small bathroom ideas

Enter a playful pattern



Image courtesy of Studio Indigo).

Small bathrooms make it possible to create a lot of pleasant and unpredictable additions. Magic decor will add an element of surprise, unusual intrigue.

“According to Mike Fisher, creative director and founder of Studio Indigo, bathrooms don’t have to be boring and plain, despite being practical and functional. Instead, be bold and fill the space with personality. the design, especially in the powder room, is sure to spark conversations among guests and friends. To do this, patterns can be introduced through wallpaper, fabric or tiles. In addition, it is important to combine these patterns with sufficient lighting; a more intimate atmosphere suits washrooms, bathrooms require ample light to illuminate the space.”

Attach the sconce to the mirror



Three traditional sconces, designed by Sarah Swabb of Storie Collective and Tanya Smith-Shiflett of Unique Kitchens & Baths, were mounted on mirrors in this small bathroom to direct light where it’s needed. The mirror was a creative decision: “While we originally planned for a single mirror with a handmade brass finish, it would have been too big to even fit in the house,” Swabb says. “Instead, we decided to save money by making four separate mirrors with beveled edges, which turned out to be one of our favorite design details.”

Furniture doubles as counter space



Seeking to make up for the limited storage space in her Los Angeles residence’s bathroom, renowned designer Francesca Grace cleverly built a miniature cabinet next to the sink. To optimize functionality, a modest wall hook doubles as room for one hand towel, while a large mirror not only amplifies the light but also creates the illusion of a larger environment within the space.

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Vintage figurines with original effect



If you don’t have much space to make a statement, make it with small vintage pieces. In the bathroom of a 1960s bungalow in West Palm Beach, Florida, designer Jillian Segal placed a graceful vintage sconce between curved Mecox mirrors for a romantic touch.

Try a floating shell



Completely transform your space by opting for a floating sink rather than a conventional, freestanding or solid one, effectively increasing your available space. In this brilliantly designed bathroom, renowned designer Hecker Guthrie chose a captivating black and white color scheme for a striking contrast. What’s more, if you ever need additional storage capacity, the option to place it on the bottom remains available.

Get inspired by nature



If your home is chosen for seclusion and has natural elements like brick or stone, show them. Their textures can add so many dimensions. Here’s what the designer Arent amp; Pyke: floor to ceiling stone with a mirror on the floor.

Choose graphic accents



Thijs de Leeuw / Space content.

This bathroom by Atelier ND features wavy floor tiles that fill multiple surfaces at once. And this composition in the form of a red heated towel rail – as it were, combines two parts: storage and comfort!

Monogram personalization



Designer Alexander Reid decorated a small room in a rented apartment with a shower curtain, a monogram and classic piping. —.

Leave windows open


Replace swing doors



“Everything seems to be lit by candles,” says designer Jae Joo of this Boston home. The elegant powder room is no exception. Ambient lighting diffuses soft light, woodwork radiates warmth, and green floral wallpaper brings the entire room to life; Together, these elements create a cocoon effect. Replacing the hinges and installing sliding doors either at the entrance or on the vanity body can save a lot of usable space in a small bathroom.

Use less materials



If you want to use the same shower and vanity materials as Nina Barbiras of Fig N.C in this bathroom, use pure marble veining with a brass cavity.

Add a window to a small bathroom



Hang a gallery mirror wall



Photography by Jared Kuzia

Cecilia Casagrande’s mesmerizing range of vintage mirrors adorns a Boston apartment building, exuding enchanting charm and offering an ingenious remedy for tight spaces. Sunlight comes from every corner of the room, and mirrors decorate it entirely. By harmonizing the whimsical array with Farrow & Ball’s Pitch Black shades, the homeowner ingeniously combined disparate elements into a harmonious whole, creating a sense of unity within cozy boundaries. Enlivening the atmosphere even more, the addition of bright wallpaper from Grow House Grow adds an invigorating twist.

Choose a smaller tub



A small freestanding slipper tub is a great alternative to a traditional tub if you’re used to soaking tubs without large surfaces to work with. Keren Richter of White Arrow Design placed it in a Brooklyn townhouse right by the window, creating a strong visual focal point. While you can’t stretch that much, a small bathtub is still a great alternative.

