Start small



While a low bed may not grow with your child, it can certainly make the transition to a higher bed easier. Here, the bed in the bedroom of the designer’s son, Chauncey Boothby, has been passed down from generation to generation in her husband’s family. She paired classic brown furniture with fun, nautical-inspired wallpaper, perfect for a growing child.

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Enable Pattern



In the bedroom of youngest son Courtney and Robert Novogratz, the design duo added sheets from the Novogratz by Utica collection for the WestPoint home, inspired by old wallpaper found in their West Village home during demolition. A bright blue nightstand and custom décor add playfulness.

39 ideas for decorating a boy’s room

The sacredness of children’s bedrooms lies in their ability to awaken in children a deep sense of ownership and nurture cherished memories that will stay with them for a lifetime. A boy’s personal home, reflecting his unique personality, should embrace his ever-evolving interests, be in harmony with his personality and fulfill all his requirements.

Perhaps that meant sticking to the tried and true truths of blue, using modern bright tones or graphic black and white elements to create a cozy homely space in the room. Use antique furniture, decorated rooms – they will give him the opportunity to change; use vintage weapons: it makes it understand itself and grow!

Check out these fun and stylish bedrooms for boys that will inspire you to create a unique space that suits you and your little one.

Big Glamor



Succumb to your little fashionista’s glamorous trends with unusual furniture. The lip-shaped sofa in this teen bedroom is a welcome topic of conversation.

Bright colors



Reds, blues and yellows work well in this daring bedroom. :-/ Red is not just a room decoration!

Blank sheets



These boys’ bedrooms are completely different and each showcases their own unique interests. While one boy’s room has an impressive collection of collectible KAWS figurines, another boy’s room is decked out with an array of guitars.

Musical notes



Stephen Kent Johnson

Instill in your children a deep appreciation for icons and timeless masterpieces from the very beginning, as this mother did in her downtown New York loft, where a handsome portrait of David Bowie adorns the walls. Her child’s own artwork hangs proudly next to it.

One and done



The chic and monochromatic design of this California nursery is in the rug. The magical polymorphism of his drawing makes it possible to emphasize the depth of the peach palette.

Literary agents



Look to your child’s favorite TV show or bedtime literature for inspiration as you transform this compact space. Hidden inside is an immersive environment where wildlife-themed wallpapers infuse a New York beach house with the power to bring stories to life.

Personal time



ELLE DECOR A-List Studio Shamshiri, which completely transformed the atmosphere of a California home, ingeniously created a unique cabin-inspired bed frame that combines comfort with limitless creativity. This exquisitely crafted piece of architecture effortlessly breathes fresh life into an unchanging space, gracefully enveloping sleep and imaginary dreams in absolute tranquility.

Casual colors



Check out this cute yet sophisticated children’s bedroom in a Manhattan apartment. Instead of painting all the walls teal (or the iconic 2008 lime green), choose a wall paint that brings out your little one’s favorite color. Whether it’s flowers, animals, or space scenes, the drawing is easily repainted when they change their mind.

Closed Corners



For the little bookworm in your life, give him a private place so he can escape to his favorite novel reading nook. In this vibrant Austin home, different patterns from the same color palette blend together without feeling cluttered.

Fancy touches



Experience elegance with a touch of whimsy in this expertly crafted bedroom by Hendrix Churchill. See how playfulness blends seamlessly with chic sophistication as the colossal rabbit lamp becomes the perfect nighttime companion. Meanwhile, the presence of exquisite artwork above the bed creates a delightful yet erudite atmosphere, completing a charming storytelling never seen before.

Double vision



So that for a pair of twins in any situation you can find the same element. Check it out with designer Robert Couturier: he mirrored the décor of this Gramercy Park townhouse on the kitchen wall there.

Nature Explorer



Completely transform your space with a sophisticated combination of natural textures and floral print textiles, making your bedroom unrecognizable. Draw inspiration from the timeless charm of the 1970s home to spark your curiosity. With a large window that offers breathtaking views, you will provide your incredibly enthusiastic child with endless hours of entertainment.

