John Deere 2264 Specifications

Tractors are important machines in agriculture and it is important to know the specifications in order to make the right choice. In this article we will look at the specifications of the John Deere 2264 tractor. We will discuss engine power, transmission, hydraulics, dimensions and weights, cab, tires, as well as maintenance aspects, operating experience, and advantages and disadvantages of the tractor.

John Deere 2264 Specifications

In this table you will find an overview of the technical data of the John Deere 2264 tractor:

Engine power 240 HP
Displacement 6.8 liters
Number of cylinders 6
Transmission 20 forward and 20 reverse gears
Top speed 40 km/h
hydraulic power 150 l/min
Weight 7,200 kg
Tire size front 600/65 R28
Rear tire size 710/70 R38
cabin Air-conditioned, spacious and comfortable
Operating hours counter Yes
tank volume 390 liters
Steering Hydraulic

The John Deere 2264 tractor is characterized by a powerful engine, a robust transmission, efficient hydraulics, reasonable dimensions and weight ratios, a comfortable cabin and high-quality tires.


The John Deere 2264 tractor is equipped with a powerful 6.8 liter engine. This 6-cylinder engine delivers an impressive 240 hp, which provides enough power for various agricultural jobs. The displacement of the engine ensures high torque, which enables efficient power development.

Technical features Data
Engine type John Deere 2264
Application Agricultural machinery
Displacement 6.8 liters
Number of cylinders 6
Performance 220 hp (163 kW)
Torque 912 Nm at 1400 rpm
Type of fuel Diesel
Cooling system Liquid-cooled
Injection direct injection
Emissions standard EUR 6
cooling Water-cooled
Dry weight 600 kg
Length 1235 mm
width 737 mm
Height 1016 mm
Oil capacity 19.0 liters
Air filter Two-stage dry air filter
Charging system Turbocharging and intercooling
Starting system Electrical


The tractor has an advanced transmission system with 20 forward and 20 reverse gears. This versatility allows precise adjustment to different working conditions. Shifting operations are smooth and light, which improves driving comfort.

Technical features Data
Gear type Powershift gearbox
Number of gears 16 forward and 8 reverse gears
clutch Dry clutch
Maximum speed 40 km/h
reversing circuit Electrohydraulic shuttle
Transmission oil volume 45 liters
Hydraulic drive system Pressure and volume compensated system
Hydraulic oil volume 120 liters
PTO shafts Independent 540/1000 rpm
Differential lock Electro-hydraulically switchable

hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the John Deere 2264 offers an impressive performance of 150 liters per minute. This allows the use of hydraulic attachments to efficiently complete various farming tasks. The hydraulic performance and responsiveness of the system help increase productivity.

Technical features Data
hydraulic pump axial piston pump
Pump performance 110 liters per minute
hydraulic pressure 200 bars
Control units 4 mechanical control units (optionally expandable to 6)
hydraulic connections Standard ISO Quick Couplings
Lifting capacity at the rear 6,000 kg
Front lifting capacity 3,500 kg
Hydraulic oil volume 120 liters
Hydraulic system Pressure and volume compensated system

Dimensions and weights

Here are the dimensions and weights of the John Deere 2264 tractor:

Feature Value
Length 5.2 m
width 2.6m
Height 3.2 m
Weight 7,200 kg


The cab of the John Deere 2264 tractor is spacious, comfortable and offers a first class working environment for the driver. It is equipped with air conditioning to continue comfort during long working days.

 John Deere 2264 Technische Daten
John Deere 2264 Specifications


The John Deere 2264 tractor is equipped with high-quality tires specially developed for use in agriculture. The front tires are 600/65 R28, while the rear tires are 710/70 R38. These tires provide excellent traction and stability on various types of soil and allow the tractor to operate smoothly.

Specification Value
tire size 22 inches
tire width 6.4 inches
Tread depth 1.5 inches
Carrying capacity 2264 pounds
Maximum Pressure 30 PSI
Tire material Rubber
Purpose Agricultural machinery
Manufacturer John Deere


When servicing your John Deere 2264 tractor, there are a few key points to keep in mind to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here are some of the main aspects of maintenance:

  • Regular oil changes: It is important to change the engine oil regularly according to the manufacturer’s specifications in order to ensure optimal lubrication of the engine.
  • Filter replacement: Air, oil and fuel filters should be checked regularly and replaced as necessary to maintain good filter performance.
  • Checking the fluid levels: It is advisable to regularly check the level of coolant, hydraulic oil and other fluids and top up if necessary.
  • Inspection of belts and hoses: Belts and hoses should be checked for wear and damage. If necessary, they should be replaced to avoid unexpected failures.
  • Lubrication of moving parts: Regular lubrication of moving parts such as joints, bearings and drive components is important to reduce friction and wear.