Embed Vanity



Dark red colors this small bathroom designed by Andy Beers of Ore Studios. Space elements under the floating cabinet help you keep organized and use every inch of available space.

Buy a compact bath



“The bathroom is really long and narrow, so I had to find the right tub,” designer Delia Kenza says of the tiny bathroom she remodeled for clients in Brooklyn. She showed off an old bathtub edging that had lost precious inches and replaced it with a freestanding Signature Hardware bathtub on a raised platform.

Squeeze in shelves to increase storage space in a small bathroom



Shown are illustrations by Future / Rachael Smith.

Whatever the size of your bathroom. If you look closely, compact storage options are everywhere. Take this little niche on the shelf to the bathroom in the attic.

Note: To create a fresh effect, use small vignettes and small indoor plant arrangements.

Turn a small bathroom into a shower room



View on ouTube. (Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti.

Although it can be a more expensive option than a regular shower, it’s worth considering ideas for a wet room.

The main expense is waterproofing the tank, but the result is a much larger space as there is no need for an enclosed shower stall.

Check out this design by Katie McCrum that shows you can have the same floor everywhere and a frameless shower screen that keeps splashes out without feeling too restrictive.

Stretch the space in a small bathroom with wall lighting



(Image credit: Studio Bizley).

Lighting is forgotten when it comes to bathroom design. And if in a typical apartment, one light bulb doesn’t provide enough light to fill all the puddles on the floor, then adding bright spots around the room can be one of the easiest ways to enlarge the bathroom -.

Expert Tip: The light around the mirror will make the room even brighter and bigger.

Cover the wall with mirrors to fool the big bathroom



But a large mirror in a small bathroom really helps to exaggerate the space. )))))))))).

Pairing a mirror with a dark or dramatic color scheme will also help. Shape the space you want with different types of frames – frameless mirrors will look luxurious, while round mirrors will make the room softer.

Expert Tip: If you can’t fit a large mirror, use a smaller mirror for the same effect.

Choose the right bath



The Albion Bath Company.

Image courtesy of The Albion Bath Company.

A bathtub worthy of a central place can be installed in the bathroom, subject to the choice of design for this room.

There are many reduced width models to choose from. With clean lines and a simple design, these petite bath slippers from The Albion Bath Company look equally good in a vintage home or modern space.

Meanwhile, its Tubby design measures 59 inches / 1500mm while maintaining a reversible look.

Also check out the built-in models that are attached to the wall and look like a separate cup from the front.

Use paint to spice up a tiny space



(Image credit: Edward Bulmer Paint)

Built-in furniture in the bathroom can be used to convey brighter colors and vice versa.

Edward Bulmer, interior designer and creator of Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, explains why the bathroom panel painting trend continues to thrive. He expresses his admiration for the combination of exquisite shades of malahide or invisible green with elegant wallpaper. Edward Ballmer also thinks that painting an aging bathtub is a great way to bring a splash of color into it, emphasizing that their paints are especially suited to classic cast iron bathtubs. Among the preferred shades for baths are natural and earthy browns, such as brick or Etruscan brown.

Light up a small bathroom to make it seem bigger and brighter



Bathroom lighting areas are important as the right lighting can completely change the atmosphere in your bathroom. You can install a dimmer or adjust the intensity of the light according to your mood – it affects your temperature in the kitchen to the level of bathrooms outside the house;

When it comes to bathroom ceiling lighting ideas, recessed lights mounted on rails or part of a multifunctional light fixture will instantly light up the room.

Simple solutions are more rational



Image courtesy of Future / Jonathan Gooch.

“According to Barbara Sallick, co-founder of Waterworks, optimal bathroom design is designed to be free of clutter and cramped to enhance overall architecture and aesthetics. This can be achieved by regularly changing bathroom accessories, using towel rails or hooks. for towels, minimizing patterns and aiming for simplicity.”

“A wastebasin on a pedestal is not a heavy vanity, but a transparent glass door on a large scale,” explains Barbar. )) Natural ceramic tiles!

This shower room idea is a great example of tidying up.

Make a statement



The dressing room is usually one of the smallest rooms in your house, but it is where most of your guests will see. This can be a great opportunity to experiment with color and pattern and impress visitors with your design flair.