Calm and collected



Kids’ favorite colors and current interests change on a whim, so let them express themselves with a clean slate, like this house in Sydney with a neutral color palette. Quilts and artwork can be easily swapped out when the mood strikes.

Mod Art



The boys’ bedroom in a Canadian lake house is undergoing a stunning makeover, making it almost unrecognizable. Mesmerizing grassy Kravet wallpaper creates a captivating backdrop, complemented by exquisite bedding from St. Geneve Linens and Ralph Lauren. Meanwhile, CB2 contributes to a wonderful metamorphosis with a wonderful bed frame and nightstand.

City of Dogs



Map mission



Production designer Grant Gibson was responsible for the wall-to-wall map of the world in this vibrant children’s room.

Slim Safari



At the Bucket Leaf family home in Hawaii, the Kenyan-style children’s bedroom is decorated with two double beds, rugs and a white chest of drawers.

Black, White, Wood



Well, just like the “pleasant room” described in the book, this black-and-white TriBeCa attic bedroom is a spectacular take on traditional sportswear: a rug by Atelier DeTroupe amp; Mcallister.

Swan song



The girl’s bedroom in the same loft has a magical, dreamy aesthetic achieved through a light and airy palette of white and blush. The wall is decorated with a handmade swan by Tamar Mogendorf.

Vintage Cool



On Milo Baughman corner chair upholstered in Rogers amp; Goffigon engraved vintage horns. A corner chest in CB2 and gold by Vincent and silver hoops (by Siemens) create a casual interior for a girl’s bedroom, highlighting a youthful passion for life to the tune of West Elm. Bedroom accent table – Audition Tools by West Elme: colored flooring enhances the role of a woman.



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Science ideas for a boy’s bedroom will help you transform the smallest room in your home into a fun, private space where your boy can rest his head. o ref=”true” In this article, we have collected the best solutions and ideas for a small room from our wardrobe: a table bed – perfect for him!

At first glance, a boy’s bedroom may not seem like the most attractive room. But in this case, it is a way to create a cozy and welcoming shelter for sleepovers with a child at his table or on the couch.

As a first step in choosing a color for a boy’s bedroom, it should be noted that it is quite popular and fits the mood perfectly. These are the most creative ideas to look out for! Create beautiful things with soul – this is an incredible creation of our creative designers; look around: up to the ceiling it is covered with cheerful shades of yellow red (for older children).

Create a creative corner



Future PLC Football Club (James French).

Transform your child’s play area into a vibrant sanctuary offering plenty of space to draw, color, make collages or take part in LEGO adventures either alone or with a playmate. Walls, desk and shelves provide a versatile backdrop, ready to be decked out with colorful accessories and easily interchangeable wall stickers as your little boy’s nursery evolves with his changing preferences.

Annie Sloan, founder of Annie Sloan, suggests that using color, creativity and playfulness in children’s bedrooms can greatly enhance their imagination and play time. This approach not only stimulates their mind, but can also foster a deep sense of pride in their surroundings.

Go to the coastal model



(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

A magical nautical theme in a boy’s bedroom – decorate it with lace wallpaper and bedding with coastal detail, from anchors to ships. Foam color pictures create a relaxing bedroom color scheme, while wooden boats add a natural touch to a child’s room!

Justyna Korchinska, Senior Designer at Crown, agrees that pale tones are perfect for a child’s room due to their soothing and soothing effect on both baby and parent. A delicate shade of blue or aquamarine serves as a favorable basis for the introduction of additional bright colors.

Choose a superhero genre.



(Image credit: Wayfair)

Choose a fun and uplifting superhero theme for girls bedroom ideas and inspirational boys bedroom ideas.

“Superhero motifs will help your kids feel great, even if they have a hard time. says Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair’s style consultant, in an interview with wayfare magazine.

Write it



(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

If you have a child who loves to paint on furniture, using chalkboard paint available on Amazon is the perfect vehicle for creative boy bedroom concepts.

A wall decoration in a room or a piece of furniture that can be used as a whiteboard means that they will always have a place to draw and write, and their friends will be able to leave messages.

