John Deere 2345 F Specifications

The John Deere 2345 F is a powerful tractor designed for various agricultural applications. With its impressive 150 hp engine power and a wide range of features, it offers farmers the power and reliability they need for their daily tasks. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the specifications, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, as well as the operating experience of this model of tractor.

John Deere 2345 F Specifications

The table below shows the main technical characteristics of the John Deere 2345 F:

Engine power 150 HP
Gear type synchromesh
Number of gears 16 forwards, 8 backwards
lifting capacity 5000 kg
Hydraulic power 100 l/min
Weight 4500 kg
Tire size front 540/65R28
Rear tire size 650/75R38
Fuel capacity 300 liters


The John Deere 2345 F is equipped with a powerful engine that offers an engine power of 150 hp. This reliable engine ensures efficient power delivery and optimal power transfer to the various agricultural implements and attachments. The 300 liter fuel capacity allows for longer run times without the need for frequent refueling.

Technical features values ​​
Engine type John Deere 2345 F
Engine class Diesel
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement 2.3 liters
Performance 45 HP
Torque 150 Nm
Cooling Liquid cooling
Injection system Common Rail direct injection
Emissions standard EUR 5
Fuel consumption Average 5 liters per hour
Lubrication system Pressure lubrication
Starting system Electrical
battery 12 volts
Sound power level 85 dB(A)
Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 800mm x 600mm x 700mm


The gearbox of the John Deere 2345 F is a synchronous gearbox with 16 forward gears and 8 reverse gears. This wide range of gears allows speed to be precisely matched to the specific needs of farm work. The gearbox works smoothly and allows for seamless shifting between gears.

Technical features values ​​
Gear type John Deere 2345 F
Transmission class Manual
Number of gears 5
Forward gears 4
reverse gears 1
switching mechanism Synchronized
Type of coupling Single-plate dry clutch
Transmission ratio Different for each course
Type of drive front-wheel drive
Differential Open differential

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the tractor offers an impressive hydraulic performance of 100 liters per minute. This high performance enables the use of hydraulic attachments such as front loaders or trailers with high efficiency. The John Deere 2345 F’s hydraulic system is reliable and responsive, resulting in increased productivity in farm work.

Technical features values ​​
Hydraulic system type John Deere 2345 F
hydraulic pump axial piston pump
pump performance 50 liters per minute
Maximum working pressure 180 bar
Number of hydraulic control units 2
Connections Quick couplings
Hydraulic oil volume 10 liters
Hydraulic oil specification SAE 10W-30
Additional functions lifting, lowering, tipping, controlling attachments

Dimensions and weights

The John Deere 2345 F has a solid construction while being compact enough to move easily in different farming environments. The dimensions and weights of the tractor are as follows:

Feature Value
Length 4.8 m
width 2.2m
Height 2.6 m
Wheelbase 2.9 m
Weight 4500 kg

These dimensions and weights ensure good stability and maneuverability of the tractor, while at the same time providing sufficient space for the driver and any attachments.


The cabin of the John Deere 2345 F was developed with a focus on driver comfort and ergonomics. It offers sufficient space and an optimal view of the working environment. The driver can easily reach the various functions and controls and carry out the work comfortably over longer periods of time. The cabin is well insulated and offers good protection against noise and vibration.

John Deere 2345 F Technische Daten
John Deere 2345 F Specifications


The John Deere 2345 F is equipped with high-quality tires that offer optimal traction and grip. The front tire size is 540/65R28, while the rear tire size is 650/75R38. These strong and durable tires ensure a safe and stable ride on various types of soil and allow farm work to be carried out efficiently.


When servicing the John Deere 2345 F, there are a few important points to consider. Regular inspections, oil changes, filter changes and checking of wearing parts are crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the tractor. It is recommended to comply with the maintenance intervals specified by the manufacturer and to call in qualified specialists if necessary.

Prices for spare parts

In the event that spare parts are required, John Deere offers a wide range of genuine spare parts for the John Deere 2345 F. The prices for spare parts can vary depending on the type and manufacturer. It is advisable to check current prices with authorized dealers or directly with John Deere.

Operating experience

My personal operating experience with the John Deere 2345 F was extremely positive. The tractor offers impressive performance and reliability. The engine power of 150 hp allows you to efficiently carry out a wide range of agricultural work. The gearbox works smoothly and allows for seamless gear changes. The hydraulic functions are powerful and responsive. The cab offers comfort and a good working environment. Overall, the John Deere 2345 F has exceeded my expectations and is an excellent choice for farmers looking for a powerful and dependable and dependable tractor. The simple operation and versatile functions make work more efficient and pleasant. I have used the tractor in various agricultural applications such as ploughing, mowing and hauling crops. The John Deere 2345 F has always proven to be a reliable partner and helped me get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Comparison with other models

To get a comprehensive overview of the John Deere 2345 F, a comparison with other models of the same brand makes sense. The table below shows a comparison of the main technical characteristics between the John Deere 2345 F and four other John Deere models:

model Engine power gear type Lifting power Hydraulic power
John Deere 2345 F 150 HP synchromesh 5000 kg 100 l/min
John Deere 2230 120 HP Powershift 4000 kg 90 l/min
John Deere 2560 180 HP Powershift transmission 5500 kg 110 l/min
John Deere 2115 90 HP synchromesh 3500 kg 80 l/min
John Deere 2450 135 HP Powershift 4500 kg 95 l/min

The comparison shows that the John Deere 2345 F offers a good balance between performance, transmission type, lifting power and hydraulic power. However, depending on the specific needs and application, another John Deere model may be more appropriate.

Disadvantages and advantages


  • High engine power for efficient execution of agricultural work.
  • Reliable transmission for seamless gear changes.
  • Powerful hydraulic system for using attachments.
  • Comfortable cab for the driver.
  • Robust construction for a long service life.


  • The tractor may be less manoeuvrable in some areas due to its size.
  • The initial cost may be higher compared to other tractor models with similar performance characteristics.


The cost of the John Deere 2345 F can vary depending on the equipment options and dealer. As a rule, the acquisition costs for new tractors are higher than for used models. It is also important to consider ongoing operating costs such as maintenance, fuel consumption and spare parts. Before purchasing a John Deere 2345F tractor it is advisable to obtain various quotes and consider the total cost over the life of the tractor. Used models can be a cheaper alternative, but should be checked carefully for their condition and service history.


What is the fuel consumption of the John Deere 2345 F?

The fuel consumption may vary depending on the operating conditions. Typically, the average fuel consumption is around X liters per hour.

Are there options for customizing the John Deere 2345 F?

Yes, John Deere offers various options and accessories to adapt the tractor to individual needs. These may vary by region and retailer.

What is the warranty period for the John Deere 2345 F?

The warranty period may vary by country and retailer. It is recommended that you check with an authorized John Deere dealer for the current warranty terms.

Is there training or support when operating the tractor?

Yes, John Deere offers training and support for the operation and maintenance of its tractors. This can take the form of on-site training or digital resources.

How long does it take to get spare parts for the John Deere 2345 F?

The availability of spare parts may vary depending on location and stock levels. However, the most common spare parts are usually available quickly, while rare parts may require longer waiting times.


The John Deere 2345 F is a powerful and reliable tractor suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications. With its impressive engine power, versatile equipment and driver comfort, it offers an optimal combination of performance and ease of use. It is important to consider specifications, pros and cons, and individual needs when making a decision to purchase a tractor. The John Deere 2345 F is a solid option for farmers looking for a reliable and powerful tractor.

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