“For a minimalist look, opt for a corner or compact sink, a single-lever faucet and a sleek towel rail, reducing the number of fixtures and fittings in your space. Instead, channel your creative energy into improving your home. walk-in closet atmosphere by incorporating bright elements such as a charming wallpaper pattern or a few eye-catching pieces of art.”

Collision patterns



(Image credit: London Basin Company)

To completely transform the look of a room, consider infusing it with a burst of energy and vibrancy by incorporating bold contrasting patterns. In this context, the wardrobe serves as the perfect canvas for bold experiments.

With captivating Greek inspired wallpaper, elegant warm brass accents and an exquisite sink courtesy of the esteemed London Basin Company, this design effortlessly leaves an indelible mark.

Use a colored bath as a focal point



(Image credit: C.P. Hart/Anna Stathaki). (Image credit: CP Hart/Anna Stathaki)

In situations where space is limited, the trick is to completely transform the look, and this can be achieved by choosing a charming off-white hue. The mesmerizing vertical ribbed pattern shown in this example further enhances the visual appeal.

Barry Kutchi, Director of Design at BC Designs, says: “Bathroom design is all about color, and a great way to introduce it slowly is to use soft pastels. A traditional bathtub will give your bathroom a personality, while a pastel shade will bring it to life.

Color also draws attention and helps create a strong focus. The key to the success of a freestanding bathtub, regardless of its size, is the 10cm distance between the edge of the bathtub and the walls.”

Add a stylish rack

Will Ellis Photo: Alexandra Karpova.

When you choose a sleek shelf that matches your bathroom décor, you have an even more valuable commodity in your hands (a precious cargo for a small bathtub) and gives you extra space. You will get all the same – a feeling of freshness.



Presented by Future features a portrait of Paul Raeside (Furth archive photo).

“Skillfully chosen surfaces can completely change the look and help you make the most of even the smallest space,” says Layla Roberts of Fired Earth.

Luxurious tactile-aesthetic finishes, usually polished marble or shiny mirrors, enhance the feeling of luxury.

“Leyla emphasizes that choosing large format tiles not only minimizes the number of visible seams, but also makes it easier to clean both the walls and the floor.”

Outline a niche



Terstan in the picture (image courtesy of Tiras).

– We often find that tiling in an alcove makes a bathroom look bigger and gives the illusion of greater proportions,” says James Thurstan Waterworth of Thurstan. “I recommend combining two mosaic patterns (two) together vertically, as it were, and then using them with a cool neutral paint color; it works for creating a small bathroom.”

Find a place on the ledge



Based on Future (Veronica Rodriguez).

Embrace compactness, and suddenly there are many more options for adding a compact bathroom. This neat little loft is designed like a loft but doesn’t feel too cramped.

“The inclusion of a sophisticated Crittall-inspired shower screen creates a theatrical feel, paired with a light ceiling and a vibrant color palette that enhances the lighting of the room. In a compact setting, the use of personalized lighting fixtures, advanced tiling techniques and brass fittings are critical to achieving a flawless finish.”

Be creative with small bathroom decor



Future : (Image credit: Polly Wreford).

Large bathrooms and walk-in closets don’t have to look dull or boring. They can be enhanced in a bold way, as this idea does with the picturesque terrarium furniture – here it is – a composition of colorful moss-green panels on the kitchen floor.

Pink shock



There’s something older and more Moorish about this beautiful pink shower that shows how daring in a small space can pay off.

Pierrin amp; Rowe will develop a unique patina over time, enhancing the vibe of a vintage bathtub with a polished stucco wall.

Choose a cohesive style to match the era of your home



Many people avoid classic styles, thinking that they can clutter up a room and be too oppressive, but they are not.

By using light shades and tints, as well as applying traditional accessories such as Art Deco, you can give your bathroom an antique look despite its small size.

Choose minimal plumbing to make a small bathroom cozier



(Image credit: Future/Mark Bolton)

When working with a limited space, it is very important not to clutter it with excess furniture. To maintain a visually spacious and uncluttered environment, consider using frameless glass for shower screen selection in a wet room. This choice will allow a large amount of natural light to penetrate and create a bright atmosphere.

Make room for a niche



Interior Fox provided an image of InteriorFoam.

Tired of chasing slippery bottles of shampoo and shower gel on the shower floor? When designing a bathroom, consider incorporating a shower niche into the design – it’s perfect for showers and baths. This is one of the best storage ideas for a small bathroom that saves space and looks stylish.