Hanging Graphic Prints



(Image credit: Future PLC/Lizzy Orme)

Graphic prints bring visual interest and personality to boys bedroom ideas, whether you prefer bold typography or Andy Warhol-inspired pop art prints. Use shiny washi tape to stick your prints directly to the wall.

Is there any specific context or information you would like to take into account when rewriting the sentence?

Help them take off with cloud design



(Image credit: Kat Kidston)

A cloud motif on the wall above their head will help the children. This boy’s bedroom is as good as any – complete with Kat Kidston linens, cloud hanging decorations and a shelf of your child’s favorite books!

“The whimsical depiction of a serene dragon exhaling wisps of smoke from a tea-filled vessel will entertain and provide delightful bedtime stories,” says Holly Marler, the innovator behind the art direction Kat Kidston.

Celebrate their hobbies.



(Image credit: Norsu Interiors)

Looking for inspiration to transform your boy’s bedroom into a stylish and unique space? Consider upgrading the décor by including framed photos of your child’s cherished passions. Combining the charming curves of a basketball print with the charm of a skate park, you can effortlessly create a delightful array of graceful and natural shapes.

Hanging skateboards or creating a shelf for trophies, rugby balls and favorite baseball caps will give the room some personality while maintaining a more adult vibe when teen bedroom ideas are needed.

Select open storage



(Image credit: Future PLC / Joanna Henderson).

Transform your kid’s room by creating a roomy wardrobe that will completely change the look of it. This ingenious modification not only provides easy visibility to their clothes, but also instills a sense of responsibility, motivating them to tidy up their own clothes!

“Once you secure the first unit to the wall, proceed to securely mount the second, making sure there is enough space between them for storage or display. Then insert a wooden dowel to bridge the gap between the block. and wall, creating a convenient hanger for large sweaters and jackets. Finally, apply a coat of paint to match the blocks.”

Paint the walls black.



(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Definitely, we are really presenting this as one of our creative concepts for a boy’s bedroom! However, rest assured that we are not disconnected from reality. We suggest first painting the room a bright black shade and then decorating it with a variety of vibrant colors, prints, patterns and creative patterns.

“Babies react to color,” says Annie Sloan. “Their instinctive attraction to brighter hues is not curbed by a learned fear of standing out, and we need to capitalize on that!”

“Bright shades inspire, excite and make you feel alive.” A well-chosen shade for this or that event will be exhibited against the most dramatic background.

Install the magnetic wall



(Image credit: Future Plc/Simon Whitmore)

Attach a sheet of mild steel to a wall to turn it into an inexpensive floor-to-ceiling note board.

Fun magnets are great for little kids, but once the space moves into a teen’s bedroom, they can also use it as a place to store things that inspired them, homework schedules, or photos of their friends.

Don’t trust people who have wild sides.



(Image credit: Next)

The jungle theme is perfect for any kid’s room, including boys’ room, and is sure to spark their imagination. Choose bright and cheerful bedding with lots of animal prints, but opt ​​for a more mature bedroom wallpaper.

This means you can easily swap out trendy bedding when it gets old for something more modest or understated, but the wallpaper won’t need to be changed as it still looks sophisticated.

Encourage cleanliness with a toy closet.



Setting up a simple pine bedside table (here we used Ikea Ivar) with a few test pots would be a colorful addition to your boys bedroom ideas and maybe a great way to encourage them to put their toys inside.

With its wall mount, it maximizes play space and reduces the risk of losing toys under furniture. Plus, you can paint the doors of these bedroom storage ideas with chalk paint to double the chalk space!

how to make a storage room.



(Image credit: Shelf).

If the storage furniture is painted with thick green paint, then it turns it into a decoration: the walls around it have a funny pattern. And the area behind the open shelving has an interesting geometric pattern of mountain origin and relieves boredom.

Decorate the rack with artificial houseplant and other cute things, they will become more stylish.

draw a wall with a mountain landscape



(Image credit: Future PLC / Georgia Durns).

