The importance of truss holders for tomato plants

Panicle tomatoes are a particularly beautiful type of tomato. They are also called magnificent or thieves and have enormous potential for taste. Due to the large selection of available varieties, the tomatoes can be used perfectly with every meal, for example in a salad, on the grill or in the fridge.

What are truss tomatoes?

A truss holder is a columnar tomato planter that improves tomato yields and quality. The plant is dug up in a special soil and then set up. The panicle support prevents the roots from sinking, allowing them to develop further – without damaging the entire plant.

Tomato varieties with truss supports are easier to transport than varieties without these aids, as they cannot be deformed as easily. In addition, with this system you have the chance of more crop yields per year!

Warum Rispenhalter für Tomatenpflanzen wichtig sind
Why truss holders are important for tomato plants

Types of trusses tomatoes

Panicle holder tomatoes are a very popular variety of tomato. There are many different types known for their taste and properties. Most truss tomatoes are short in stature and grow in the same placement positions as other large tomato species. They can be grown either outdoors or indoors, depending on which species you like best!

Use of tomato truss holder

Panicle holder tomatoes are a very popular and undemanding variety that you can easily grow yourself. If you plant panicle tomatoes, you can not only grow them in the garden or in the flower box, but also in tubs and clay pots. The plants grow compact, which means they take up less space than other tomato varieties. In addition, the harvest is quite early – so you have fresh tomatoes available from the beginning to the end of the year!


If you are looking for a tomato vine holder that is characterized by high stability and is still easy to use, the Gardigo tomato vine holder insert is just the thing.

Using this product can make your work easier and save your field at the same time, since it can be placed in places where it would otherwise be difficult. It also helps you harvest and process tomatoes into a good quality end product.

With the truss holder it is also possible to transport the fruit or store it in baskets – whatever suits you best!


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