Jenna Choate, founder of Interior Fox design studio in London, suggests avoiding cluttered shelves or toiletries strewn across the floor by introducing a built-in shower shelf.

“Using an elegant color finish that contrasts sharply with the wall tiles, you can easily expand your storage space while still retaining enough elbow room, thus turning the space into an eye-catching focal point.”

Make the most of a small bathroom layout



When it comes to designing a small bathroom, every inch counts. It is important to accurately measure and take into account any doors, windows, or sloped ceilings that may dictate your bathroom design ideas.

You can take care of the patterns in uncomfortable places. In this dark Pippa Paton bathroom, the hexagonal floor and backsplash form a cohesive look that can illuminate a home through centuries of past!

Are local building codes violated? But don’t forget to check the building code to make sure your plan was done wrong.

Choose a quality finish



Wolf Lewitt Interiors.

The advantage of designing a small bathroom is that you can save more on finishing and painting materials.

In this project by Wolf LeWitt, a bespoke map wallpaper was commissioned to fit the room and add interest. The unusual design is paired with sleek gray panels that help hide any unsightly pipes while creating a handy shelf around the walls. Real encaustic floor tiles complete the look.

Combine wall and floor tiles



(Image credit: Stone amp, Ceramic Warehouse.

The all-encompassing look of the bathroom gives the impression of luxury spa design. )))) A tray in the bathroom can be served under the name “bathroom”.

“Using the same finish on walls, floors or ceilings enhances the feeling of space,” says Joe Oliver. A P.

“Light-colored tiles can make a small bathroom look bigger because they reflect more light than darker colors, creating a feeling of lightness and space.

“In recent years, we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of large format tiles or porcelain stoneware. These large format designs mean fewer grout lines and therefore less maintenance and cleaning. Tiles are perfect for creating a bright, upscale look and can often make small rooms feel bigger with their seamless look.

Use optical illusions



(Image credit: Future/Chris Snook)

When choosing small bathroom tile ideas, use an optical illusion to create a feeling of spaciousness in your bathroom. For example, horizontal lines can help expand the look of your room, while subway-style tile is a timeless option.

Match the material with natural materials such as wood or wood. Natural stone elements add a feeling of fullness and freshness to the interior: alabaster tiles on the floor make the room warmer;

Hang a bold and bold wallpaper



(Image credit: Penny Morrison of The Fabric Collective).

According to Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene, bathrooms can use bright patterns and colors without compromising the overall interior design. If you want to create a luxurious living room feel, you can enhance the space by using textured wallpaper. Our wallpapers are suitable for well-ventilated bathrooms and can be applied to walls that are not directly exposed to water.

Choose a theme

Jenna Onemus Peffley Photo courtesy of Carls Jones.

And even more so for an oddly shaped bathroom, choosing a theme can help make the space cohesive. I had a friend when I was a kid — he loved lips and her mother loved lips,” housewife Fanny Singer said during our tour of our apartment living space, “I’m not going to get that degree, or not anymore; I just got a feeling of freedom from this art.”

Use vertical space in a small bathroom



(Image credit: Emma Lewis/Future)

Instead of long hangers and shelves, opt for thinner, towel-like chains. This will add coziness to the space and make the bathroom feel less square (although the bed could be a bit bigger). Invest in ladder shelves or open cabinets to make the room feel more spacious.

Expert Tip: Tall and sleek corner cabinets are perfect for small bathtubs.

Make the most of the oddly shaped small bathroom



(Image credit: Matthew Williams).

An unflattering loft ceiling can be ingeniously transformed into a trendy shower stall by incorporating fixtures such as showerheads into sloping walls.

In this scheme, sandblasted glass panels separate bedroom from bedroom.

Create wiggle room with pocket doors



Where space is limited, pocket doors really become your friend. Here they have been used to break up an already small space to combine the bathroom with smart and compact laundry ideas.

If you plan to relax in the bath, you must be able to close the door in front of piles of laundry. However, since the doors slide into the cavity of the wall, you have a lot more wiggle room if you need it.

Create zones even in a small bathroom



Perhaps the family bathroom should be divided into zones—for example, the shower and tub on one side, and the sink and toilet on the other—so that someone can come in and brush their teeth while taking a bath. time with children, for example.