“Fun ideas and methods for transforming bedroom paintings have become hugely popular as they help bring an element of joy into a child’s personal space. Within his room, a blank canvas awaits him, providing endless creative possibilities. The more bold and adventurous the artistic design, the more exciting the result. We applaud the audacity of the striking zigzag mountain range, with bright acid yellow peaks that tastefully accentuate the focal point of the bed.”

Judy Smith, Color Consultant at Crown, advises completely redesigning, starting with the original concept on paper and then expanding it onto the walls. She recommends using high quality painter’s tape to achieve clean and crisp lines. Smith believes that children’s rooms should be filled with fun, and suggests enhancing the fun atmosphere by either matching or matching the colors of the furniture with the walls.

Set up a stylish apple-shaped learning station.



You can come up with fun ideas for a boy’s room even on a tight budget. You don’t need a real desk to create a homework space, this smart desk comes with two shelves and a matching picture. Mask the square or rectangle on the wall and fill in the middle with the shade of your choice. Once dry, install the appropriate floating shelf at the bottom and top.

Prepare the room for decoration. To the left of the bulletin board, mount a large lamp, and lay out multi-colored balls for children’s cars on the floor.

Create a spectacular wall



(Image credit: Future PLC/James French)

Open materials are suitable for decorating a boy’s room, as teenagers liked the industrial atmosphere. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bare brick wall, faux wallpaper and tiles can easily mimic the look and are a smarter choice as they won’t have a rough surface that can scratch your skin.

This cool gray boy’s bedroom added texture with a matching faux gray brick wall.

Invest in an amazing bed



A bed with a wow effect will help a child sleep. From oversized, boy-made bunk beds to more classic options without wheels and canopies overhead, they’ll all be up late for a sleepover.

Introduce Soft Furniture Theme



How to get to the map on ILIV?

There is no doubt that your child will have many hobbies as they grow up, so keeping boys bedroom ideas in line with their interests can get expensive.

Debbie Lee, Design Manager at ILIV, suggests making the process of changing bedding and accessories simple and cost-effective for customers. She emphasizes that starting over from scratch is not only convenient, but also serves as a catalyst for innovative ideas.

“Keep it simple, paint the walls a neutral color and experiment with colorful garlands and wall art. Adding coordinating pillows will brighten up a room while keeping costs down and create a workable make-up look that can be mixed and matched often.”

Make it look like a treehouse



(Image credit: Future PLC/Brent Darby)

Is this a great idea for a boy’s room because every little kid would love to live in a treehouse? Create an ambience by using a variety of woodwork throughout the decor scheme. A custom wall made from recycled wood adds a rustic finish that embodies the treehouse design aesthetic.

Recycled pallets are an inexpensive way to upgrade old wall cladding floors. Choose the right color for the bed to make it look like part of a wooden wall for a more immersive treehouse experience.

“Strive to maintain a simplistic and organized atmosphere in the rest of the room, using industrial-style furniture and splashes of minimalist colors.”

Look for smart storage solutions



Image courtesy of Future PLC / David Brittain).

Transform your boy’s bedroom with original storage solutions. Optimize your walls to the fullest by securely attaching attractive baskets. Expand your storage space with these baskets that are conveniently placed out of reach. They serve as the perfect place to store everyday essentials, ensuring they stay out of the reach of curious little hands.

Raising storage doesn’t take up valuable floor space—your place to play is better.

In a rustic style, you can use wicker baskets at the foot of the bed to still retain natural materials. Decorate your rooms with warm, rustic coral tones for a more natural effect.

Decorate with sunshine



Future PLC (Holly Jolaiffe) :

All colors are good for a nursery, we are no longer limited to outdated ideas of blue just for children’s ideas. We say the bolder and brighter the better. This bright yellow fills the room with sunshine, what more could you want from a boy’s bedroom idea?

“This delightful hue is widely acknowledged worldwide for inspiring optimism, positivity and joy,” says Marianne Shillingford, innovation leader at Dulux. She adds: “This vibrant color exudes a bewitching vivacity, like the buzzing of a bumblebee in a jar, instilling a sense of novelty and sparking creative ideas.” Hence, incorporating yellow bedroom concepts becomes an ideal approach to stimulate the growth of a young mind.

