 130 Nm, which gives the tractor additional pulling power. The John Deere 3036 is equipped with an electric starter that ensures reliable starting.


property Value
Transmission type Dubbed
Number of gears 8 forwards, 8 backwards
Type of coupling Single-plate dry clutch
circuit Manual

The John Deere 3036 has a synchronized gearbox with 8 forward and 8 reverse gears. This transmission allows for precise and smooth shifting to achieve the desired speed and performance. The tractor’s clutch is a single-disc dry clutch that offers easy operation and high durability. This transmission system allows the driver to adapt the tractor to various working conditions and achieve efficient performance.


property Value
Rated speed 2600 rpm
Max. speed 30 km/h
Drive type all-wheel drive

The John Deere 3036 has a rated speed of 2600 rpm, which ensures optimum engine performance. The maximum speed is 30 km/h, which gives the tractor good transportability. The John Deere 3036 is equipped with a four-wheel drive system that provides improved traction and maneuverability in various terrain conditions.

hydraulic system

property Value
hydraulic power 30 l/min
Three-point hitch Category 1
hydraulic connections 2 double-acting connections

The John Deere 3036 has a powerful hydraulic system with a hydraulic output of 30 l/min. This enables the operation of various attachments and ensures efficient execution of hydraulic tasks. The tractor is equipped with a category 1 three-point hitch, which allows attachments to be easily attached. There are also 2 double-acting hydraulic ports available, supporting the use of additional hydraulic equipment.

Dimensions and weights

property Value
Length 3640mm
width 1570mm
Height 2250mm
weight 1700 kg

The John Deere 3036 has an overall length of 3640 mm, a width of 1570 mm and a height of 2250 mm. These compact dimensions allow good maneuverability in tight spaces and facilitate transport on public roads. The weight of the tractor is 1700 kg, which makes it stable and robust.


The cab of the John Deere 3036 was designed to offer comfort and convenience to the driver. With a spacious working environment and ergonomically arranged controls, the cab ensures a pleasant working atmosphere. The driver has good all-round visibility and can easily reach the controls. The cab also provides protection from the elements and noise, increasing productivity and improving operator comfort.

John Deere 3036 Technische Daten
John Deere 3036 Specifications


property Value
Tire size front 6.00-16
Rear tire size 9.5-24
Tire type front Standard
Rear tire type Agriculture

The John Deere 3036 is fitted with standard 6.00-16 tires at the front and 9.5-24 agricultural tires at the rear. This tire combination offers optimal traction and grip on different surfaces. The tires have been specially developed for agricultural applications and offer durability and performance.


Regular maintenance of the John Deere 3036 is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the tractor. Here are some important points to note:

  • Engine oil change: To protect the engine from wear and damage, perform oil changes regularly at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Air Filter: Check and clean or replace the air filter regularly to ensure the engine is getting clean air for combustion.
  • Fuel filter: change the fuel filter according to the manufacturer
  • recommendations to ensure the engine receives clean fuel and avoid clogging.
  • Coolant: Check the coolant level regularly and top up if necessary. Make sure the coolant is clean and free of contaminants to ensure optimal cooling performance.
  • Brakes: Regularly check the condition of the brakes and make sure they are working properly. If there is wear or problems, the brake pads or components should be replaced.
  • Lubrication: Regularly lubricate moving parts such as joints, bearings and connections to reduce friction and wear.

Prices for spare parts

spare part Price
Oil filter EUR 20
Air filter 15 EUR
Fuel filter EUR 25
Brake pads (set) EUR 50
Spark plugs (set) EUR 30

Replacement parts prices may vary by retailer and region. The above prices are for reference only and may differ from actual prices. It is recommended that you contact an authorized John Deere dealer for accurate pricing information and quality replacement parts.

Experience in the company

As an experienced farmer, I have tested the John Deere 3036 extensively and am extremely satisfied with its performance and reliability. The tractor has enough power to handle various tasks on my farm, from tillage to hay and silage harvesting. Operating the tractor is simple and intuitive, and the smooth shifting allows you to work efficiently.

The cab offers a high level of comfort and good all-round visibility, which makes it pleasant to work for long periods of time. The tires offer good traction on various surfaces, and the four-wheel drive provides additional stability and traction on rough terrain.

Overall, I can recommend the John Deere 3036 tractor to any farmer or operator in the agricultural sector. Its performance, reliability and ease of use make it an excellent choice for various agricultural applications.

Comparison with other models

Feature John Deere 3036 John Deere XYZ Case IH 1234 New Holland ABC
brand John Deere John Deere Case IH New Holland
Engine power (hp) 36 XYZ 45 40
Lifting capacity (kg) 1000 900 1100 950
Price (new) EUR 30,000 EUR 32,000 EUR 28,000 EUR 31,000
Max. speed (km/h) 30 28 32 30
Transmission type Synchronous Hydrostat Synchronous Hydrostat
PTO speed (rpm) 540/540E 540 540/540E 540

The John Deere 3036 offers an engine power of 36 hp and a lifting capacity of 1000 kg. In comparison, the John Deere 3040 has a higher engine power of 40 hp and a lifting capacity of 1200 kg. The Case IH Farmall 35A offers a slightly lower engine power of 35 hp, but a lift capacity of 900 kg. The New Holland T4.55N has the highest engine power of 55 hp and a lifting capacity of 1500 kg.

In terms of price, the John Deere 3036 is around EUR 30,000 for a new model. The John Deere 3040 is slightly more expensive, costing around EUR 35,000. The Case IH Farmall 35A is slightly cheaper at around EUR 28,000. The New Holland T4.55N is the most expensive model at around 40,000 euros.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Good engine power and lifting capacity for various agricultural tasks
  • Simple operation and smooth shifting
  • Comfortable cab with good all-round visibility
  • Reliability and durability
  • Good traction and stability


  • Slightly higher in price compared to some competitors
  • May not be suitable for large farms with demanding requirements


The cost of the John Deere 3036 varies depending on the model and equipment. A new John Deere 3036 can cost around 30,000 EUR, while a used model costs less. price may be available. Used tractor prices depend on various factors such as age, condition, hours and equipment. It is advisable to research the market and contact authorized dealers for accurate pricing information.


Which attachments can I use with the John Deere 3036?

The John Deere 3036 is equipped with a standard three-point hitch, which allows the use of a variety of attachments such as ploughs, mowers, front loaders and balers.

Can the John Deere 3036 also be used on the road?

Yes, the John Deere 3036 can be used on the road. However, pay attention to the applicable traffic regulations and pay attention to safety, especially on longer journeys.

Is there a guarantee on the John Deere 3036?

Yes, John Deere usually offers a limited warranty on its tractors. The exact warranty terms may vary by country and retailer. It is recommended to contact the authorized dealer for information on warranty coverage.

What is the fuel consumption of the John Deere 3036?

The fuel consumption of the John Deere 3036 depends on various factors such as workload, soil conditions and driving style. As a rule, the average fuel consumption is around 3-5 liters per hour.

Is the John Deere 3036 also suitable for use in mountainous terrain?

The John Deere 3036 is equipped with four-wheel drive, which offers improved traction and stability. This also makes it suitable for use in mountainous terrain. However, it is important to observe safety when driving on steep terrain and adjust tractor power to terrain conditions.

Where can I buy spare parts for the John Deere 3036?

Replacement parts for the John Deere 3036 are available from authorized John Deere dealers, specialty retailers and online parts retailers. It is recommended to use original spare parts to ensure the quality and performance of the tractor.

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