According to Sally Kutchi, Marketing Manager at BC Designs, choosing a shower room can provide significant benefits when it comes to keeping a bathtub in its current position. For painted bathtubs, Katchi suggests using eggshell exterior paint because of its high water resistance.

“Different types of flooring can be used to create distinct areas – our bathroom floor tile offerings include recommendations for matching patterns.”

Be bold with a bright pattern



(Image credit: Future/Simon Bevan)

While wallpaper is a great option for decorating your dressing room, depending on the level of drainage in your bathroom, it might not be the best choice if you use it frequently for your bath or shower.

A great alternative to wallpaper is patterned tile, whether it’s a simple repeat or a wall-style design like this one from Surface View.

Wall mount that allows you to visually enlarge a small bathroom



Image courtesy of Future / Colin Poole).

Hide if you can’t hide yourself in the bathroom. Wall-mounted sinks and toilets free up space for bathrooms with additional features: they help increase floor space; they are easier to keep in wet cleaning.

Feel free to experiment with non-traditional plumbing fixtures. This sink can be successfully placed in the space between the wall and the window, organically blending into the environment. In addition, its placement in a corner further minimizes any intrusiveness.

Increasing light level



“Light zones in a walk-in closet are key factors, as the right lighting changes the atmosphere of a room,” says Youssef Mansoura.

I always recommend installing a dimmer so you can adjust the intensity of the light. Mirrors are an integral part of any small space and allow you to make it bigger or brighter depending on the mood.”

Small bathroom wall ideas

Large wallpaper with a bright paisley pattern accentuates the style of a small bathroom and creates an ornate contrast with the simple lines of the panels below. The rich gray and light blue design adds visual interest while maintaining an overall neutral color scheme. Cool tones perfectly complement polished nickel fittings.

Use big tiles



(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

When it comes to small bathrooms, smaller tiles mean more grout lines and the visual space becomes narrower. In a small bathroom, choose light colors: they will make it look like a grid between the walls or the floor.

Power Tip: If you want to use smaller mosaic tiles, limit them to an already small area, such as a shower or niche.

Keep the decor simple but add elegant lamps



To completely transform a room, you can optimize the perception of space by using strategic surface finishes. When working with limited and dimly lit areas, using subtle patterns and minimal colors can greatly increase the brightness and spaciousness of a room.

“Use reflective finishes for joinery and recessed handles,” says Nick Stattard, co-founder of London Projects. “They reflect light back into the room and wrap around surfaces, minimizing discomfort when moving around in tight spaces.”

Choose a washbasin with a decorative accent



Toothy Lorelei from the London Basin Company

Mural wallpaper (Image credit: Photo covers).

I prefer the traditional look of washbasins. Its bright, juicy blue shades will make your interior unique and inimitable! ))))) I really love this style of clothing – luxurious elegance and sophistication.

Whether you choose a watercolor shade of turquoise or a striking dusty pink shade with a marble finish, these innovative washbasin concepts will completely transform a small bathroom, detracting from its compact size.

Hang artwork wisely to distract from small bathrooms



Cole and son wallpapers

Wallpaper is one way to spice up a small bathroom, and another is carefully chosen pieces of art. Here, the homeowner used clever artistic ideas for the bathroom, hanging each item high, emphasizing the sheer wall space rather than the size of the room.

Decorate a small bathroom with wallpaper



(Image credit: F&P Interiors)

To completely transform a country-style bathroom with a touch of character, a surefire way is to use wallpaper with a vibrant pattern, much like the exquisite design meticulously designed by F&P Interiors.

Although not the first option, standard wallpaper can be applied provided the room is well ventilated with an exhaust fan to prevent steam damage.

Apply strong glue on the inside and cover with a layer of decorative varnish on top to protect it from moisture. Or use vinyl wallpaper made specifically for bathrooms, although tile or paneling is best in damp areas, such as around a tub or over a sink.

Hang a mirror to make your bathroom look bigger



Mirrors in every dressing room are essential for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Mirrors effectively reflect and diffuse natural light, creating the illusion of more space and increased brightness in the room.

If you prefer simplicity, then a mirror with a curved edge looks good in guest wardrobes.

Make the most of architectural details



(Image credit: Heidi Caillier Design).