Hang pictures on the wall at child’s height



(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

Regardless of the child’s age, make sure the wall art is set at the appropriate height so that they can appreciate it as much as you do. Also, consider using floating shelves to place your child’s books in a prominent place, making them easily accessible and enhancing the storytelling experience.

Find decorative magic light ideas to brighten up the room with soft light before bed.

Add a bunk bed for play comfort.



(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Thanks to the tiered design, the bunk bed takes up much less space, so the room feels more spacious. This means your little ones will have more room to roam around with their toys on the floor, which is essential if your home doesn’t have enough space for a playroom.

Extra storage space with cabin and bed.



Image courtesy of Aspace ) Source.

Add affordable extra storage space with a smart cab bed. Drawers under the bed are suitable for children of all ages. The house bed is perfect for a bedroom that has little space and even has an open shelf for little ones to put their books on after reading fairy tales.

Continue the vibrant color palette throughout the bedroom with iridescent rug and vibrant wall art to cater to your child’s tastes until they reach their teens.

Expand the bedroom theme from the walls to the bed



– (Image credit: Debenhams).

Add linens, accessories and wall art to the wall theme for a cohesive look. All this will be seen for many more years for many generations!

Here, a rocking chair with a fluffy pillow is the perfect place when you read a fairy tale to your child or rock on your knees.

a figure made of hexagons with the help of shelves.



(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

Turn modest shelves into something special. These hexagonal shelves can be arranged in any order to create a dramatic wall in the boys’ room where your child can store and display their favorite toys.

The best thing about these shelves is that they will stand the test of time when your little one becomes a teenager. Your child can change the design and color of the shelves to their liking without needing a major overhaul of the room.

Add character with wall stickers



(Image credit: Future PLC / Jeremy Lawrence).

Wall decals are an easy and inexpensive way to let your child make their mark on a neutral bedroom – our white bedroom ideas have more examples of how to do that. Many websites even let you choose your own stickers with your child’s name or designs you have created yourself.

While wall stickers can be a little tricky to initially attach to a wall, once they’re stuck, they won’t budge until you decide to remove them. In addition, they are designed to disappear without a trace. That’s right – no unpleasant streaks that would otherwise have to be painted over.

All this allows you to stick them if you live in a rented house. They can be perfect for a child with a fascination with monkeys and still look like Banksy. In this case, you can get by with just changing the picture or creating a picture in the backki style;

Be bold with accent colors.



Future PLC (Jeroen Van Der Spek).

If you want a unique touch, feel free to explore non-traditional hues for decorating a boy’s room, going beyond the expected blue and red. Consider bright yellows or soothing pastels to add a refreshing touch. Get in the mood for adventure by choosing to paint your bunk beds in a vibrant color that highlights their presence and pushes the boundaries even further.

However, if you decide to decorate furniture, walls and floors are best left discreet and neutral. This way your features really stand out.

Perfect corner decoration with shelving.



Incorporate smart shelves into your room to make the most of every inch of space. The best way to manage a room is to place them on corners with floating shelves (on the wall) that can even be placed inside walls and ceilings!

To create a V-shape, choose three different sizes for each side. Alternatively, insert two different corners on the sides between two different sizes and trim the edges so that they fit seamlessly into the corner.

Set to monochrome



After transforming a children’s bedroom into an unrecognizable shape, consider exploring boy’s nursery concepts that incorporate deep, enigmatic hues for added theatricality. This charming monochrome design is adorned with many intricate patterns and textures that are uplifting. In addition, the inclusion of whimsical artwork brings an abundance of character and personality that radiates from every corner of this adorable children’s room.

What is your personality? Add your share of personality.



(Image credit: Future PLC/Claire Lloyd Davis)

If you have a small child, it is very likely that he will feel attracted to bright colors that captivate his senses. Breathe new energy into your room with innovative accent wall concepts, such as charming patterned wallpapers such as this exclusive design from Scion. In addition, wall stickers provide a great opportunity to bring a touch of excitement to the overall motif, which will surely appeal to young people.