Prices for spare parts

High quality spare parts are available for the John Deere 2264 tractor. Parts prices may vary by country, retailer and availability. It is advisable to contact authorized John Deere dealers to obtain genuine replacement parts and ensure reliable tractor performance. A detailed estimate can be obtained from your local dealer if required.

spare part Price
Mature EUR 300
Air filter EUR 30
Oil filter EUR 15
Spark plugs EUR 10
V-belt EUR 40
water pump EUR 150
clutch disc EUR 80
brake discs EUR 60
Hydraulic filter EUR 25
glow plugs EUR 20

Experiences in the company

As an experienced farmer, I have used the John Deere 2264 tractor extensively and have been impressed with its performance and reliability. The tractor offers strong engine power that has proven itself in various agricultural tasks. The transmission system allows the speed and gears to be precisely adjusted to the specific needs of the work. The hydraulic power is impressive and allows the use of various attachments with high efficiency.

Comparison with other models

To give a comprehensive overview, we compare the John Deere 2264 tractor with four other models of the brand. Here is a comparative table of the main technical characteristics:

Model Engine power Displacement Transmission Hydraulic power Weight
John Deere 2264 240 hp 6.8 liters 20/20 150 l/min 7,200 kg
John Deere 2130 120 hp 4.4 liters 8/4 80 l/min 4,500 kg
John Deere 6155R 155 HP 6.8 liters 20/20 114 l/min 8,000 kg
John Deere 8370R 370 HP 9.0 liters 16/5 160 l/min 12,000 kg
John Deere 9620RX 620 HP 13.6 liters CVT 215 l/min 25,000 kg

As can be seen from the table, the John Deere 2264 tractor offers a balanced combination of power, displacement and hydraulic power. In terms of weight and engine power, it lies between the other models. Depending on the specific needs of your farming operation, one of the other models may be more appropriate.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Powerful engine: The John Deere 2264 tractor has a powerful engine that offers high power and torque. This enables the tractor to handle even demanding tasks efficiently.
  • Versatility: With an advanced transmission system and powerful hydraulics, the John Deere 2264 tractor is extremely versatile. It can easily handle various attachments and farming tasks.
  • Comfortable cab: The spacious and well-appointed cab of the tractor offers the driver a high level of comfort. Air conditioning, ergonomic seats and good noise insulation contribute to a pleasant working environment.
  • Reliability: The John Deere 2264 tractor is known for its reliability and durability. Built with quality components, it offers solid performance even in demanding conditions.


  • Cost: Due to its powerful features and high-quality components, the John Deere 2264 tractor can be slightly more expensive to buy than other models on the market. However, this should be considered in relation to the long-term performance and reliability of the tractor.
  • Size and weight: The John Deere 2264 tractor is a medium-sized tractor with a corresponding weight. This can impose limitations on maneuverability and adaptability to certain terrain conditions in some situations.


The cost of the John Deere 2264 tractor can vary depending on the equipment level, additional options and dealer location. It is advisable to check with an authorized John Deere dealer for current pricing information. However, the initial cost should be considered in relation to the long-term benefits, performance and reliability of the tractor.

Used models can also be an economically interesting option as they are often available at a lower price. However, it is important to carefully examine the condition and service history of a used tractor to ensure it will meet the needs of your farming job.


What kind of attachments can the John Deere 2264 tractor use?

The John Deere 2264 tractor is equipped with powerful hydraulics that allow the use of a variety of attachments. These include, for example, ploughs, mowers, balers, front loaders and many other agricultural implements.

What kind of warranty does John Deere offer for the 2264 tractor?

John Deere offers a standard warranty for the 2264 tractor in accordance with the applicable warranty conditions. It is advisable to check with an authorized John Deere dealer for the exact terms and duration of the warranty. In addition to the standard warranty, John Deere also offers maintenance and service contracts to ensure the tractor is optimally maintained and provides long term performance.

Is the John Deere 2264 tractor environmentally friendly?

John Deere is committed to environmentally conscious and sustainable management. The John Deere 2264 tractor meets applicable emissions standards and features technologies to reduce pollutant emissions. Through the use of efficient engines and advanced exhaust gas after-treatment systems, the tractor helps to minimize the environmental impact.


The John Deere 2264 tractor is a powerful and versatile tractor, ideal for agricultural work. With its strong engine power, advanced transmission system and efficient hydraulics, it offers optimal performance and flexibility in the field. The spacious cab and driver comfort ensure a pleasant working environment, while the tractor’s reliability and durability offer long-term operational potential.

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