Here again we meet partitions with arches, which play a significant role in the design of the space. ))) This wall just has white bathroom tiles to emphasize the contours!

“We added an arched niche to add charm and a sense of history to this new bathroom,” explains designer Heidi Calle. “This extraordinary interior has a special meaning for the new house: it recalls the history of the past.”

Keep the floors clean



(Image credit: Carolyn Barber).

Wall mounted modular furniture is still in high demand when it comes to storage due to its elegant and minimalist appearance. Offering a range of height, width and depth options, semi-custom small bathroom storage solutions allow you to tailor storage exactly to the requirements of your space.

“You’ll discover a wide range of colors, from delicate pastels to incredibly bright hues, as well as an assortment of different textures.”

Texture cladding of one or two walls



Roper Rhodes (Image credit: Roper Rhodes).

If people are concerned that color can overshadow their compact bathroom, using texture instead may be the preferred approach to creating bright walls. Paneling offers an effective method of achieving this result by choosing either rough-hewn wood plywood or, more modernly, a ribbed finish.

According to George Holland, corrugated cladding is best for small bathrooms with high humidity and when using waterproof ribbed tiles.

Creating a focus – with a pattern



Artisan of Devize (Photo courtesy of arthisani in devoice).

A small bathroom is likely to always be unimpressive, but you can easily fix that by lining one wall with patterned tiles, strategically placed to draw attention to a butt or separate wall.

Paint walls and woodwork the same shade



(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

“Paint has tremendous design potential, especially when skillfully used to create the illusion of space in a compact bathroom.”

With a simple tactic, you can completely change the look of your space. For example, by painting the joinery white, you can dramatically distinguish the wall from other elements such as baseboards, window frames, and any moldings above, such as picture rails. To achieve a holistic visual effect, it is necessary to paint over the entire area with one color, which will allow the eye to easily move around the space without any abrupt breaks.

Bathtub coloring is annoying if you’re looking for ideas for a small wide plank bathroom floor.

Open the floor to stretch the space



“When planning a small bathroom, it’s important to create a sense of openness, even if your actual space is limited,” advises Youssef Mansouri, Design Manager at C.P. Hart. Opening the floor as much as possible creates the impression of a larger space, so consider installing sinks, toilets, and radiators on the wall. It will also make it easier to clean hard-to-reach places.

Corner toilets are ideal for narrow bathrooms. They take up less space than standard ones – up to 50 cm! “Combined with a compact wall-mounted toilet (from 45-50cm deep) they can really increase the space.”

Invest in adequate lighting



John Day (Image credit: John Day).

“When designing a shower for a small bathroom, it’s important not to underestimate the importance of good bathroom lighting ideas,” say Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen, founders of Salvesen. Graham. “This should always include decorative wall sconces on either side of the mirror to provide a softer, face-friendly light and also as a decorative element.”

Purchase a vintage washbasin



Are you worried that your bathroom design will look modern and cold? Mix old with new for an everyday organic look. A vintage sink or compact vanity offsets the modern fixtures that are often needed in a small space, giving the room a more lived-in feel.

Use mirrors to make a small bathroom look bigger



(Image credit: Kate Martin)

Antique mirrors can create the illusion of a much larger space.

Also, if the aisle between the master bedroom and the adjoining small bathroom is not too wide (several times the corridor will be enough to accommodate a shower cabin).

“Make sure it sits well in the background by using clear glass—perhaps with a modest panel—and a countertop at floor level,” says Kirsten Wayne of West One Bathrooms.

Deep colors in a small bathroom



You rarely hear how a small bathroom is called cozy. However, using the right color ideas and materials for a bathroom can create a feeling of warmth and intimacy, creating a space you’ll want to return to at the start or end of the day.

Stunningly deep blue stone and details in brass, copper or stainless steel complete the space with beauty of exquisite beauty. )) Noteworthy: at the bottom of the bathroom you can find a treasure for your soul!

Built-in storage for intelligent use of space



Image courtesy of Future / James Merrell).

Conveniently stored furniture in the bathroom will allow you to remove all unnecessary from it.

A small room has little space for things, but covering lotions and even toilet paper rolls will make the room a more comfortable space. To do this, you can place more pieces of furniture in the rooms: they must be the same height throughout the room.

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