Take a theme and use it in boy’s bedroom ideas. This fun fox wallpaper is the start of a playful scheme with a bold combination of bedding, an orange lamp and a cute fox pillow on the bed.

Use small mirrors to brighten up a small space.



Make your loft-style bedroom bright and airy by painting the walls white to make up for the lack of natural light.

“Create a bright and lively atmosphere by cleverly pairing bright linens and accessories, adding eye-catching prints, or even adding vinyl wall decals for a playful touch of decoration.”

paint the floor



(Image credit: Future PLC / Paul Raeside).

Change the look of your son’s playground by artfully painting the floorboards in vibrant hues from his favorite color palette. Enhance the visual impact by using different colors for an intriguing and exciting result, letting you draw inspiration from the color charts.

Hang a chair



Completely transformed by Elizabeth Roberts, this charming harbor boasts a harmonious blend of serene and playful elements. The choice of soft, delightful colors defies convention, going beyond the usual for a child’s room. Along with whimsical patterns, an adorable chaise longue and a hanging chair, there is a vibrant vibe that evokes joy and fun while maintaining a sophisticated look.

Build a slide



In this bedroom, designed by the Californian firm Studio Life / style for children and youth: under the floor, half a wall sticks out on the floor – there is only room for a living room. By the way.

How to decorate a small boy’s bedroom?

Children don’t necessarily need huge bedrooms, as their smaller furniture can seem insignificant compared to their surroundings. So if your boy’s bedroom is small and cozy, it’s important to make the most of every inch of space. “Choose a storage bed, add tiered shelving to the walls, and even the ceiling can be used to hang decorative accessories like airplanes, jungle foliage, or planets, depending on what they’re doing.” – Rachel Homer, interior designer and mom. offers two boys.

Also consider reducing the surface of the furniture to make the space appear larger. Upper cabinets, narrow bunk beds, and storage that makes the most of wall space will help visually expand floor space, making the room appear larger.

When designing a child’s room, it is essential to prioritize color in such a way that it reinforces the illusion of more space, rather than creating a feeling of tightness and gloom. Harness the power of lighting to create a sense of spaciousness by including a variety of side and ceiling lights. To add playfulness, consider including neon wall lights.

What do boys need in the bedroom?

Design designer Linda Haas says boys need space to play comfortably and safely. “A bedside table with drawers can hold all their stuff. Also a light bulb – so they can read at night.”

“You can also add hooks above the bed for hanging clothes, or even a curtain rod if you want to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the bedroom.”

Consider playing time



Toddlers and girls often play in their rooms, so make sure they are suitable for these activities. In the children’s room at home in a New York apartment, designer Raymond Boozer used soft surfaces (like a fluffy IKEA rug) with a bright sheen to help organize the room;

Look into the sky



Create a bright and airy space inspired by the sky. Here, designer Lucy Harris chose Chasing Paper’s Bubble wallpaper and Benjamin Moore’s Blue Jean ceiling to make the white bunks look soaring.

Emphasis on sports



If you’re short on wall decor options, look for inspiration in this wonderful display of tennis racquets in residence in South Carolina, created by the talented Alaina Michelle Ralph. Embark on a creative journey by extrapolating this concept to various other sports, such as using an open baseball stand.

Create privacy



Use a universal paint color



When choosing a paint color, keep in mind that it is universal. This color pairs best with blue-green tones and white wood tones – they make it the perfect accent color for a bedroom; it makes this vibrant green a subtle hue in a man’s bedroom without the help of the light of the sun.

Antiques shop



Consider investing in expensive items that will adapt with your child as they grow and eventually become precious family heirlooms that will be passed down from generation to generation. In his son’s room at the residence of Rachel Hardage Barrett, editor-in-chief of Country Living magazine in Alabama, vintage wall decor and side tables create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Also, the inclusion of vintage thermoses and lanterns makes the collector’s repertoire an enjoyable aspect.

