Fendt 500 technical data

Fendt tractors have an excellent reputation in the agricultural world and the Fendt 500 is one of the best. In this article we will take a closer look at the Fendt 500 tractor specifications to help you decide if this is the right tractor for your farming needs.

Fendt 500 technical data

Here is a summary of the most important technical data of the Fendt 500 tractor:

Model Fendt 500 Vario
engine MAN 6-cylinder
Performance 125 HP
Top speed 50 km/h
Weight 6,550 kg
Lifting power 5,400 kg
PTO power 100 HP
hydraulic pump 110 l/min
Mature 540/65 R28 front, 650/65 R38 rear
Fuel tank 290 liters

The Fendt 500 has a powerful MAN 6-cylinder engine with 125 hp, which gives it a top speed of 50 km/h. It also has an impressive lift capacity of 5,400kg and PTO power of 100hp. The hydraulic pump has a flow rate of 110 l/min, which makes working with attachments more efficient. The tires are 540/65 R28 at the front and 650/65 R38 at the rear. The fuel tank has a capacity of 290 liters.


The Fendt 500 has a MAN 6-cylinder engine with 125 hp. It is powerful and reliable and ensures that the tractor can do all tasks efficiently.

Properties values ​​
Engine type MAN 6-cylinder
Number of cylinders 6
Displacement 6.6 liters
Rated power 125 hp
Max. torque 550 Nm at 1,500 rpm


The Fendt 500 has fully automatic Vario transmission technology, which ensures a smooth ride and high efficiency.

Properties values ​​
Transmission type Vario transmission
Number of gears Unlimited
Maximum speed 50 km/h


The Fendt 500 has an impressive performance and can do heavy work with a PTO output of 100 hp.

Feature Value
engine Deutz AG TCD 4.1 L4
Performance 125 – 165 HP
Transmission Vario ML 75 or Vario ML 90
Top speed 50 km/h
Displacement 4.1 liters
Cylinder 4
Tank capacity 230 liters
Hydraulics Load-sensing system with 110 l/min
Control units Up to 5 electrohydraulic control units
Weight 6,220 – 7,260 kg (depending on equipment)
Length 4.54 – 5.01 m (depending on equipment)
width 2.37 – 2.46 m (depending on equipment)
Height 2.68 – 2.77 m (depending on equipment)

hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the Fendt 500 is very powerful and has a flow rate of 110 l/min. This allows attachments to be operated very efficiently.

Properties values ​​
Flow rate 110 l/min
lifting capacity 5,400 kg
Control units 4 standard, optionally up to 7

Dimensions and weights

The Fendt 500 is a medium-sized tractor that is used on many farms. Here are the dimensions and weights of the tractor:

Properties values ​​
Length 4,840mm
Width 2,430mm
Height 3,000mm
Wheelbase 2,790mm
weight 6,550 kg


The cab of the Fendt 500 offers the driver a high level of comfort and a good overview. The seats are comfortable and adjustable, and the air conditioning keeps the temperature comfortable while you work.

Fendt 500 Technische Daten
Fendt 500 technical data


The Fendt 500 has 540/65 R28 tires at the front and 650/65 R38 tires at the rear. These offer good traction and grip, which is important for efficient work.

tire dimension Front tires rear tires
480/65 R28 14.9 R28 16.9 R38
540/65 R28 14.9 R28 16.9 R38
600/65 R28 16.9 R28 20.8 R38
540/65 R30 16.9 R30 20.8 R38
650/65 R38 540/65 R28 650/65 R38


As with any tractor, maintenance of the Fendt 500 is of great importance to ensure optimum performance and longevity. Here are some important points to pay attention to during maintenance:

  • Check the oil level and top up if necessary
  • Change air filter and fuel filter regularly
  • Check brake fluid and change if necessary
  • Check tire pressure and adjust if necessary
  • Check hydraulic oil level and top up if necessary

Prices for spare parts

In the case of repairs or replacement of parts, it is important to know how much these will cost. Here are some prices for Fendt 500 spare parts:

spare part Price
Fuel filter €20
Air filter 25 €
Brake pads €100
Hydraulic oil filter 35 €
alternator €300

Operating experience

Personally, I have often used the Fendt 500 and am very satisfied with its performance. The tractor is very reliable and performs well. Working with attachments is also very efficient and pleasant.

Comparison with other models

To give you an idea of ​​how the Fendt 500 compares to other models, we have created a comparison table here that compares the most important technical data of the Fendt 500 with those of four other Fendt

models compares:

Model Power (hp) Maximum speed (km/h) Lifting capacity (kg) PTO power (hp)
Fendt 500 Vario 125 50 5,400 100
Fendt 512 Vario 125 50 5,400 100
Fendt 516 Vario 165 60 7,300 125
Fendt 720 Vario 205 60 9,300 160
Fendt 724 Vario 240 60 9,300 160

As you can see, the Fendt 500 has similar performance data to the Fendt 512. However, the Fendt 516 and the Fendt 720 have higher performance and lifting capacity. So if you need more power, consider these models.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with every tractor, the Fendt 500 also has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of the Fendt 500:


  • Powerful 125 hp engine
  • High lifting capacity of 5,400 kg
  • Efficient work with attachments
  • Good overview and comfort in the cabin
  • Reliable and robust construction


  • Relatively high purchase price compared to other tractors
  • Higher running costs due to the powerful engine
  • Limited maximum speed of 50 km/h


The Fendt 500 is a powerful tractor and therefore has a higher purchase price than some other models. The exact price depends on the equipment, but it is usually between €100,000 and €150,000 for a new model. Used models are of course a bit cheaper.


Which attachments are suitable for the Fendt 500?

The Fendt 500 can be used with a variety of attachments, including mowers, ploughs, harrows, loader wagons and much more.

How often does the fuel filter need to be changed?

The fuel filter should be changed every 1,000 operating hours or at least once a year.

What guarantee does Fendt offer for the Fendt 500?

Fendt offers a two-year guarantee for the Fendt 500.

Can the Fendt 500 also be used for road transport?

Yes, the Fendt 500 is approved for road transport and has a top speed of 50 km/h.

How big is the fuel tank of the Fendt 500?

The fuel tank of the Fendt 500 has a capacity of 290 liters.


The Fendt 500 is a powerful tractor with an impressive lift capacity and PTO output. It is well suited to medium-sized farms and can be efficiently operated with attachments. The cab offers the driver a high level of comfort and a good overview. However, as with any tractor, there are also disadvantages such as the higher purchase price and higher running costs due to the powerful engine. Overall, however, the Fendt 500 is a good choice for farmers who need a powerful and reliable tractor.

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