Country style



Photography by Jared Kuzia

Create a cohesive look in a room with matching exposed beams, beds and stairs. In a Massachusetts home, designer Amanda Greaves and architect John Mitchell Fuller used barn trimmings and added red, white and blue accents to create an American vibe.

How to decorate a room for boys?

Interior designer Linda Haase stresses the need for a complete makeover of the boys’ rooms to achieve the perfect blend of style and practicality. To begin this process, one must first consider the purpose of the room and take into account the young person’s personal preferences and favorite things.

If he is an avid reader, make him a reading nook with soft lighting and cozy chairs. He likes to play video games or watch TV – maybe he can mount it on the wall.”

Choose a cool bed



Chango & Co :

To soften the streaks and harsh colors in this bedroom, designer Susana Simonpietri of Chango & Co. made the head of the bed leather. It will pair well with other decor schemes as the seven year old matures. “It’s important to be mindful of the child’s current age as well as future years,” she says.

Let them choose a color scheme



If they have a favorite color, choose fun accents to make it shine. In this room designed by Heidi Calle, hot pink curtains enhance the atmosphere and allow for a play area under the upper bunks. Warm browns and woods create a warm base.

Turn it into a double guest room



Designer Andrew Howard completely transformed the room, providing a spacious outdoor play area for the family’s two sons, as well as a designated area for their friends to sleep in. Cleverly using space, he strategically placed a set of bunk beds in the corner of the room. In addition, the addition of built-in storage not only increases functionality but also optimizes space in the bedroom.

Create a built-in bed



For a small children’s bedroom with a canopy that couldn’t be changed, designer Kelly Finlay provided a special bed with a desk on one side and built-in storage so the child had space in the room. play.

Turn on family memories



Alexa Hampton, a well-known designer from New York, completely transformed the aesthetics of her children’s bedroom. The space has undergone a remarkable makeover, including exquisite furniture suitable for young adults and a breathtaking mural by Dean Barger. This mural was specifically inspired by a treasured family trip to Rome, where the 12-year-old Hampton twins grew out of their bunk beds. Despite the potential weariness of working in the same room together, Hampton finds solace in an illusory Italian square that greets her through a false window.

Turn it into a bunk room



Want to reach a whole new level? Say goodbye to conventional bunk beds and embrace the concept of a completely redesigned bunk room, perfect for unforgettable parties! Why settle for one pair of beds when you can improve your experience? Instead of simply installing two queen-sized beds in the guest room, Studio McGee went even further by introducing two spectacular bunk beds upstairs, ultimately optimizing the existing sleeping area.

How to make a boy’s bedroom attractive?

Hang a curtain or a canopy in the boy’s bedroom so that he can retire and enjoy peace. Or put a comfortable chair near the sofa with an accessible book to read; this will allow them to have a pleasant time alone with their books – so they can communicate with each other in a dream!

What will they use when they have friends? If you can build a climbing platform or add a swing chair, all of these will make the space inviting.

How can I arrange my boys’ bedroom?

When it comes to furnishing your boy’s bedroom, the first thing to do is make sure the room has a healthy sleeping environment. Since this is the primary purpose of the space, invest in a comfortable bed that can accommodate their height. Depending on their age, a small double bed can be a good option for an overnight stay or visiting guests.

Avoid placing your bed in front of a radiator, as this will not only make it difficult for the heat to circulate in the room, but can also cause burns if the radiator is too hot. Remember to arrange the furniture so that your little ones have as much room to play as possible, as well as plenty of storage space.

If your little boy also needs desk space for creativity or homework, consider investing in a high-level bunk with a desk underneath so as not to increase the overall furniture area.

Pick up the balance



Arent and Pike decided to create beautiful, static sculptures. From the table lamp to the “surrealist” wooden stool, everything seems young or perfect.

Deal with passion



A 13-year-old teenager in Hawaii has surfboards in his bedroom that he can use for both relaxation and entertainment. This place is his home and family,” says San Francisco-based Hollis.

Combined pattern



Here is another great example of intricate designs combined with whimsical details. The bright orange Kelly Wearstler upholstered headboard contrasts perfectly with the circus print wallpaper.

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